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Description For Stair Climbing Wheelchair

A Stair climbing wheelchair is used for the patient who is unable to walk or climb stairs by himself. Through stair climbing chair, a disabled person can climb the stairs easily. There are two types of climbing wheelchair are available in the market. The one is manual stair climbing wheelchair and the second one is an electric stair climbing wheelchair.

The safe evacuation of a wheelchair user can only be done by using evacuation equipment i.e. electric wheelchair for stairs or evacuation wheelchair. In general evacuation wheelchair can be divided into evacuation in seated position or evacuation in lying position. So evacuation wheelchair (evac chairs) or evacuation mattresses. With both methods you can evacuate vertically as well as horizontally.

Horizontal evacuation means moving away from the hazardous area to a safer place on the same floor (another fire compartment). This type of climbing chair for stairs may be necessary in situations where the person cannot use exit stairs to reach the outside and must remain on a certain floor until assistance arrives (e.g. Hospitals).

Vertical evacuation means evacuating to a floor on a lower level (in most cases). Elevators may not be used during an emergency situation. Use of automatic stair climbing wheelchair is advised in situations like these.

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Niscomed Wheelchair StairsINR 16,241/-
Evacuation Chair (KI-237)INR 25,643/-
EVAC 901 Steps Climbing WheelchairContact Us For Price

Choose Stair Climbing Wheelchair Online From Best Brands Available:

Niscomed Wheelchair Stairs: This Stair Chair is a premium quality surgeon chair. This Evacuation chair is manufactured by using quality assured material and advanced techniques, which make them up to the standard in this highly challenging field. You can use this stair climbing chair for patients who are unable to walk.

EVAC 901 Steps Climbing Wheelchair: The Mobilize EVAC-CHAIR Emergency Evacuation Chair enables evacuation of less mobile persons in emergency situations. The chair hasthe ability to easily and smoothly transfer a person down a flight of stairs with only a single operator. The chair is designed to provide security to a user when being moved and is fitted with a forehead restraint, safety buckles, and a slingstyle seat that ensures the user is sat back in the chair and cannot be tipped forward. The Emergency Evacuation Chair's wheels aresupported by specially designed friction belts that ensure the chair does not slip or accelerate too rapidly while descending a flight ofstairs. The distribution of the chair's weight and load also ensure that the descent is smooth and comfortable for both the user and also the operator.

Spencher Portable Stair Climbing Wheelchair: Stair Stretcher is the stair descent chair designed for transfer of patients during rescue operations, transport and evacuation and it presents a considerable number of completely new features. Lightness, dynamism and resistance are the prin­cipal qualities of this highly technological product. Stair Stretcher also offers op­timal patient comfort, It moves with ease & its slides have variable geometry and patented pre-tensioners which enable descent with safety; the frame adapts to any surface type. All levers on Eva are distinguished by their colour red which is an additional help for the operator. Stair Stretcher reduces the time needed for rescue, being equipped with both central locking and an intuitive, hand activated breaking system which allows simul­taneous blocking of the rear wheels. The integrated ergonomic headrest, the belts with retractors the extended footrest and the predisposition for legrest, cylinder holder and IV holder make her unique

Bestseller in Stair Climbing Wheelchair

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Niscomed Stair Climbing Chair
Save 22%
24,000.00 18,800.00
In stock
Product Weight5 Kg
Save 28%
35,616.00 25,643.52
Thadani EVAC 902 Premium Evacuation Chair
Free shipping
Save 18%
75,000.00 61,500.00
Thadani EVAC 901 Stair Chair
Save 11%
48,000.00 42,600.00
In stock
Stair Stretcher Evacuation Chair
Save 26%
25,000.00 18,500.00
In stock
ColorBlue Product Dimension (mm)70 x 52 x 91 cm Product Weight8 Kg
Save 28%
35,616.00 25,643.52
Save 46%
25,000.00 13,495.00
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In stock
Contact us for a price
In stock
Product Dimension (mm)70 x 52 x 91 cm Product Weight8 Kg
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Product Dimension (mm) 69 x 51 x 91 (cm) Product Weight10 Kg
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