ENT (Ear Nose Throat)

About ENT Equipments

ENT(Ear, Nose and Throat) equipments are the medical devices used for the diagnosis and treatment of disorders and diseases related to the ear, nose, and throat. These devices and instruments can include tools for examining the ear canal, nasal cavity, and throat. ENT equipment include devices for measuring hearing acuity, evaluating the function of the eardrum, and treating sinusitis. The ENT equipment plays a critical role in helping ENT specialists provide accurate diagnoses and effective treatments for their patients.

What does ENT Equipment includes?

ENT(Ear, Nose and Throat) equipments includes many devices.Some of those are mentioned below:

  1. Otoscope- A handheld device with a light and magnifying lens used to examine the ear canal and eardrum.
  2. Dermatoscope- A hand-held visual aid device used by doctors to examine and diagonose skin related diseases. It can also help a person examine the scalp, hair, and nails.
  3. Nasal speculum- An instrument used to hold open the nostrils to allow for better visualization of the nasal cavity.
  4. Laryngoscope- A tool used to examine the larynx (voice box) and throat.
  5. Audiometer- A machine used to measure hearing acuity and assess the severity of hearing loss.
  6. Tympanometer- A device used to measure the pressure in the middle ear and evaluate the function of the eardrum.
  7. OAE Machine- The OAE (otoacoustic emissions) machine is a diagnostic tool used to test hearing in newborns and young children. 

Features of ENT Equipments:

ENT equipment can vary in features depending on the specific device or instrument. However, some common features of ENT equipment may include:

  • Portability - Many ENT devices are handheld and portable, allowing for easy transport between exam rooms or clinics.
  • High-resolution imaging- Devices such as endoscopes and otoscopes may feature high-resolution imaging capabilities to provide clear, detailed images of the ear, nose, and throat.
  • Adjustable light sources- Devices that require illumination, such as otoscopes and laryngoscopes, may feature adjustable light sources to allow for optimal visualization of the examination area.
  • Ergonomic design- ENT equipment is often designed with the user's comfort and ease of use in mind, with features such as lightweight construction, comfortable grips, and intuitive controls.
  • Compatibility with accessories- Many ENT devices can be used with a variety of accessories, such as different-sized specula for otoscopes or endoscope sheaths for endoscopes, to accommodate different patient needs.

Functions of ENT Equipments:


Otoscope is an aid in examining and visualising the eardrum and ear canal health. It is used to detect various traumatic changes within the outer and the middle ear. The otoscope typically consists of a light source and a small cone-shaped tip that is inserted into the ear canal. The light source illuminates the ear canal, while the tip magnifies the view and provides a clear image of the eardrum.


Dermatoscope provides a magnified view of skin lesions, allowing the healthcare professional to assess the lesion's morphology and color. The dermatoscope typically consists of a light source and a magnifying lens that is placed directly on the skin lesion. It can be used by professionals to identify various skin conditions, such as melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, and squamous cell carcinoma.

Nasal speculum

It is a two-bvladed instrument that is implanted in ther nostrils and let the health professionals to look inside the nose. With the aid of a nasal speculum, a doctor can perform surgeries or diagnose diseases by making the nose's opening larger.


The primary function of a laryngoscope is to provide a clear view of the larynx and vocal cords, allowing the healthcare professional to assess their function and identify any abnormalities. The laryngoscope consists of a handle and a blade that is inserted into the patient's mouth and positioned at the back of the throat. The blade provides a direct line of sight to the larynx and vocal cords, while a light source illuminates the area for optimal visualization.


It is used to evaluate the hearing threshold of an individual on an individual basis. An audiologist uses special audiometric testing techniques, including an audiometer, to determine the threshold of hearing for a person, and identifies and quantifies their degree of hearing loss.


Tympanometer is used to measure the movement of the eardrum in response to changes in air pressure. The tympanometer works by introducing a small amount of air pressure into the ear canal while simultaneously measuring the movement of the eardrum. This test, known as tympanometry, allows healthcare professionals to determine how well the middle ear is functioning and identify any abnormalities.

OAE Machine

OAE machine measures the sounds generated by the cochlea in response to a stimulus, which can help identify hearing loss or other auditory problems in infants. The screener consists of a small probe that is placed in the ear canal of the children. The probe emits a sound signal into the ear and measures the response from the cochlea. The response is recorded and analyzed by the screener to determine if the cochlea is functioning properly.

Price Ranges of ENT Equipments:

Equipment NamePrice Range
OtoscopeINR 19K to INR 40K
DermatoscopeINR 35K to INR 97.5K
Nasal speculumINR 35K to INR 97.5K
LaryngoscopeINR 80K to INR 1.3 Lakh
AudiometerINR 47K to INR 2.6Lakhs
TympanometerINR 1.6Lakhs to INR 4.1Lakhs
OAE MachineINR 2.5Lakhs to INR 3.2Lakhs

Best Brands in ENT Equipments:



Nasal speculum-


OAE Machine-

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