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The Bistos fetal doppler is easy to use and portable ultrasound monitor that can detect fetus heartbeat. A hand-held ultrasound transducer called a Doppler foetal monitor is uses ultrasonic wavbes to detect the foetal heartbeat during prenatal treatment. It employs the Doppler effect to provide an auditory simulation of the heart beat while also displaying the heart rate in BPM (BPM)

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1- Bistos Fetal Doppler BT200

  • Audio Output for earphone.
  • Clean sound quality.
  • Hand-held and portable device.
  • Compact and light gadget.
  • Long back-up for continues use(6 hrs)
  • 2MHz probe frequency

2- Bistos BT 220L Fetal Doppler

  • High-sensitivity Doppler probe (2 / 3MHz available)
  • 2.4” TFT color LCD / mono LCD display
  • Acoustic stimulator (AST)
  • Body fat analysis & mother HR function (220C)
  • Mini USB rechargeable
  • Waterproof probe

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FM(Fetal Movement) DetectionAutomatic Fetal Monitor FHR Range(Lower Limit)30-150 BPM Fetal Monitor Display ModeTrend Mode, Graph Mode, Number Mode Fetal Monitor FHR Range(Upper Limit)130-240 BPM CTG Analysis Function
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Product Dimension (mm)132 x 66 x 27 Screen Size (Diagonal)2.4 Inch

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