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Description for Air Oxygen Blender 

Air Oxygen Blender/Oxygen Blender is a precision proportioning device for mixing medical-grade air and oxygen to any concentration from 21% to 100% oxygen and delivering it to a variety of respiratory care devices. The O2 blender uses source air and oxygen at a pressure of 50 psi (345 kPa) connected to two DISS fittings on the bottom of the blender. Each fitting has a built-in 30-micron particulate filter. The gas source passes through a duckbill check valve which prevents reverse gas flows from either source. The oxygen blender use a double stage balancing system with the gas entering into the first stage to equalize the operating pressure of the gas sources before entering the proportioning stage. The gases then flow into the proportioning stage where they are mixed to the percentage dialed in on the front panel knob. This stage has a double-ended valve with valve seats on either end. Each one of these valve seats controls the passage of the air or oxygen to the outlet of the oxygen blender. Oxygen blender for newborn or Oxygen blender for neonates are used for preterm infants, it is recommended to initiate positive pressure ventilation with 21-30% oxygen.

Oxygen Blender comes in Three Flow Rate:

  • High Flow Oxygen Blender
  • Mid flow Oxygen Blender
  • Low Flow Oxygen Blender

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  • Sechrist Oxygen Blender
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Air Oxygen Blender with flowmeter
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S.S. Technomed Air-Oxygen Blender(SHI-17)
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