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Dental H files are used in endodontics procedure to recapping, cleaning and shaping of root canal, it's also known as headstrom files. The cross-section of the endo h file is round. Due to the screw thread's design, the headstrom files offer a powerful cutting force and great efficiency. Dental H files are made for vertical movement only, not rotating movement, because it is simple to damage the root canal wall. Dental H file is a type of metal alloy used to create dental bridges and other dental structures. H files are made from a number of different metals, such as titanium, aluminum, and stainless steel, and their shapes vary depending on the application. Endodontic H files are the most common type of dental restoration used to remove decay and inflammation from teeth. Files are custom-made to fit the contours of a tooth and gradually wear down the tooth enamel until it is removed. 

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H Files from the best BrandsPrice Range
Dentsply H FilesINR 500 - INR 1500
Mani H FilesINR 300 - INR 1200
Neoendo H FilesINR 300 - INR 1500
Densafe H FilesINR 200 - INR 1200
Endostar H FilesINR 300 - INR 1000

You can buy H files online for hospitals, clinics, nursing home and more at wholesale price. We’ve put together a buyer’s guide and FAQ below to help you choose the best endodontics h files within your budget price.

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  • Dentsply H Files: The Dentsply H files has a range of perfect endo H files with the best feature twisting and bending must exceed specified value of our standard, shank Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT), and more.
  • Mani H Files: Mani Dental H Files is one of the top-selling H files, the reason is its high quality products at budget friendly cost. Mani headstrom file is much popular between doctors, hospitals, clinics, nursing home, and other health care organization. 
  • Densafe H File: Densafe is a well-known brand of H Files. Their endo H file are top-selling dental h file in India. With ergonomically designed handle, a complete and comprehensive range, the silicone stop marker identifies the tip's direction in the root canal and more features they become one of the top choice of Doctor's, hospitals, and other medical organization.

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ORO Stainless Steel H File
Save 23%
250.00 192.00
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1,200.00 1,100.00
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Prime Pedo Stainless Steel Assort H File -  2% 18MM | Pack of 6
Save 28%
550.00 398.00
Save 25%
250.00 188.00
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Save 57%
465.00 201.00
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In stock
Medicept Dental H Files | Pack of 6
Save 51%
450.00 220.00
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Save 31%
250.00 173.00
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In stock
Dentex Stainless Steel H Hand File | Pack of 6 Files
Save 25%
220.00 166.00
Save 50%
350.00 174.00
Out of stock
Out of stock
Diadent Stainless Steel H Files
Save 48%
400.00 207.00
Out of stock

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