What is Enamel Hatchet?

It is a dental hand device with a single cutting edge that is parallel to the blade's axis. A dental enamel hatchet is a type of dental instrument used to prepare a tooth for a dental restoration. It is a small hand-held instrument with a thin, sharp blade that is designed to remove decayed or damaged enamel from the tooth.

The enamel hatchet dental instrument is typically used after a dental drill or bur has been used to remove the bulk of the decayed tooth structure.

Features of Enamel Hatchet

Dental enamel hatchets are dental instruments used by dentists to prepare teeth for restorations, such as fillings and crowns. The features of dental enamel hatchets include:

Blade shape: The blade of a dental enamel hatchet is shaped like a hatchet, with a curved cutting edge and a flat back. This shape allows the dentist to remove and shape enamel with precision.

Blade size: Dental enamel hatchets come in various sizes, with larger blades used for removing larger amounts of enamel and smaller blades used for more precise work.

Handle: The handle of a dental enamel hatchet is typically made of stainless steel or other durable materials and is designed to provide a comfortable grip for the dentist.

Light Weight: The enamel hatchet is light weighted enabling the doctor to carry out the process easily.

Function of Enamel Hatchet

Some of the basic functions of enamel hatchet dental instrument are mentioned below:

  • Eliminating unsupported enamel
  • Smoothing cavity walls
  • Eliminating caries-weakened tooth structure
  • Sharpening line and point angles

How to use Enamel Hatchet

Here are the general steps to use an enamel hatchet in dentistry:

  • Choose the appropriate dental enamel hatchet based on the tooth being treated and the specific procedure.
  • Hold the dental enamel hatchet in a pen-like grip, with your fingers resting lightly on the instrument's handle.
  • Position the hatchet's blade at the angle required for the specific procedure.
  • Make small, controlled cuts using a gentle rocking motion, taking care to avoid damaging the adjacent tooth structure.
  • Repeat the process, as necessary, until the desired shape and contour of the dental enamel has been achieved.
  • After use, clean the dental enamel hatchet thoroughly with an appropriate cleaning solution and sterilize it using an autoclave or other sterilization method before using it again.

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