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Electrosurgery cautery Pencils : Electrosurgery is a surgical technique for the cutting, coagulation, desiccation or fulguration of biological tissue using electric current. The electric current is of high frequency and alternating polarity. Electro-surgery is also used to stop bleeding. A generator is used to transform 60 cycle currents to more than 300,000 cycles per minute as 60 cycles per minute current causes nerve stimulation and electrocution. 

It uses Radio Frequency Alternating Current. Electrosurgical pencils are flexible and can accommodate all operating needs as they come with a universal size connector that makes them compatible with most of the branded electrode tips. ESU Pencils are used almost in all surgery procedures. Any of these are: cardiothoracic, neurological, gynaecological, orthopaedic, aesthetic and some dental procedures.

Hospitals Store offers the best and lowestonline prices for electro-surgery/cautery pencils due to direct import and excellent procurement channels. Our cautery pencils includes those from some trusted brands such as  venticare, ALSPL, Newtech Medical Devices and VALLEYLAB. We usually deliver the shipments very fast electrosurgery cautery pencils because these products are available with us in stock. 

Reusable Electrosurgical / Cautery Pencil
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Disposable ESU/ Cautery Pencil
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AD-Cut Electrosurgical/Cautery Pencil Box of 10
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