Description of Bone Wax

This incredible wax provides enhanced control over hemostasis and sealing of bone surfaces during repair and reconstruction. This bone wax used to help fill any gaps between the bones and reduce blooding leakage during surgery. Its unique formula makes it an ideal choice for orthopedic and trauma surgeons.

Uses of Bone Wax

Surgical sterile bone wax is an essential ingredient in hemostasis of bone during orthopedic surgeries, thoracic surgeries, and neurological surgeries. This material is typically defined as a waxy substance used to mechanically control bleeding from bone fractures for previous operations.

  • Not only does it effectively cover exposed bone surfaces to reduce bleeding, but it also helps to promote healing by helping to keep the surgical site free from infection.
  • It also creates a protective sealant around the affected area so that healing can take place in complete comfort.

Benefit of Bone Wax

  • Its malleable, non-hardening formula ensures the wax adapts perfectly to any fracture site without leaving behind any messy residue. In addition, its extra-strong adhesive properties keep it firmly in place during medication or surgery.
  • With clinical strength adhesion that won’t move during surgery or deform over time, Bone wax provides superior control of the bleeding edge while grants a fast and effective seal of fractured bone ends.
  • With its unique blend of bone wax, paraffin, and other ingredients, it quickly forms a pliable membrane that allows fractures to heal correctly.
  • The use of quality bone wax ensures precise control over the operative field, allowing surgeons to work confidently in any situation.
  • This easy-to-use and non-irritating wax helps physicians achieve optimal results during their procedures.

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