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Dental mirrors are used to see the inside of your teeth. The mouth mirror is also helpful in cleaning and polishing your teeth. The dental mirror provides a clear view of the patient's teeth and allows the dentist to make precise adjustments to the dental work being performed. Dental mirror use to monitor the health of teeth, gums and jawbone. They are also used to detect tooth decay and cavities. A dental mirror can give a dentist an idea of the shape of teeth, which can lead to misdiagnosis in some cases.

Dental mirrors are available in a variety of materials and sizes. Most of the dentist used to diagnose of patient teeth with dental mirror with LED light or disposal mouth mirror. Dental mirror is an important part of dental care. They can be used to check for cavities, plaque build-up and tartar. Dental mirrors are available in a variety of materials on the market, including plastic dental mirror, stainless steel dental mirror and rhodium coated mouth mirror.

Main Functions of Dental Mirror

  • Indirect Vision: It is impossible to see directly in several places inside the mouth. Dental professionals can observe particular areas where sight is difficult by using a small Dental Mirror. In the absence of a mouth mirror dental, a dentist would have to stoop over, which could cause postural issues. One of the most typical locations for the usage of a magnifying dental mirror is the lingual surfaces of the anterior maxillary teeth.
  • Retraction: To improve visibility and accessibility for apparatus, dentists must retract the surrounding tissue, such as the tongue and cheek. Retraction of the tongue and cheek is easier to do and more practical when using a disposable dental mirrors. Since the double sided dental mirror is smooth, the patient won't experience any irritation during retraction.
  • Light Reflection: There are several areas of the mouth that are challenging to light. Some intricate and deep portions of the oral cavity are illuminated using a dental mirror, which reflects light from the dental chairs. In some cases, additional lighting might be needed to illuminate specific areas of the mouth. This can be achieved by placing a small light source on the tooth or in the oral cavity using a professional dental mirror.

Types of Dental Mirror based on reflecting surface of the dental mirror: 

  • Concave Mouth Mirror: A concave dental mirror has an inward-curving reflective surface that faces away from the light source. Light is reflected inward by concave mirrors to a single focus point. Unlike convex mirrors, a concave dental mirror's created image exhibits a variety of picture types based on the object's distance from the mirror. The dentist may see the mouth more clearly by using a concave mirror in the dentist, which also refracts some light. As a result, the picture in the mirror is bigger, brighter, and simpler to view for the dentist. The fact that the image in mouth mirror use in not inverted is another benefits of employing one.
  • Front Surface Dental Mirror: A dental mirror which has its reflecting surface at the first or front surface (in respect to the path of light) is termed a first surface or front surface dental mirror. The earliest magnifying mouth mirrors of highly polished bronze were first or front surface dental mirror mirrors. In this type of oral mirror the specular reflection is recorded by a single layer or coating of silver (by mercury in its sulphide state, called quicksilver), and this is deposited on the first surface (or front surface) of the glass.
  • Rear Surface Mouth Mirror: Rear surface dental mirror is a type of dental mirror that is placed on the back of your teeth. It provides a view of your teeth in the same way that a front surface dental mirror does, but it is positioned at the back of your mouth. This type of dental inspection mirror is often used by dentists to check for cavities and other problems with your teeth. Rear surface smart dental mirrors are narrow and micro dental mirror, as they have to fit between your teeth. They also vary in length so that they can be used on both the upper and lower teeth.

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