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Anesthesia breathing circuit are an integral part of all modern anesthesia workstations. Automatic anesthesia circuit ventilators in the operating rooms, which were very simple with few modes of ventilation when introduced. Anesthesia breathing system have become very sophisticated with many advanced ventilation modes. Several systems of classification of anesthesia ventilators exist based upon various parameters. Modern anesthesia ventilators have either a double circuit, bellow design or a single circuit piston configuration. In the bellows anaesthetic circuits, ascending bellows design is safer than descending bellows. Piston anesthesia circuit ventilators have the advantage of delivering accurate tidal volume. They work with electricity as their driving force and do not require a driving gas. To enable improved patient safety of anesthesia tubing, several modifications were done in circle system anesthesia with the different types of anesthesia ventilators. Fresh gas decoupling is a modification done in piston anesthesia ventilators and in descending bellows ventilator to reduce the incidence of ventilator induced volutrauma. In addition to the conventional volume control mode, modern anesthesia ventilators also provide newer modes of ventilation such as synchronised intermittent mandatory ventilation, pressure-control ventilation and pressure-support ventilation (PSV).

Types of Anesthesia Circuit Ventilator:

  • Bellow type anaesthetic circuits: Bellow type anesthesia breathing circuit are most commonly used in modern anesthesia circuit workstations. Bellow type anesthesia breathing circuit ventilators have bellows in box design. In these ventilators, a pressurised driving gas compresses bellows and bellows in turn deliver ventilation to patients. Driving gas will be outside bellows and the inside of bellows is connected to breathing system gas, thus forming a dual anesthesia breathing circuit.
  • Piston anesthesia machine circuit ventilators: use a computer controlled motor instead of compressed gas to deliver gas in the anesthesia breathing circuit. In these systems, instead of dual circuit with patient gas in one and driving gas in other, a single patient gas circuit is present

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