BioHazard Bags

BioHazard Bags

Bio Medical waste bags are designed to hold medical or biohazard waste. Biohazardous waste, often known as infectious waste (such as blood, body fluids, and human cell lines), is waste contaminated with potentially infectious organisms or other items that pose a health or environmental risk. Dispose of solid or liquid goods tainted with blood or other potentially contagious materials in these bags. Biomedical waste disposal bags is a red coloured bag used to collect solid biohazardous or infectious waste. It is also known as a biohazard waste collection bag or a red bag. These bags are primarily used to separate contagious waste from typical garbage that must be sanitised.

Types of bio waste bags

Biohazard trash is separated and placed in several bags, including autoclave, red, and yellow biohazard bags. The following are the major biohazard bags that are recommended by all industries that deal with hazardous waste:

Red Biohazard Bags

These bags are widely used to separate hazardous goods from non-hazardous materials. Diagnostic garbage and only those objects with blood on them are collected in the red biohazard bags. Anatomical wastes and body fluids such as semen, tissues, saliva, animal carcasses, and organs are frequently considered pollutants. In addition, blood-soaked garments, specimen swabs, poisonous medical equipment, and infected gloves are all gathered and packed in this type of biohazard bag. Alcohols, pesticides, fluids, lead, nuclear waste, food wrappers, and pharmaceutical effluents should not be placed in the red biohazard bags since they are not built to manage such wastes.

Biohazard Bags (Yellow)

Chemicals, infectious clinical materials, and pharmaceutical drugs are all disposed of in these bags. Also gathered and put in yellow biohazard bags are bandages, swabs, tissues, aprons, soiled gloves, nappies, and pads. Other unusual items, including as IV (intravenous) lines, fluid bags, syringes, and metallic pieces, are also included in the biohazard trash that is disposed of in these bags. The yellow biohazard bags do not contain anatomical wastes, placental remains, pathological trash, domestic litter, or non-infectious garbage.

Biohazard Bags in an Autoclave

These bags come in a variety of colours, including red, yellow, and translucent, to aid identify between the different types of waste that go into each one. Under typical conditions, they will not burst or tear.  All of these bags have a biohazard emblem stamped on them.  High Density Polyethylene and Low Density Polyethylene plastics are used to make them.

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Buyer's guide and FAQs about Biohazard bags.

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