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Bubble CPAP Machine

Bubble Continuous positive airway pressure (BC PAP) is a device which is used in neonatal care for neonates with their breathing difficulties. It promotes lung expansion and improving oxygenation. It delivers the continuous flow of oxygen in a specified pressure.

Benefits of CPAP Machine:

Enhanced Oxygenation: 

It helps to improve gas exchange and oxygenation by maintaining continuous positive airway pressure, helping to keep alveoli open. 

Decrease work of breathing:

By stabilizing the airway and improving lung compliance, it reduces the effort required for breathing.

Low risk of lung injury: 

The gentle and constant pressure helps to minimize the risk of ventilator-induced lung injury compared to more invasive ventilation techniques.

Improves comfort for the patients:

It is generally more comfortable and better tolerated by infants, potentially leading to better outcomes.

Simplicity and cost-effectiveness: 

Bubble CPAP systems are relatively simple to set up and manage, making them a cost-effective solution for respiratory support, especially in low-resource settings.

Importance of Bubble CPAP:

Non-invasive respiratory system: 

It provides non-invasive support and deliver a positive to keep the airways open, allows the patient to breathe easily. 

Reduction of lung damage:

It reduces the risk of lung damage by keeping the alveoli open and preventing collapse, and improves lung function.

Cost Effective: 

It is more cost-effective as compared to mechanical ventilation. 

Ease of use: 

It is easy to use and operate, it is suitable for use in many healthcare settings, like-Neonatal intensive care units and pediatric wards.

Components of Bubble CPAP:

Gas source:

An oxygen blender connected to a source of oxygen and compressed air is used to supply an appropriate concentration of inspired oxygen 

Pressure Generator: 

Pressure in the bubble CPAP system is created by placing the distal expiratory tubing in water. Designated pressure is determined by the length of tubing immersed.


It moisturized the air before it reaches the patient airways. Humidification is important to prevent the drying and ensure comfort.

Best Bubble CPAP from Top Brands:

Neokraft Bubble CPAP Machine: 

Neokraft offers wide range of Bubble CPAP for Neonates, it is designed for hospitals, clinics like Neokraft NeoPAP 305 Bubble CPAP Machine.

Flexicare Bubble CPAP: 

It is recognized for its innovative design that enhances patient comfort and stability through gentle, continuous positive airway pressure. It is ease of use and effectiveness in improving Oxygenation and ventilation in neonates and infant with respiratory.

SS Technomed Bubble CPAP:

It is a well-known brand in the healthcare industry. Its reliability in delivering consistent positive airway pressure, its user-friendly design and effectiveness in improving oxygenation ensure optimal care for vulnerable patients, making it a trusted choice among healthcare providers.

Fisher and Paykel Bubble CPAP:

It offers assurance in its reputation for innovation and quality, providing effective respiratory support for neonatal and pediatric patients. Its advanced features, including adjustable pressure settings and humidification options, ensure optimal comfort and therapy efficacy, making it a preferred choice for healthcare professionals worldwide.

Prices of Bubble CPAP Machine:

SS Technomed Resto health 01Bubble CPAP

₹ 375,105.00

SS Technomed Resto health 02Bubble CPAP

₹ 290,627.00

SS Technomed Restohealth 03Bubble CPAP

₹ 190,400.00

Flexicare Bubble CPAP Machine

Neokraft Neo PAP 305 Bubble CPAP

Buy Best quality Bubble CPAP Machine from Hospital Store:

At our online Hospital store, we offer Bubble CPAP Machine at lowest price for doctors, clinics, and healthcare professionals. We commitment to provide extensive collection and high-quality Bubble CPAP machine from best top brands including - Fisher and Paykel, Flexicare, Neokraft and more. We provide full guarantee and warranty of the product.

The price of Bubble CPAP Machine depends on the brands. The price of Bubble CPAP Machine ranges between INR 1.5 Lakh to INR 5 Lakh. 

FAQ's for Bubble CPAP Machine

Q1. Which brand is best for Bubble CPAP Machine?

Yes, many of you have this question. All brands are best and each of them have their own advanced features and quality features. So, you can choose brands according to your requirement.

Q2. How many Brands Are there for Bubble CPAP Machine?

There are top brands for Bubble CPAP Machine like Neokraft, Fisher and Paykel, SS Technomed, Flexicare and more.

Q3. How can I claim my warranty?

Warranty of the product is signed by manufacturer you can contact then through their official website, in case if they are not able to connect then you can contact u we will help to schedule call for you.

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