Air Oxygen Blender

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Air Oxygen Blender

Air Oxygen Blender is a device which is capable of mixing air and oxygen without the need of high-pressure air. The main advantage of this type of device is being used to treat patients at home without the need to move to a hospital.  The device consists of a blending chamber and other components that work together to create the desired mixture of oxygen and air.

Features of Air Flow Oxygen Blender:

Adjustable Oxygen concentration: 

They allow for the adjustment of the oxygen concentration in the gas mixture from 21% (pure air) up to 100% (pure oxygen), depending on the patient's needs.

Flow Rate Flexibility:

Designed to deliver a wide range of flow rates to accommodate different clinical applications, from low flows suitable for neonates to high flows for adult patients.

Safety Features:

It is equipped with alarms or indicators for low gas supply pressures, ensuring that any supply issues can be quickly addressed to maintain patient safety. 


Some models are designed to be portable, allowing for easy transport and use across different areas within a healthcare facility.

Air Oxygen Blender comes with three flows:

  • Low Flow Oxygen Blender
  • Mid-Flow Oxygen Blender
  • High Flow Oxygen Blender

Best Brands available for Air Oxygen Blender:

Sechrist Oxygen Blender:

Sechrist Oxygen Blenders are chosen for their precise oxygen delivery and, support for patients across various clinical settings. They are renowned for their reliability and ease of use, making them a preferred choice among healthcare professionals.

CareFusion Oxygen Blender: 

CareFusion Oxygen Blenders are known for their advanced accuracy in oxygen concentration control and offering consistent performance in critical care. They also provide user-friendly interfaces and maintenance simplicity.

Maxtec Oxygen Blender: 

They are chosen for their reliability, and user-friendly design, ensuring accurate oxygen delivery for patients in medical settings. They offer ease of operation and maintenance, making them a practical choice for healthcare professionals seeking dependable respiratory support solutions.

Neokraft Oxygen Blender: 

They stand out for their innovative technology, providing precise oxygen delivery and customizable settings tailored to individual patient needs. Their compact design and user-friendly interface make them an ideal choice for healthcare professionals seeking efficient and reliable respiratory support solutions.

Air Oxygen Blender Models prices: 

High Flow/02 Blender

₹ 95,000.00

Air Oxygen Blender with Flow meter

₹ 84,672.00

S.S Technomed Oxygen Blender Double flow (SHI24)

₹ 85,475.00

S.S Technomed Oxygen Blender (SHI17)

₹ 80,350.00

Air Oxygen Blender for NCPAP for Hospital use

₹ 78,400.00

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FAQ's for Air Oxygen Blender:

Q1. What is an Air Oxygen Blenders?

An Air Oxygen Blender is a medical device that mixes medical air and oxygen to provide a controlled oxygen mixture. This mixture can be adjusted to meet the specific needs of a patient, from 21% (room air) up to 100% oxygen.

Q2. What are the top brands of Air Oxygen Blenders?

There are many rand available for Air oxygen Blender at our online Hospital store, you can explore them buy visiting our website. Brands like Maxtec, Sechrist, CareFusion.

Q3. Where can I purchase Air Oxygen Blender at reliable price with warranty? Yes, you may have this question regarding price, here is the best option for you, we offer the best quality of Air Oxygen Blenders at lowest price. In case of warranty, you can contact us we will help to schedule call, if you are not able to connect with manufacturer.

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Air Oxygen Blender with flowmeter
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96,069.00 84,672.00
S.S Technomed Air-oxygen Blender Double Flow (SHI-24)
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99,725.00 85,478.00
S.S. Technomed Air-Oxygen Blender(SHI-17)
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