About Crutches

Crutches are the walking aid that transfers the weight of legs of an injured or handicapped person to the upper part of the body and facilitates easy walking. Walking crutches are devices used to support and aid in walking when a person has an injury or disability affecting one or both legs. The crutches provide stability, balance, and mobility for individuals with temporary or long-term mobility limitations.

Features of Crutches

Some of the features of the crutches include:

  • Adjustable Height: Most crutches have adjustable height settings to accommodate users of different heights. This allows for proper fit and comfort during use.
  • Ergonomic Handgrips: Crutches canes and walkers often have ergonomic handgrips that are designed to provide a comfortable and secure grip. They may be contoured or cushioned to reduce hand and wrist fatigue.
  • Folding Mechanism: Some medical crutches may have a folding mechanism, allowing them to be easily folded for storage or transportation.
  • Lightweight and Sturdy Construction: Crutches for the disabled are generally made of lightweight yet durable materials, such as aluminum or carbon fiber. This ensures ease of use while maintaining strength and stability.

Uses of Crutches

Some of the common uses of crutch cane may include:

  • Standing and Stability: Crutch stick provide stability, reducing the risk of falls for those with weak legs, joint problems, or balance issues.
  • Walking: Crutches give support to those who have trouble walking due to injuries or disabilities. They help take weight off the legs, making it easier to move around.
  • Helping after surgery: After surgeries, crutch cane support individuals during the initial recovery period, enabling them to move and perform tasks with less strain on the surgical area.
  • Managing pain: By shifting weight away from painful areas, crutch walking stick can help reduce discomfort and make movement more comfortable during the healing process.

Types of Crutches

There are many types of orthopedic crutches, depending on their use. The types of crutches walking aid are:

  • Underarm or Axillary Crutches- Underarm crutches also called axillary crutches are the most common type of crutches used. In an underarm walking stick the padded top is placed under the armpit and a handgrip below.
  • Forearm Crutches- In forearm crutches or the gutter crutches or the platform crutches there is a cuff that wrap around the forearm and the handgrip.
  • Leg Crutches- These crutches have a built-in platform or support for the affected leg, relieving weight-bearing on the leg. They are often used for non-weight bearing injuries or conditions.
  • Hands- Free Crutch- These crutches are designed to provide mobility while allowing the user to rest the injured leg. They have a platform or seat for the knee, with wheels for movement.

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Price Ranges of Branded Crutches:

Product NamePrice Range
Tynor CrutchesINR 700 to INR 2.5K
Vissco CrutchesINR 1.5K to INR 2.5K
Flamingo CrutchesINR 800 to INR 3K
iWalk CrutchesINR 500 to INR 2K

Top Brands of Crutches

Tynor Crutches- Tynor crutches are the advanced walking aid designed to provide support to the people  when one or both legs are physically challenged because of a nervous disorder, fracture, disease, injury etc.

Flamingo Crutches- Flamingo crutches are lightweight aluminum crutches with plastic cuffs and handgrips, offering improved balance and stability while transferring weight from the upper body. They also feature a provision for height adjustment, ensuring a comfortable fit for the user.

Vissco Crutches-  Vissco crutches are most desirable crutches. These medical crutches are made from the lightweight aluminum material with rubber gri0ps and help the individual in standing properly.

iWalk Crutches- The iWALK crutches offer hands-free and pain-free mobility specifically designed for below-the-knee injuries.

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Which are the top crutches in September 2023?
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Tynor Adjustable Elbow Crutch - Universal
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Vissco Astra Max Elbow Crutch Quadripod Base
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iWalk 102 - Red Forearm/Elbow Crutch
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iWalk WS103 Adjustable Aluminium Elbow Crutch
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Vissco Champ Max Elbow Crutches
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Product Dimension (mm)86 x 36 x 61 cm Product Weight1.300 Kg
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Product Dimension (mm)58 x 22 x 148 cm Product Weight2.700 Kg Select by sizeLarge
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Product Weight1 Kg
2,185.00 2,140.00
Product Dimension (mm)58 x 22 x 148 cm Product Weight2.700 Kg Select by sizeSmall
2,185.00 2,140.00
Product Dimension (mm)58 x 22 x 148 cm Product Weight2.700 Kg Select by sizeExtra Large
2,185.00 2,140.00
Product Dimension (mm)58 x 22 x 148 cm Product Weight2.700 Kg Select by sizeMedium

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