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An audio service hearing aid is a small electronic device that is designed to help people who have difficulty hearing. It consists of a microphone, an amplifier, and a speaker. Audio service hearing aid boasts advanced noise reduction technology, which helps in minimizing background noise and focusing on speech clarity. The device is equipped with wireless connectivity capabilities, enabling it to connect effortlessly with smartphones and other compatible devices for direct audio streaming or remote control access. 


Audio Service Hearing Aid Machine Price starts from INR 1000 & goes up to INR 1000,000 depending on types, brands and more. For your reference, we have mentioned a price list below:

Audio Service Hearing Aid Machine ModelsPrice
Audio Service Vega Volta C ITC hearing aid machine
INR 17,750
Audio Service Vega Hype 3 G4 ITC hearing machine
INR 26,009
Audio Service Mood 4 G4 RIC hearing aid machine
INR 35,350
Audio Service P6 G4 BTE Hearing AidINR 49,250
Audio Service Vega Hype 4 G4 ITC hearing machine
INR 36,290
Audio Service Sun 6 G4 LI-ION RIC hearing aid machine
INR 75,250
Audio Service Vega Hype 16 G4 ITC hearing machine
INR 250,409

*Price may be subject to change.


1. ITC Audio service hearing aid: Firstly, its Receiver-in-Canal (RIC) design ensures ultimate comfort and discretion, as the speaker is positioned outside the ear canal. This feature contributes to improved sound quality by reducing occlusion effects and preserving natural resonance. One notable advantage of this Audio service hearing aid is its high level of customization. The RIC Audio service hearing aid can be tailored to meet individual needs through personalized programming options. This ensures optimal amplification based on specific hearing deficiencies, providing users with clearer and crisper sound reproduction across various frequencies.

2. RIC Audio service hearing aid: This compact and discreet device offers a range of impressive features that make it an ideal choice for customers seeking improved hearing capabilities. Firstly, the Audio service hearing aid is equipped with advanced digital technology, allowing for precise sound amplification and noise reduction. This ensures clear and natural audio quality, enabling users to enjoy conversations, music, and other sounds with greater clarity. Additionally, this Audio service hearing aid boasts a customizable fit, as it can be tailored to match the unique shape of each user's ear canal. 

3. BTE Audio service hearing aid: This sleek and discreet device offers a range of features that enhance the overall quality of sound. With its powerful amplifier, it can amplify sounds up to 50 decibels, ensuring crystal clear audio even in noisy environments. The advanced noise reduction technology filters out background noise, allowing users to focus on conversations and important sounds. The Audio service hearing aid also comes with Bluetooth connectivity, enabling users to stream audio directly from their smartphones or other compatible devices. Furthermore, it boasts long battery life and easy-to-use controls, making it convenient for daily use.

4. IIC Audio service hearing aid: This Audio service hearing aid offers a range of features that set it apart from traditional hearing aids. Firstly, its Invisible-In-Canal (IIC) design ensures utmost discretion, as it fits snugly inside the ear canal, rendering it virtually invisible to others. The small size also allows for maximum comfort, enabling users to wear the device for extended periods without discomfort. Moreover, the advanced audio processing technology employed in this hearing aid delivers superior sound quality and clarity in various environments, whether at home or in noisy public spaces. 


  1. Microphone: The hearing aid has a tiny microphone that picks up sounds around you.
  2. Speaker: It has a speaker that makes those sounds louder and clearer.
  3. Volume Control: You can often adjust the volume to a level that suits you.
  4. Programs: Some hearing aids have different settings for various situations, like quiet places or noisy gatherings.
  5. Battery: It needs a battery to work. Some use regular batteries, while others have rechargeable ones.
17,900.00 17,750.00
35,500.00 35,350.00
49,500.00 49,350.00
75,500.00 75,250.00
245,500.00 244,500.00
49,500.00 49,350.00
89,500.00 89,250.00
Save 14%
42,209.00 36,209.00
128,500.00 128,000.00
163,549.00 155,549.00
258,409.00 250,409.00
Save 19%
32,009.00 26,009.00
152,500.00 152,000.00
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