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Description of Dr. Morepen Stethoscope

Dr. Morepen is a well-known brand that makes medical products, including stethoscopes. Their stethoscope is used by doctors, nurses, and medical students to listen to heartbeats and lung sounds. It is made with strong materials like stainless steel and flexible tubing, which make it durable. The Dr. morepen stethoscope has two parts – a bell for low sounds and a diaphragm for higher sounds. It is very accurate in amplifying sounds and has comfortable earpieces. Dr. Morepen stethoscopes are trusted by healthcare professionals because they are reliable and made to high standards. There are different models to choose from, with features like adjustable springs and interchangeable parts.

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Dr. Morepen Stethoscope Price List

Best Models of Morepen StethoscopePrice List
Dr. Morepen ST01 Grey Acoustic Stethoscope Price ₹ 550 – 630
Dr. Morepen ST03 Dual Head Stethoscope Price₹ 570 – 650
Dr. Morepen ST01A Professionals Deluxe Stethoscope Price₹ 290 – 350
Dr. Morepen St-05 Stethoscope₹ 2,150 – 2,250

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How Many Models of Dr. Morepen Stethoscope are there?

  • Dr. Morepen ST03 Dual Head Stethoscope:

The Dr. morepen ST03 dual head stethoscope is a crucial medical device that helps doctors listen to the sounds inside your body. It has a metal part on top with a special part called a diaphragm that makes the sounds clear. The tube is made of a strong material called PVC and it doesn't have any bumps, so the sound stays clear too. The stethoscope has two parts that the doctor can use - one looks like a round shape and the other is flat. The round one is good for low sounds like heart murmurs, and the flat one can hear high and low sounds. This morepen stethoscope price is very affordable at our online medical equipment marketplace.

  • Dr. Morepen ST05 Cardiac Stethoscope:

This morepen stethoscope is a special medical product that helps doctors and nurses listen to the heart and check for heart problems. It has cool features like rings that keep patients comfortable by preventing a cold feeling on their skin. The stethoscope also has a strong spring inside that makes sounds travel better, so healthcare professionals can hear the heart very clearly. It has a small part that goes on the chest and fits nicely in the hand, helping doctors focus on specific areas and listen carefully to the heart. We offer the lowest Dr. Morepen stethoscope price for doctors, hospitals, clinics, and more.

  • Morepen ST01 Stethoscope:

This Morepen stethoscope is a reliable tool for doctors and nurses to listen to the sounds inside your body. This stethoscope is made with strong PVC material that doesn't easily break and helps the sounds travel clearly. It also has a special coating on the earpieces that reduces unwanted noise and makes it more comfortable to wear.

Dr. Morepen ST01 Grey Acoustic Stethoscope
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Dr. Morepen ST03 Dual Head Stethoscope
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