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Biochemistry Analyzer

Biochemistry Analyzer : Our product range includes a wide range of biochemistry analyzer machine with mode of automatic and semi-automatic biochemistry, different model such as Erba chem 5x biochemistry analyzer, Mindray BS 240 biochemistry, RMS analytica 705 biochemistry analyzer, etc. at lowest price.

We provide a 100% genuine biochemistry analyzer that comes in original manufacturer packing. Furthermore, we at Hospitals store offers a big product range of biochemistry analyzer machine, and we are one of top preferred choice in a variety of care industries including home care and Medical industry including hospitals, clinics, Doctor's offices, Pharma Companies and clinical research organizations to buy a biochemistry. Here below are products.

Biochemistry Analyzer Description:

Biochemistry Analyzer or biochemistry machine is laboratory equipment not just a standard photometer; it is a truly new generation semi-automatic biochemistry analyzer capable of performing Routine Biochemistry, Hormonal assay, Electrolytes, Therapeutic drugs and Drug-enzyme investigations.

A biochemistry machine is like a smart machine found in a special medical lab. It checks the amount of different chemicals in our body fluids, like blood and urine. It uses cool technologies to do this, such as light and special chemical reactions. A biochemistry analyzer is used in a lab to check cholesterol, sugar, enzyme, protein, etc. by biological samples such as blood or urine. 

Buy Biochemistry Analyzer Wholesale Price From Hospital Store:

We offer the best fully automated biochemistry analyzer price for homes, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, etc. At our online medical product store “Hospital Store” we offer the best biochemistry analyzers cost. Biochemistry machine price at hospital store is the lowest cost compared to other sellers. There are many options for a semi-auto analyzer at a price that can be purchased online. Find the best semi-automatic biochemistry analyzer in India, as well as details, key features, pictures, ratings, and more.

Best Biochemistry AnalyzerPrice in INR
Mindray BA 88 A Semi-Auto Bio-Chemistry Analyzer ₹110,000 – 113,000
Microlab biochemistry RX 50 ₹147,000 – 150,000
Erba Chem7 Biochemistry Analyzer₹189,000 – 193,000
Agappe Mispa CXL Pro Plus Biochemistry₹625,000 – 632,000

These semi-auto analyzers are premium quality semi-automatic biochemistry analyzers from reputed brands. These biochemistry analyzers for patients are manufactured by using quality assured material and advanced techniques, which make them up to the standard in this highly challenging field.

You can buy fully automatic biochemistry analyzers for hospitals, clinics, etc at wholesale price. Best biochemistry analyzers for homes, hospitals, clinics and other facilities can be purchased at a discounted price. We've put together a buyer's guide and FAQs below to help you choose the right biochemistry test machine as per your needs, as well as an air mattress for hospital bed cost based on your budget.

What are the features of Biochemistry Analyzer?

  • Fast and Efficient: Biochemistry test machine are designed to process a large number of samples quickly, making them ideal for busy clinical laboratories with a significant workload.
  • Checks Multiple Chemicals: Biochemistry analyzer machine can measure various analytes simultaneously from a single sample, providing a comprehensive profile of a patient's biochemical status.
  • Easy to Use: It is come with easy to use interfaces, allowing laboratory technicians to operate them efficiently and reducing the likelihood of errors.
  • Reliable Result: To ensure accuracy and reliability, laboratory biochemistry analyzers include built-in quality control processes and automated calibration routines.
  • Works with Other Systems: There are biochemistry analyzers offer data connectivity features, allowing seamless integration with laboratory information systems (LIS) and electronic health record (EHR) systems for streamlined data management.
What are Uses of Biochemistry Analyzer?
  • Diagnosis of diseases: Biochemistry analyzers are used to measure various markers in the blood, such as enzymes, hormones, electrolytes, and metabolites. These markers can help diagnose a range of diseases, including liver and kidney diseases, diabetes, thyroid disorders, and heart disease.
  • Monitoring treatment: Biochemistry analyzer machines can be used to monitor the progress of treatment for various conditions, such as cancer, HIV, and hepatitis. Changes in the levels of certain markers can indicate whether the treatment is effective or needs to be adjusted.
  • Assessing organ function: Biochemistry machines can help evaluate the function of various organs, such as the liver, kidney, and pancreas. Abnormal levels of certain markers in the blood can indicate damage or dysfunction of these organs.
  • Screening for metabolic disorders: The machine can be used to screen for metabolic disorders, such as phenylketonuria (PKU) and hypothyroidism, in newborns.
  • Research: Biochemistry analyzer machine are also used in research laboratories to measure various biochemical parameters in biological samples, such as proteins, enzymes, and metabolites.

Top Picks of Biochemistry Analyzer :

Overall, the best bio chemistry analyzer - 

  • Erba Chem 7 Biochemistry Ananyzer- With the best reviews for the high-quality biochemistry machine for labs and ease of use, the Erba biochemistry analyzer is the best automatic biochemistry analyzer. Erba is a well-known brand in the medical equipment industry, and they are popular for their accuracy and best quality. Erba biochemistry analyzer price is also affordable.
  • Mindray BS-230 Biochemistry Analyzer- Mindray full biochemistry analyzer is in our top pick list due to its reviews for high-quality performance, long life, a minimum of 100μl reaction volume for reagent saving, large capacity of 80 reagent positions and 40 sample positions extendable to 80, and easy use. Mindray biochemistry analyzer price is also affordable.
  • Microlab RX 50 Biochemistry Analyser- Microlab automatic biochemistry analyzers are premium quality chemistry analysers. Microlab biochemistry fully automatic machine is on our top pick biochemistry analyser machine list due to its reviews for high-quality performance, storage of 1000 test results in the memory with patient ID, utility mode for self diagnostics, long life, and easy working principle.

Buy Biochemistry Analyzer From The Best Brands Online :

Get the Best biochemistry analyzer price only on Hospital Store.

  • Erba Biochemistry Analyzer- Erba biochemistry analyzers are the top-selling best automatic biochemistry analyzer in India. There are two main reasons for the popularity of the cheap biochemistry by Erbo, one is their trustworthy high-quality products and 2nd is all over India products availability.
  • Mindray Biochemistry Analyzer- Mindray semi-auto biochemistry analyzer is one of the top-selling best clinical chemistry analyzers. Their biochemistry machines are well-known for their high-quality material and results. Mindray biochemistry analyzer price is also pocket friendly.
  • Microlab Biochemistry Analyser- Microlab is a well-known brand in the healthcare industry. Microlab provides the best quality lab biochemistry test machine. It provides very quick results, due to which it is quite popular among doctors, hospitals and laboratory professionals. Microlab biochemistry come with great feature at affordable price.
Best Biochemistry Analyzer BrandsPrice Range
Erba Biochemistry Analyzer PriceINR 80K – INR 2.3 Lakh
Mindray Biochemistry Analyzer Machine PriceINR 1.1 Lakh – INR 6.5 Lakh
Microlab Biochemistry Analyser PriceINR 1.15 Lakh – 2.2 Lakh
Accurex Biochemistry Analyzer Machine PriceINR 1.23 Lakh – INR 1.85 Lakh

Bestseller in Biochemistry Machine:

The boom of online shopping has brought us to buying medical supplies, even medical equipment on the web today. Biochemistry Analyzer online shopping is like buying anything else on the internet, especially on a trusted fully automatic biochemistry analyzer online portal like You can explore the wide product range of biochemistry analyser from top brands like Erba, Mindray, Microlab, etc., and you can buy Biochemistry Machine online from hospital store.

Buyer's guide and FAQs about Biochemistry analyzer.

What is the price of Biochemistry Analyzer Machine in India in October 2023?
What type of biochemistry analyzer machines we have?
Where can you buy Biochemistry Analyzer online in India, in October 2023
What are the top selling Biochemistry Analyzer Machine in INDIA in October, 2023?
Which are the best low cost Biochemistry Analyzer in India, October 2023?
Which is the Best Biochemistry Analyzer in India, in October 2023?
What is a Biochemistry Analyzer used for?
What are the types of biochemistry analyzer according to the degree of automation?
What is the Biochemistry Analyzer?
What tests are done by Biochemistry Analyzer?
Erba Chem 5x Biochemistry Analyzer, Semi Automatic
Save 13%
95,000.00 83,000.00
Product Weight12 Kg Biochemistry Measurement Monochromatic, Biochromatic
Erba Chem 7 Transasia Biochemistry Analyzer - Semi Automatic
Free shipping
Save 24%
250,000.00 189,700.00
Product Weight7 Kg
Mindray BA 88A Chemistry Analyzer, Semi Automatic
Save 28%
165,000.00 118,000.00
Product Dimension (mm)430 x 360 x 170 ( L x W x H ) Product Weight6.8 Kg Screen Size (Diagonal)7 Inch AC input voltage100 - 240 V PortsUSB , RS232,, Earthing
Mindray BS 240 Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer
Save 19%
750,000.00 610,000.00
Product Dimension (mm)690 mm (length) x580 mm (depth) x595 mm Product Weight79 Kg
163,155.00 147,250.00
In stock
Product Dimension (mm)38 cm x 41 cm x 15 cm Product Weight6 Kg
Product Dimension (mm)380 x 305 x 175 Product Weight5 Kg Screen Size (Diagonal)5 Inch
Erba Chem 5 Plus V2 Biochemistry Analyzer- Semi-Automatic
Save 16%
196,000.00 165,000.00
Product Weight15 Kg AC input voltage100-220 V
95,000.00 89,900.00
Product Dimension (mm)420(W) x 310(0)x150 (H) mm Product Weight8 Kg
178,650.00 161,352.00
In stock
130,150.00 117,750.00
Product Dimension (mm) 40 cm x 32 cm x 16cm
Contact us for a price
Product Dimension (mm)690 mm (length) x580 mm (depth) x595 mm Product Weight47 kg Kg
Accurex AT-Smart Semi-Automatic bio-chemistry Analyser
Free shipping
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Erba Transasia  EM-200 Fully Automated Random Access Clinical Chemistry Analyzer
Free shipping
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ERBA Glucose Biochemistry Reagent (2x200 ml)
Save 32%
900.00 614.00
ERBA UREA BUN Biochemistry Reagent (5*20 ml)
Save 32%
1,710.00 1,166.00
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Product Weight10kg Kg
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In stock
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Mindray BA 88A Chemistry Analyzer

Mindray BA 88A Chemistry Analyzer

This Mindray BA 88A Biochemistry Analyzer is a premium quality best biochemistry machine.

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Contec BC300 Semi-auto Biochemistry Analyzer Intro Video

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