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Description for Bone Cement:

Bone cement is an innovative medical product used in the field of orthopedic surgery. It makes it extremely easy for doctors to treat patients with osteoporosis or severe fractures, its unique properties make it especially suitable for filling large voids or cavities. As well as aid in joint reconstruction after trauma or injury, and can greatly reduce the recovery time of patients.

Features of Bone cement:

  • Bone cement surgery provides additional stability and strength to bones, thereby helping to reduce the risk of fractures and other bone-related injuries. Bone cement hardens within minutes and forms a strong bond between bones, preventing fractures in the body.
  • This gives healthcare professionals a reliable, long-lasting and safe solution to bone cement when repairing fractured bones. Bone Cement Material With superior strength and rapid setting, this bone cement helps in providing better healing to patients with minimal pain.

Uses of Bone Cement:

  • This highly advanced product allows for greater precision and accuracy during surgical repairs, helping to ensure optimal healing outcomes.
  • Bones treated with bone cement will not only heal faster, but they will be strong enough to bear the full weight of the patient while walking or running without fear of further injury.
  • The medical-grade acrylic polymer in the cement helps ensure that the material is strong and durable, providing long-term support where it’s needed most.

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Stryker Simplex P Bone Cement₹2,342.00
G-Bone Bone Cement
Surgical Simplex Bone Cement₹5,000.00

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Buyer's guide and FAQs about Bone cement.

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Which is the Best Bone Cement in INDIA in September 2023?
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Product Weight0.05 Kg
Palacos R Orthopedic Bone Cements
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Product Weight20gm Kg
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