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Comen Patient Monitor Description

The Comen patient monitor is an electronic device used to measure heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, and electrocardiography (ECG) signals of a patient during the treatment to see the change of vital sign's. This Comen monitor is ideal for multipara patients, and that helps doctors diagnose and treat conditions by sending real-time data to a remote computer. The Comen patient monitor is used for treatment and observation of patients in hospital.

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Best-selling Comen Patient Monitor models

The Comen Patient Monitors are one of the top-selling models because of its features, accuracy, and easy of use. Comen Monitor have been found to provide accurate results, making them a great choice for hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and more health care organization. Here we are going to mention top-selling models of Comen patient monitor, check below:

  • Comen Star 8000E : This Comen patient monitor comes with superb features such as high resolution 12.1" color display with touch and knob operation, real-time data on cardiac and respiratory, OxyCRG, up to 3-4 hours battery backup, 96 hour storage data and many more features.
  • Comen C50 Monitor : This Comen patient monitor come with 7 para meter, 10.4" TFT Color Display with touch sxreen and knob, 7-lead ECG or 12-lead ECG analysis, pacemaker detection, Anti- defibrillate, 4 hours battery backup with 4000mAh battery, and many other features.

Comen Monitor Price List

Comen Patient MonitorPrice Range
Comen Star 8000 Patient MonitorINR 57K- INR 62K
Comen C50 Patient MonitorINR 83K- INR 88K
Comen Center Monitoring System 8800INR 69K- INR 74K

Bestseller in Comen Patient Monitor

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Comen STAR8000E Cardiac patient monitor | 5 parameter CE approved Patient Monitor
Save 39%
95,000.00 58,000.00
ColorWhite Product Dimension (mm)320x170x280mm Product Weight5 Kg Screen Size (Diagonal)12.1 Inch AC input voltage110-240 V
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Save 37%
135,341.00 85,000.00
Screen Size (Diagonal)10 Inch AC input voltage100 - 240 V
Comen Center Monitoring System  Star8800
Save 29%
99,725.00 71,232.00
Save 21%
110,000.00 87,390.00
Product Dimension (mm)300×155×278 Product Weight2.72 Kg Screen Size (Diagonal)12.1 Inch AC input voltage100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Screen Size (Diagonal)12, 15 Inch AC input voltage100 - 240 V
Save 39%
112,404.00 68,383.00
Out of stock
Out of stock
ColorWhite Product Weight4 Kg AC input voltage100 - 240 V PortsUSB , RS232,, Earthing

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Comen Star8000 Patient Monitor

Comen Star8000 Patient Monitor

This video will show you how to start using your comen star8000 patient monitor and how to set some important features. After watching this video, you'll be able to use your patient monitor with ease and confidence.

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