EEG Cap Electrode

EEG CAP  Electrode :-

An electroencephalogram, or EEG, is a test that records electrical brain activity using small, metal electrodes that are attached to your head, and is used to diagnose diseases. These electrodes call EEG CAP electrode. The communication between brain cells used by your brain is active all the time, whether you are asleep or awake. Electrodes record patterns of the brain, and the data is sent to one of the computer's data feeds.

Types of  EEG Cap :-

1) Passive eeg cap :-  Passive electrodes are usually made of silver chloride and often have a wire connected to each electrode. These electrodes are applied to the scalp with the help of a conductive gel or paste, usually after preparing the scalp area by light abrasions to reduce the electrode-scalp impedance.

2) Active egg cap :- The actiCAP active electrode system makes it easier to adjust the output impedance. This new system also reduces the amount of time required to prepare subjects for the EEG recording process.
The sensors are composed of high-quality Ag/AgCl (sinter) and perfect to acquire DC. "Active" circuits enable high-transition (up to 500KOhm) recording and minimise ambient noise, electrical effects interference or movement artefacts thanks to the incorporation of active protection.
This technology significantly improves the signal-to-noise ratio even without minimising abrasive impedance and additional cleaning of the skin using alcohol or cleaning products.
The different colour LEDs which are integrated in the electrode housing indicate the quality into how the electrode transition resistance works. Threshold values (red, yellow, green) and additional functions can be programmed using the provided actiCAP Control Software and displayed on the computer screen. 

3) Dry eeg cap :- Dryelectrod consist of a single metal, which acts as a conductor between the skin and the electrode. Usually, this material is made of stainless steel. 

4) Sponge (R-NET) eeg cap :- R-NET electrode system consists of sponges and passive Ag/AgCl electrodes which are held in place with a durable and flexible net. Thanks to the gel-free application, it allows rapid preparation and high recording flexibility, which is advantageous, e.g. in time-limited EEG recording situations. Providing an optimised solution for these applications, the new R-Net complements our other active and passive, gel-based and dry electrode systems.
The R-Net electrode system is available in configurations of 32, 64, 96 and 128 channels (maximum number depending on the amplifier used) and in three different adult sizes (small, medium, large).
The R-Net electrode system can be used with ActiCHAmp plus, LiveAmp and BrainAmp hardware.

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