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Biochemistry Analyzer

Biochemistry Analyzer : Our product range includes a wide range of biochemistry analyzer machine with mode of automatic and semi-automatic biochemistry, different model such as Erba chem 5x biochemistry analyzer, Mindray BS 240 biochemistry, RMS analytica 705 biochemistry analyzer, etc. at lowest price.

We provide a 100% genuine biochemistry analyzer that comes in original manufacturer packing. Furthermore, we at Hospitals store offers a big product range of biochemistry analyzer machine, and we are one of top preferred choice in a variety of care industries including home care and Medical industry including hospitals, clinics, Doctor's offices, Pharma Companies and clinical research organizations to buy a biochemistry. Here below are products.


At Hospital Store, we take pride in offering the lowest Biochemistry Analyzer prices, catering to the needs of doctors, hospitals, and more. We are committed to providing high-quality Biochemistry Analyzer from top brands, including Erba, Mindray, Microlab, Contec, RMS and many more. In addition, we back our offerings with a Price Match Guarantee for these trusted brands.

The cost of a biochemistry machine can vary significantly, depending on the type, brand and the model it offers. Biochemistry machine price ranges between In INR 80,000 to INR 12 lakh. 


For your convenience, we have categorized our best biochemistry analyzer machines. Below, you will find a price list:

Sr. No.Biochemistry Analyzer Product Models Price
1.Erba Chem 5x Biochemistry Analyzer, Semi AutomaticINR 83,000.00
2.Erba Chem 7 Transasia Biochemistry Analyzer - Semi AutomaticINR 189,700.00
3.Mindray BA 88A Chemistry Machine, Semi AutomaticINR 118,000.00
4.Mindray BS 240 Automatic Biochemistry AnalyzerINR 610,000.00
5.Microlab RX 50 Biochemistry Analyser Machine INR 147,250.00
6.Robonik Prietest Touch Plus Biochemistry AnalyzerINR 116,820.00
7.Erba Chem 5 Plus V2 Biochemistry Analyzer- Semi-AutomaticINR 165,000.00
8.RMS Analytica 705 Biochemistry Analyzer - Semi AutomaticINR 89,900.00
9.Microlab RX 50v Biochemistry MachineINR 161,352.00
10.Microlab ARX 199/199I Biochemistry AnalyzerINR 117,750.00

* Prices may be subject to change.


1. Fully Automatic Biochemistry -

2. Semi Auto Analyzer-


Here are top 3 biochemistry analyzer machines - 

  • Erba Chem 7 biochemistry analyzer: Erba Chem 7 biochemistry analyzer stands out as the top choice in automatic biochemistry analyzers, thanks to its outstanding reviews for high-quality laboratory performance and user-friendly operation. As a trusted name in the medical equipment sector, Erba is well known for its accuracy and good quality products. 
  • Mindray BS-230 Biochemistry Analyzer- Mindray BS 230 biochemistry analyzer is top picks in our list due to its reviews for high-quality performance, long life, a minimum of 100μl reaction volume for reagent saving, large capacity of 80 reagent positions and 40 sample positions extendable to 80, and easy use. This Mindray biochemistry analyzer price is also affordable.
  • Microlab RX 50 Biochemistry Analyser: Microlab RX 50 automatic biochemistry analyzer is premium quality chemistry analyzer. Due to its high-quality performance, storage of 1000 test results in the memory with patient ID, utility mode for self diagnostics, long life, and easy working principle.


There are several compelling reasons to choose Hospital Store for your biochemistry analyzer purchase:

  • Wide Product Range: Hospital Store offers a wide range of biochemistry machines, with over 45 + products from more than 18 reputable brands. This means you have a wide range of options to choose from, ensuring you find the biochemistry analyzer suits your needs.
  • Genuine authentic products: When you choose to buy from the hospital store, be sure that all products are 100% genuine, allowing you to shop with absolute confidence in the authenticity of your products.
  • Flexible Payment Option: We provide a convenient partial payment option to buy biochemistry analyzer. You can pay a token amount online when placing your order, and the rest of the payment can be settled using Cash on Delivery (COD). This flexibility in payment allows you to manage your finances more comfortably.
  • Installation Support: Hospital Store goes the extra mile by offering virtual installation services after your biochemistry machine is delivered. This ensures that you not only receive the product, but also have guidance on setting it up and making it operational.
  • Nationwide and global Delivery: Whether you are located anywhere in India or even globally, Hospital Store provides delivery services to reach you wherever you are. This convenience ensures that you can access quality medical equipment, regardless of your location.
  • GST Invoice : We provide a GST bill with your purchase, ensuring transparency and compliance with tax regulations. This is essential for record-keeping and financial accountability, and claim to a warranty on your biochemistry analyzer. 
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Product Dimension (mm)38 cm x 41 cm x 15 cm Product Weight6 Kg
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130,150.00 117,750.00
Product Dimension (mm) 40 cm x 32 cm x 16cm

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