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What is a Glucometer?

A glucose meter is a medical device for self monitoring the approximate concentration of glucose in the blood. During this process, blood is applied to a glucometer strip of paper that reveals individual patterns to the amount of sugar in the blood.
This ultimately helps patients plan meals and activities, as well as the timing of medications.
Glucometer machine helps to test both high blood sugar (hyperglycaemia) and low blood sugar levels (hypoglycaemia).

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Buyer's guide and FAQs about Glucometer.

How to use a Glucometer?
What is (CGM) Continuous Glucose Monitoring ?
What is glucometer used for?
What happens if your blood sugar is over 400 ?
What is normal blood sugar by age?
What is Cost of Glucometer in India in 2023?
Which is the best glucometer in 2023 ?
What is the best glucometer for home use?
Top selling Glucometer models in 2023 in India.
OneTouch Select Test Strips, Quantity : 10 Strips
Save 29%
500.00 357.50
In stock
Quantity 10 Strips
OneTouch Verio Test Strips, 10 \50 \100, Quantity: 10 Strips
Save 47%
750.00 395.00
Quantity10 Strips Product Dimension (mm)52 x 35 x 62 Product Weight0.02 Kg
AccuChek Instant S Sugar Test Machine | 10 Free Sugar Test Strips, 10 Lancets and a Lancing device |
Save 27%
1,099.00 799.00
Product Weight.5 Kg
1,890.00 1,736.00
Product Dimension (mm)97.8 x 46.8 x 19.1mm Product Weight0.050 Kg
Dr. Morepen Sugar Strips BG-03, Box of 50
Save 27%
849.00 623.00
Product Dimension (mm)35 x 35 x 64 Product Weight0.026 Kg
OneTouch Select Plus Simple Glucometer | Free 10 Strips, 10 Glucometer Lancet, Lancing Device
Save 11%
1,099.00 975.00
Quantity 10 Strips ColorBlack Product Dimension (mm)212 x 112 x 67 Product Weight0.310 Kg
Accu-Chek Guide Glucometer Kit | 10 Free Sugar Test Strips ,10 Glucometer Lancet, Lancing device |  Sugar Test Machine with Bluetooth Connectivity |
Save 27%
2,599.00 1,899.00
Product Dimension (mm)80 x 47 x 20 Product Weight0.04 Kg
Dr Trust USA Gold Standard Glucose Monitor Glucometer Sugar Check Testing Machine 9001 with 60 Strips
Save 21%
2,800.00 2,199.00
OneTouch Verio Flex System Kit
Save 35%
3,561.60 2,310.56
Product Dimension (mm)2.05 x 3.38 x 0.63 Product Weight App. 1.76 ounces. Kg
665.00 599.00
Product Dimension (mm)190x110x60 Product Weight0.2 Kg
Accurex Xpress Sugar Test Machine | Glucometer Kit |
Save 39%
1,300.00 799.00
Freestyle Libre Flash Glucose Monitoring System (Reader & sensor)
Save 12%
12,900.00 11,400.00
Product Weight1 Kg
Romsons Romo Check Plus Blood Glucose Meter (Glucometer)
Save 14%
875.00 749.00
1,725.00 1,656.19
Product Dimension (mm)82 x 44 x 44 Product Weight0.032 Kg
BAYER CONTOUR Plus Glucometer Kit | 25 Sugar Test Strips  |
Save 31%
2,309.00 1,599.00
Colorblue Product Dimension (mm)77 x 57 x 19
OneTouch UltraTest Strips, Quantity: 10/25/50 Strips, Quantity: 10 Strips
Save 23%
800.00 616.00
Quantity10 Strips Product Dimension (mm)52 x 32 x 62 Product Weight0.15 Kg
Save 15%
1,049.00 895.00
In stock
Dr. Morepen Glucometer BG-03
Save 78%
665.00 148.18
In stock
1,008.00 999.00
Ypsomed Mylife Pura X  Glucose Meter | 10 free Strips |
Save 37%
1,500.00 952.00
1,549.00 1,440.00
Product Dimension (mm)77.1 x 48.6 x 15.3 Product Weight0.04 Kg
975.00 950.00
1,599.00 1,439.00
650.00 590.00
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Abbott FreeStyle Optium Neo

Abbott FreeStyle Optium Neo

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Dr Trust USA Gold Standard Glucose Monitor Glucometer Sugar Check Testing Machine 9001 with 60 Strips Intro Video

Dr Trust USA Gold Standard Glucose Monitor Glucometer Sugar Check Testing Machine 9001 with 60 Strips Intro Video

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How to use One Touch Select Plus Simple Glucometer

How to use One Touch Select Plus Simple Glucometer

The OneTouch Select Plus Simple Glucometer is a reliable and easy-to-use device for monitoring blood glucose levels. This glucometer features a simple interface that allows for effortless testing, with a large, easy-to-read screen displaying results in just 5 seconds.

With its intuitive design, the OneTouch Select Plus Simple Glucometer requires no coding and comes with a pre-installed battery, making it easy to use right out of the box. It also features a hypo warning that alerts users if their blood sugar level falls too low, as well as a hyper warning for high blood sugar levels.

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Arkray GLUCOCARD G+blood glucose meter

Arkray GLUCOCARD G+blood glucose meter

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