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Dialysis Machine Description:

Dialysis is a procedure in which an artificial kidney or dialyzer is used to cleanse your blood using a dialysis machine and a specific filter and the machine which used in the procedure is called a hemodialysis machine. The doctor must access or enter your blood vessels to enter your blood into the dialyzer. This access is done with a minor operation, usually in the arm.

  • If your doctor prescribed a blood thinner in combination with your treatment, it will be added to keep your blood from clotting while it's in the machine.
  • To maintain the correct flow rate the pressure monitor and pump work together.
  • Your blood flows into a dialysis machine, where it is filtrated.
  • The solution of dialysate enters the dialyzer. It extracts waste from your blood.
  • The dialysis solution is pumped and discarded from the machine.
  • Your blood passes through a different pressure monitor and air trap to make sure you are safe for your body.
  • Through the second tube attached to your access site, your cleansed blood returns to your body.

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Dialysis MachinePrice in INR
B BRAUN Dialog+ Hemodialysis Machine
B BRAUN Diapact CRRT Dialysis Machine
Fresenius Hemodialysis Machine, Model: 4008s
Fresenius Dialysis Machine 5008S₹1,540,000.00
Nipro Diamax Brand New Dialysis Machine

Use of Dialysis Machine:

The dialysis is mixed and monitored by the dialysis equipment. Dialysate is a fluid that helps remove unwanted waste products from the bloodstream. It also aids in the replenishment of electrolytes and minerals in your body. The device also monitors your blood flow when it is outside of your body.

Parts of Dialysis Machine:

Below are the main parts of a hemodialysis machine:-

  • Monitor
  • Blood Pressure Cuff
  • Extracorporeal Blood Circuit Module
  • Concentrate Connectors
  • Brake
  • Shunt Interlock for the dialyzer Connecting Lines
  • IV Pole
  • Status Indicator
  • Dialysate outlet and inlet tube
  • Disinfection Connector
  • Filter
  • CDS Option
  • Drain
  • Water Connector
  • Vent Tubing
  • Power Supply Unit
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Product Dimension (mm)1370 x 500 x 650 Product Weight86 Kg Screen Size (Diagonal)10.4 Inch
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1,250,000.00 889,900.00
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ColorWhite Product Weight85 Kg AC input voltage100 - 240 V
1,579,000.00 1,540,000.00
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ColorGrey Product Weight125 Kg
679,000.00 660,000.00
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689,000.00 671,000.00
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ColorWHITE Product Weight45 Kg
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Product Dimension (mm)1750 x 550 x 600 Product Weight100 Kg Screen Size (Diagonal)10.4 Inch Inch AC input voltage100/120//230/240 V AC
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Product Dimension (mm)280 x 420 x 1365 Product Weight72 Kg AC input voltage230 V/AC 110 V ±10%
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Product Dimension (mm)400 X 435 X 1350 Product Weight110 Kg AC input voltage230 V
Product Videos
B. Braun's Dialog+® Machine Set Up and Prime

B. Braun's Dialog+® Machine Set Up and Prime

In this video, you will learn how to set up B Braun Dialog Plus Dialysis Machine. You will also learn how to use this bbraun dialog dialysis machine. Dialog hemodialysis machine is so easy to use it gives you more time to spend with your patients.

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