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Description of Dental Elevator

Dental Elevator is a dental instrument used in dental surgery. Which is used to loosen teeth or remove roots before applying forceps. Dental elevators are used for many reasons such as mobilization of teeth, removal of teeth, or removal of roots. The dental elevator is made from Medical grade stainless steel, so that there is no risk of any kind of infection. The head of the dental elevator is made from a fine needle which can fit inside the root canal and remove the tooth without causing any damage to other parts of your mouth. Dental elevators are used by professional dental surgeons and dentists for the purpose of removing teeth or roots. The dental elevator is an extremely helpful instrument for a dentist to extract the tooth without causing any infection. These are also used by dentists in surgeries and dental clinics. It's also known as root elevator and tooth elevator.

Types of Dental Elevator

There are different types of dental elevators, each with its own unique features and advantages. 

Periosteal elevator is a surgical technique used to elevate and enlarge the periosteum, the thin membrane that covers the bones in the body. The elevation can help improve bone density, reduce inflammation, and improve healing. The points need to be protected and kept extremely sharp to prevent the flap from being torn. The dental elevator is also used to remove excess tissue from the bone, which can reduce pain and pressure on nerves. It has been shown that a large portion of dental surgical procedures performed today make use of periosteal elevators.

Instruments frequently used for dental extraction include Coupland's elevators, also known as chisels. They are inserted between the bone and tooth roots and rotated to elevate the tooth roots out of the sockets. They are used in sets of three, each of progressively larger size, to separate multi-rooted teeth. A dental elevator that is slightly larger than the tooth's root canal is used to extract it once the tooth is almost completely free.

Warwick James dental elevator, which is most suited for maxillary third molars, frequently breaks while luxating a large third molar with several roots. The best strategy would be to luxate the tooth uniformly by using a straight dental elevator that can combine a downward and distal rotation. The Warwick James or Cryer's blade is made to exclusively perform distal rotation, which over time increases the chance of maxillary tuberosity fracture. Most orthodontists and oral surgeons would agree that a straight dental elevator is superior to a curved one. However, there seems to be a certain charm in the curved elevators because they look attractive and are easier to use in cases with limited access.

The single-ended Cryer Elevator is made of surgical-grade stainless steel. Dentist use this dental elevator during surgical procedures. The instrument's triangular blade functions according to the wedge principle. The blade is attached to a rod, which when inserted into the patient's mouth, produces traction on the tooth surface. This procedure lifts and separates tissue from the teeth before other instruments are used.

These dental elevators are used to extract fragments of fractured alveolar bone, impacted third molars, or impacted canines. These can luxate teeth or roots by being placed into the small crevices between the root and bone, their narrow working ends. Dental elevators are used to remove impacted wisdom teeth, or for a surgical access point in oral surgery. Root elevators differ from dental extractors in that they are used when the tooth is not deeply embedded into the bone, or if it is only partially so.

Working Principle of Dental Elevator

There are three working principles of dental elevator, which are help to use.

  • Lever Principle: This is the most commonly used principle with dental elevators using the Lever principle. The lever principle has three basic components such as fulcrum, effort and load. The dental elevator is the first class lever. The fall is positioned between the effort and the pressure and is also the first component.
  • Wedge Principle: The dental elevator is pushed into the space between the root and the bone parallel to the long axis of the root under the wedge principle. Force is applied at the base of the plane, which turns this resistance into force in the slant side.
  • Wheel and Axel Principle: This principle is one of most the aggressive of the three principles, the force is applied to the perimeter of the wheel which turns the axle to raise the the tooth. The Wheel and Axle principle is most useful for those involved with the use crossbar root elevators, who hook u the space between the root and the bone, the lever is perpendicular to the shaft that becomes twisted.

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Buyer's guide and FAQs about Dental elevator.

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