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Description for Dissecting Microscope

A stereo dissecting microscope is a type of compound microscope that is used to magnify small objects. The stereo zoom microscope has two eyepieces and two objectives, which allows the user to see three-dimensional images. The magnification power of a stereo microscope is usually lower than that of a compound microscope, but it provides a wider field of view and a greater depth of field. A dissecting microscope uses two eyepieces and two objectives. These dissection microscopes have high-quality optics and a variety of features that allow for precise examination of specimens. The dissecting microscopes are an essential tool for entomologists, who use them to study the anatomy of insects. A dissection microscope has a series of features that make it a valuable tool for entomologists. These features include a variety of high-quality lenses, illumination, and an adjustable stage that allows the user to manipulate the specimen. The top-quality optics allow for accurate examination of specimens. 

Uses of Dissecting Microscope

There are various use of dissecting microscope.

  • Dissecting microscope also used for microsurgery in hospitals.
  • Fossils are cleaned and examined using it in paleontology.
  • Dissecting microscope also used in biological research purposes.
  • This microscope used in entomology for study on insects.
  • It used to study flowers and other plant structures in botany.
  • Additionally, it is used in pathological laboratories to check for infections.

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Advantages of Dissecting Microscope

  • A 3D picture of the specimen is produced.
  • A stereo microscope is lightweight and portable.
  • A stereo microscope can be used to view the entire specimen.
  • An image can be recorded or captured using the digital camera used in stereo microscopes.

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