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Description For Hospital Trolley

A Medical trolley is any cart used in a medical environment. The trolley is typically portable and aids in transporting medical supplies, equipment or patients. The different types of medical trolleys include medical carts, crash carts, anesthesia carts, isolation carts, and mini carts.

Hospital Crash Trolley are mobile trolleys used in medical centers to hold commonly used supplies. The hospital trolleys are placed in areas of high volume activity such as the emergency room and include items such as gloves, oxygen masks and even a defibrillator. When a patient needs immediate attention, medical personnel can turn to the crash cart for the items needed to treat the patient's condition.

Hospital Instrument trolley or Hospital Trolley are mainly used in hospitals / medical centres to carry medicines and surgical instruments. These trolleys for hospital are generally square metal trolley with rollers on each leg to assist in the quick movement of the trolley around the place.

A hospital emergency trolley is a compact medical trolley cart with wheels attached to its base. These overbed trolleys are kept at the drug dispensing centre, easily accessible so that they can be pulled to the operation theatre or any other room in case of an emergency. These instrument trolley for hospital are designed to carry all equipment, supplies, instruments and drugs required urgently during any operation. It is used for multiple purposes in ICUs and OTs. Alternatively, it is also known as a hospital crash cart trolley.

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ProductPrice Range
Monitor Trolley PriceINR 32,000 - INR 42,000
Dressing Trolley PriceINR 13,000 - INR 24,000
Laparoscopic Trolley PriceINR 15,000 - INR 50,000
Linen Trolley PriceINR 4,000 - INR 20,000

Types of Hospital Trolley:

Monitor Trolley:  a Monitor trolley is used to support monitor display, and to carry monitors, unit cameras, and other medical machines, printers, and laparoscopic equipment, etc.

Dressing Trolley: a dressing trolley is most commonly used for the dressing or cleaning of a patient after the operation. The dressing trolley has a bucket and a bowl of stainless steel or aluminium, etc. There are two surfaces as well and wheels to move the trolley.

Instrument Trolley: an instrument trolley or medicine trolley is commonly used to transport medicines and medical devices. This is a basic square metal trolley with casters on each leg to help you move it about the rooms quickly.

Laparoscopic Trolley: a Laparoscopic trolley is most commonly used to store monitors, unit cameras, and other medical machines and laparoscopic equipment.

Linen Trolley: A Linen TrolIey is also known as Laundry Trolley, Basket Trolley, Hamper Trolley, Linen Cart, etc. In hospitals, the used linens, clothing, napkins, and towels used by patients and doctors are transported in a linen trolley. This item is also referred to as a hospital laundry trolley or cart.

Choose Hospital Trolley Online From Best Brands Available:

ACME 2082 Instrument Trolley: This Instrument Trolley is a premium quality instrument table trolley. This medicine trolley is manufactured by using quality assured material and advanced techniques, which make them up to the standard in this highly challenging field. You can use this surgical trolley to transport medicines and medical instruments.

Surgix Linen Trolley With Basket: This Linen Trolley is a premium quality laundry basket trolley on wheels. This laundry trolley is manufactured by using quality assured material and advanced techniques, which make them up to the standard in this highly challenging field. You can use this hospital laundry cart to carry used linens, clothing, napkins, and towels used by patients.

ACME 1052 Mayo Trolley: The provided ACME 1052 Mayo Trolley Over OT Table is made at our well-equipped manufacturing unit using high-quality basic materials and cutting-edge techniques. This hospital trolley is commonly used in maternity centers, nursing homes, and other medical settings for a variety of purposes. Furthermore, the provided ACME 1052 Mayo Trolley Over OT Table can be purchased from us at the best prices and within the time frame specified.

Bestseller in Hospital Trolley:

The boom of online shopping has brought us to buying medical supplies, even medical equipment on the web today. Stainless Steel Hospital Trolley online shopping is like buying anything else on the internet, especially on a trusted folding stretcher trolley online shop like hospital store. Explore the wide product range of stretcher trolley for medical use from top brands like ASCO, Sigma, Surgix and more buy patient bedside trolley online for your patient, clinic and hospitals.

Surgical Trolley Stainless Steel
Save 20%
16,800.00 13,500.00
In stock
19,999.00 15,499.00
Crash Cart Trolley
Save 24%
35,616.00 27,068.16
In stock
SURGIX Crash Cart Trolley, 6 Drawers
Save 44%
61,260.00 34,191.00
In stock
Product Dimension (mm)940mm x 490mm x1535mm
Surgix Linen Trolley with Basket, Material: EPC
Save 58%
10,400.00 4,350.00
In stock
38,500.00 19,800.00
Hospital Furniture SizeStandard Colorsteel Product Dimension (mm)700X500X1500 Product Weight35 Kg
ACME 2082 Instrument Trolley (S.S), Instrument Trolley Size : 18" x 24"
Save 58%
19,800.00 8,400.00
In stock
Instrument Trolley Size 18" x 24"
Crash Cart Trolley, Fully Stainless Steel
Save 21%
41,314.56 32,766.72
ACME 1070 Housekeeping Trolley
Save 34%
33,072.00 21,796.99
In stock
SIGMA 5012 Crash Cart Trolley, SS 6 Drawer
Save 40%
64,963.00 39,035.00
ACME Kitchen Trolley, 1071
Save 48%
85,051.00 44,591.00
In stock
Product Weight10 Kg
ACME 1052 Mayo Trolley, Over OT Table
Save 51%
44,520.00 21,796.99
ACME 2088 Instrument Trolley, Instrument Trolley Size : 18" x 30"
Save 52%
25,600.00 12,400.00
In stock
Instrument Trolley Size 18" x 30"
Infant Care Trolley , Zeal Medical, ICT 2002
Free shipping
Product Weight7 Kg
Zeal Medical ICT 4001 Infant Care Trolley
Free shipping
Product Weight8 Kg
15,500.00 7,900.00
In stock
Hospital Furniture SizeStandard Product Dimension (mm)750x600x850 Product Weight15 Kg
Generic Instrument Trolley, S.S
Save 63%
37,468.00 13,748.00
In stock
Product Dimension (mm)600mm  x 450mm x 800mm
ACME Food Trolley,  1072
Save 26%
95,450.88 71,089.54
In stock
ACME 1050 Monitor Trolley
Save 51%
64,109.00 31,342.00
In stock
Baby Trolley
Save 28%
22,794.00 16,383.00
In stock
Product Weight8 Kg
Surgix Dressing Trolley, All S.S.
Save 53%
48,437.76 22,794.24
In stock
Product Dimension (mm)750mm x 450mm x 810mm
Save 52%
22,224.16 10,684.80
In stock
Product Dimension (mm)760mm x 450mm x 810mm
Crash Cart Trolley, Stainless Steel
Save 14%
49,862.40 42,739.20
In stock
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