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Description of ECG Paper

ECG Paper is used to record the waves of an ECG machine while doing the electrocardiograph process. Since not all ECG machines are the same, the ECG paper for them varies. 3types of ECG papers that are z fold, a4 size, and ECG roll, are available in the market. the type and size of ECG paper, that is used in ECG machines totally depend on the inbuilt ECG printer. Generally, ECG paper rolls are required for 3 channel and 6 channel ECG machine. A4 sizes ECG paper and z fold ECG paper is used in 12 channel ECG machine. There are different sizes are available in the market of ECG paper and ECG roll according to the model of the ECG machine. ECG Paper Roll is an important part of electrocardiography.

Types of ECG Paper

All ECG machines now have a temperature-sensitive dot-matrix printer built-in. The ECG report is printed on temperature-sensitive ECG graph paper in almost all ECG machines. The size of the ECG report paper is determined by the size of the printer and the number of channels that can be priced at the same time.

ECG Paper Types :

  • Rolled Thermal Sensitive Recording Paper
  • Z Folded Thermal Sensitive Recording Paper

Rolled thermal sensitive recording paper - It is an ECG paper roll for ECG machines, these ECG paper rolls come in various sizes according to the ECG machine's printer.

for example;

Z folded thermal sensitive recording paper - It is also an ECG paper but it is different from the paper roll because it folds in Z-shape, mostly 12 channel ECG machines use z folded ECG paper.

for example;

ECG paper Size :

Here we are listing some most popular sizes in demand for an ECG machine. All ECG paper roll sizes are available at our online medical product store.

ECG Machine TypesPaper Size (mm)
Single-channel ECG Machine50 mm, 60 mm
3 Channel ECG Machine80 mm, 90 mm
6 channel ECG Machine100 mm, 104 mm, 110 mm
12 Channel ECG Machine210 mm, 215 mm, 216 mm
Folded paper 12 Channel140×210 mm, 210x280mm, 297mm×210 mm

Some Other ECG Paper Roll Sizes As Per The Brands & Models

Product NameSize
ECG Paper for BPL 108T DIGI50mm x 20mtr
BPL ECG Paper roll 6108T50mm x 20mtr
BPL paper roll Cardiart GenX1 58mm x 20mtr
ECG Paper for 6208 view80mmx20mtr
GE Mac 600 ECG Paper80mm x 20mtr
ECG Paper For BPL 8108110mm x 140mm
BPL Cardiart 9108 ECG paper 297mm x 210mm
Edan SE 1201 ECG Paper215 x 280mm
ECG Paper For Bionet cardiocare210mm x 20mtr

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ECG Paper BPL 9108D Z Fold 150 Sheets ( Size 210mm X 140 mm X 150sheets )
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Mindray Beneheart R12 ECG Paper (Pack of 10), Paper Type - Z fold
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ECG Paper Roll 80mm x 20m For RMS Vesta301/BPL6208/Comen CM300/contec 300g
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ECG Paper Roll (50mm)
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ECG Paper Roll (60mm)
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BPL 9108 ECG Paper, Z Fold (Set of 10 Packets, Each with 100 Sheets) - Original Paper
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EKG paper roll for Clarity100H (106mm x 20 meter)
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ECG printing paper, BPL Genx1 ECG Paper, 58mm x 20meter (Pack of 10 Roll)
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ECG Paper 110mm x 20m For Contec 600G ECG Machine/ SP100 Spirometer/ Philips TC 10 (Pack of 10)
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BPL ECG Roll For 6208 (80mm x 20m) - 9 Rolls
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blank ECG paper - 50mm
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