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Lowest ETO Sterilizer Price at Hospital Store:

At Hospital Store, we take pleasure in having the most economical ETO machine prices while continuing to meet the demands of hospitals, doctors, and other users. We are dedicated to offering quality ETO sterilization machine from renowned brands such as Steri Techno, Axis, 3M and many others. We also offer a Price Match Guarantee for these reputable brands to support our offerings.

Price of ETO Sterilizer:

Depending on the intended use, design and brand, an ETO machine price might vary significantly. The cost of ETO sterilizer varies from INR 1 lakh to INR 4 lakh.

What is an ETO Sterilizer?

Ethylene Oxide (ETO) sterilization is a type of sterilization method which is widely in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector. This mechanism is used to disinfect material and product, including medical devices, instruments which are not compatible with other types of sterilization.

Ethylene Oxide (also known as EO or EtO), is a colorless gas which requires proper care in handling due to its flammable and explosive properties. Utilizing EO for sterilization is a low temperature procedure. The vacuum-based operating system of EO sterilizer allows it to easily disinfect medical equipment by effectively penetrating its small crevices.

There are four main factors that affect ethylene oxide sterilization:

  • Concentration of gas
  • Temperature
  • Moisture
  • Time
Types of ETO Sterilizer:

There are different types of ETO Sterilizers, each having specific features and applications.

  • Batch sterilizers: These are the most conventional type of sterilizer utilized for batch processes. It is appropriate for a small to medium size load of material to be sterilized.
  • Continuous ETO Sterilizers: This kind of sterilizer is ideal for large volume sterilization operation. A conveyor system is used to load items and move them constantly through the sterilization process. For large-scale production, continuous EO sterilizer is more effective and minimizes downtime.
  • Table-top ETO sterilizers: As the name indicates, these sterilizers are tabletop devices that take up less space. Because of their compact design, they are useful in sterilizing small-size materials. It is commonly used in dental clinics and hospitals as dental sterilizers.  
  • Low temperature sterilizers: This sterilizer is helpful for heat-sensitive material. Time duration to achieve effective sterilization is usually long as compared to other type of ETO sterilizer. It is utilized in hospital and healthcare sector. 
Key features of ETO sterilizer:
  • Sterilization process: The sterilization process commonly conducted in specialized ETO chamber or ETO Sterilizer. The chamber is filled with items that need to be sterilized, and under carefully controlled circumstances, ETO gas is introduced.
  • Gas properties: Since it is an alkylating agent, it interferes to cellular metabolism and reproductive activities of microbial organism. Moreover, it has excellent penetration properties which makes it suitable to sterilize medical devices.
  • Material compatibility: There's no excessive heat, moisture, or radiation is used to sterilize materials while using EO. As a result, EO can sterilize a wide range of materials, especially polymeric components frequently seen in medical devices.
  • Product Packaging: Due to the fact that EO will penetrate the closed films and cartons used to package the device, products can be sterilized in their final packing. 
Purchase Best Autoclave from top brands at Hospital Store:

1. 3M ETO Sterilizer: 3M is a well-known manufacturer of a wide range of medical equipment, including ETO sterilizer. Ethylene oxide sterilizer produced by 3M allows you to monitor and trace cycle operation. If the temperature exceeds the desired level while the cycle is being maintained by continuous temperature monitoring, 3M EO Sterilizer immediately turns off. To satisfy the requirements, 3M 5XL and 3M 8XL ETO Sterilizer could be a great option.

Key features of 3M ethylene oxide sterilizer:

  • With relative humidity monitor.
  • Built-in aeration begins automatically after sterilization and reduces potential for EO exposure.
  • Constant vacuum for operator safety.
  • No CFCs or HCFCs mean a low temperature sterilization system that's compatible with the environment.
  • Low cost per cycle offers cost-effective means of low temperature sterilization.
  • Cleared for use with single- or dual-channel rigid and flexible scopes, with no restrictions on the length or inner diameter of endoscope channels

2. Steri Techno ETO Sterilizer: Steri techno is a leading manufacturer of various kinds of sterilization equipment, including ETO sterilizer and autoclave sterilizer for hospitals, surgical disposables industries and food processing industries globally. Their products are widely admired because of top performance and affordable prices. Selecting Steri Techno STF Double Wall ETO Sterilizer could serve as an ideal solution tailored to your precise needs. This model is specially designed for laparoscopy, endoscopy and other surgery use which highly recommendable for surgeon doctor and hospitals.

Key features of Steri Techno ETO Sterilizer:

  • Chamber is prepared from stainless steel 316 grade material. Machine can operate with triple mode either with 100 % EO Cartridge or with different mixtures of EO with CO2 or with EO cylinder.
  • Pre-Requisite sequence phases are defined to run the cycle in automated mode.
  • Pre-Sterilization phases define to create proper condition for sterilization.(i.e. Humidity & Temperature)
  • Post-sterilization phases are defined to remove residual gas from the material (Aeration).
  • Five user defined cycles are available including Cold & Warm cycles.
  • Interlocks at different stages are available to provide safety. It will ensure proper parameters are maintained during the sterilization cycle.
  • Fully-automatic with touch screen HMI & data recording, PLC based automatic & Semi-automatic models are available.

3. Pernix ETO Sterilizer: Pernix is a well established manufacturer that produces a wide range of sterilizers, including table-top sterilizers, ethylene oxide gas sterilizers etc. Selecting Pernix table-top ETO Sterilizer could be an excellent choice to accommodate small-volume sterilization operation.

Key features of Pernix ETO Sterilizer:

  • Dependable PLC controlled electric device provides accuracy
  • On-line printer for continuous monitoring by operator
  • Touch Screen HMI
  • Built-in Aeration Cycle: Aeration is carried out at the end of the cycle inside the chamber itself
  • Operates on 100% ETO cartridges.
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