Evox Wheelchair

Evox Wheelchair:

Evox Wheelchair is ultimate mobility solution for those seeking to stay active, independent and stylish. This state-of-the-art evox wheelchair offers premium comfort with its adjustable seat height, backrest and armrests. The wheelchair features ergonomic design to ensure a smooth ride on any terrain type, while its lightweight frame makes it easy to maneuver around indoors or outdoors. Plus, high performance wheels provide effortless operation over obstacles and rough surfaces. Experience greater mobility and freedom with Evox Wheelchair. This innovative evox wheelchair provides an intuitive, ergonomic design to make your daily lives easier. With adjustable reclining support, you can find comfort for longer use. The lightweight construction makes it the ideal chair for travel - simply fold and go. Plus, the adjustable footplate angles provide superior stability when moving from place to place. 

Evox Wheelchair is a revolutionary new way to experience mobility. The Evox Wheelchair provides the highest level of comfort and ease of use while delivering an unbeatable combination of power, speed, and agility. Its innovative design allows users to quickly pivot in any direction with seamless control and maneuverability. 

Evox Wheelchair Features:
  • The Evox Wheelchair is a high-quality, heavy-duty device that's designed to allow users to move around with ease and comfort. 
  • It features an adjustable backrest, anti-tip wheels, 24" drive wheels, and a lightweight aluminum frame. 
  • The evox wheelchair can accommodate up to 300 lbs., providing extra stability and safety while in use. 
  • It also has adjustable armrests, foot rests, and seat height for ultimate customization. 
  • The Evox Wheelchair is ideal for those who need more support than usual due to medical conditions or physical disabilities. 
  • Its comfortable design and durable construction make it the perfect solution for anyone looking for mobility support. 
  • With its reliable performance and convenience features, this wheelchair ensures maximum comfort and independence for users of all sizes.
  • The Evox Wheelchair features adjustable armrests, an ergonomic seat cushion and back, and a flip back footrest for added support. 
  • Its frame is built from lightweight aluminum, offering superior maneuverability and durability. 
  • The height-adjustable push handles give users more control over their wheelchairs while the adjustable suspension system helps reduce vibration and improve ride quality. 
  • Additionally, it comes with a foldable frame that makes it easy to transport and store. 
  • With its superior design, the Evox Wheelchair offers customers greater independence, comfort, and convenience. 
  • Furthermore, this wheelchair has undergone rigorous testing to ensure safety standards are met in order to provide customers with peace of mind regarding their mobility needs.

Different types of evox wheelchair:

There are many types of evox wheelchair, and it's important to know which one best suits your needs when shopping for one. Here's a quick reference guide to the various types of evox wheelchair available.

Evox electric wheelchair: The evox wheelchair is a revolutionary product designed to make life easier for users. This power wheelchair offers an ergonomic design, adjustable settings and a powerful motor that can reach speeds of up to 7.5 miles per hour. With the ability to go up to 20 miles on a single charge, it is ideal for those who need mobility assistance for extended periods of time. Other features include footrests and armrests, adjustable seat height and angle, along with independent suspension and tilt adjustment. These features provide maximum comfort and stability when driving. The evox electric wheelchair also includes an integrated display panel that allows users to customize their experience by controlling speed, direction, and other functions. Additionally, the lightweight frame makes it easy to transport while still providing the support needed for its users. This product provides numerous advantages and benefits that will make it popular among those in need of mobility assistance.

Evox power wheelchair: The evox power wheelchair is an innovative product designed to give users maximum mobility and safety. Evox wheelchair features a lightweight, heavy-duty aluminum frame with a modern design that can hold up to 350 pounds. It also has adjustable armrests and footrests for personalized comfort. The adjustable controller with easy-to-use switches allows the user to maneuver around tight corners with ease. Safety features such as automatic brakes, rear wheel locks and anti-tip wheels provide added stability and protection while in use. For additional convenience, the evox power wheelchair is equipped with an adjustable seat that can be raised or lowered as needed, making it ideal for those who need extra support when standing up or sitting down. With its intuitive design and powerful capabilities, the evox power wheelchair offers users an ergonomic solution for increased mobility and independence.

Choose best evox wheelchair brands online :

If evox wheelchair online shopping is on your mind, then look no further than Hospitals Store to browse through the best brands like these:

Evox WC-101 Power Wheelchair: This Evox Wheelchair is an ideal choice for those looking for a reliable, long-lasting, and comfortable mobility solution. This wheelchair has a durable frame design with adjustable armrests and leg rests for added comfort. The powerful motor allows users to move up to five miles per hour with the help of its two 12v batteries. The joystick controller is easy to use and provides precise control over the wheelchair's direction and speed. The evox wheelchair also features adjustable footplates to accommodate different user heights and comes with a built-in basket for convenient storage. With its superior design and features, the Evox WC-101 Power Wheelchair is sure to meet your mobility needs while providing maximum comfort. This lightweight and compact wheelchair offers superior maneuverability, with a top speed of up to 5mph. The ergonomic control system makes it easy to operate, while the adjustable seating and backrest ensure comfortable positioning. With its quality construction and durable design, the Evox WC-101 Power Wheelchair is a great option for those looking for an affordable and reliable power wheelchair.

Evox WC-102ME Power Wheelchair: This Evox Wheelchair is an exceptional example of how technology can provide a safe and comfortable experience for users. This power wheelchair provides superior maneuverability with its midwheel drive system; this makes it easy to turn and navigate tight spaces. The evox wheelchair also offers adjustable seat heights, backrests, footrests, and armrests, so users can find the perfect fit regardless of their size. These features are coupled with a powerful motor that can support up to 250 lbs., allowing users to go over uneven terrain without worrying about losing stability or control. Additionally, the evox wheelchair has a wide range of safety features such as anti-tippers and parking brakes to make sure users stay safe during their journey. All these features make the Evox WC-102 Power Wheelchair an ideal choice for those who need mobility assistance while still maintaining independence.

Evox WC-104 Reclining Electric Wheelchair: The Evox WC-104 Power Wheelchair is an excellent choice for those who need a reliable and comfortable form of transportation. This evox wheelchair is highly maneuverable and has a great turning radius, making it easy to navigate tight spaces. With its adjustable seat height and backrest, the evox wheelchair users with maximum comfort while they are on the move. The wheelchair also offers superior stability due to its large front casters which provide optimal traction. In addition, the evox wheelchair has a sleek design and lightweight frame which makes it easy to store and transport. It also includes an array of adjustable features such as a joystick control, adjustable arm rests, and adjustable footrests that can be customized to suit individual needs. The Evox WC-104 Power Wheelchair is an excellent choice for those looking for reliable performance combined with comfort and convenience.

Evox WC-105 Electric Wheelchair: The Evox Wheelchair is an advanced mobility device designed to provide the ultimate comfort and convenience. It features a highly adjustable ergonomic seat, two independent motors for smooth motion and directional stability, and a joystick controller for easy maneuverability. The evox wheelchair also has shock-absorbing caster wheels for maximum safety and durability. With a lightweight frame and adjustable armrests, the chair easily folds up for compact storage and transport. The Evox Wheelchair offers superior comfort, maneuverability, and durability, making it perfect for those who need to stay mobile in their everyday lives. It provides users with greater independence and freedom of movement, allowing them to do more in less time. The WC-105's range of features makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking for an advanced power wheelchair that can offer reliable performance and long lasting comfort.

Evox WC-107 Electric Wheelchair: The Evox Wheelchair is the perfect choice for people who require reliable and comfortable mobility assistance. This high quality electric wheelchair has a modern design, superior performance, and sleek look that make it an attractive choice. The wheelchair features adjustable speed control, a powerful motor, and advanced safety features such as anti-tip wheels and seat belts to provide enhanced safety while on the go. With its foldable frame and lightweight construction, the Evox Wheelchair is easy to transport and store. Furthermore, the ergonomic seating system ensures maximum comfort while using the wheelchair. Finally, its customizable options allow users to personalize their wheelchair to their needs and preferences so they can experience higher levels of freedom and independence.

S.N.Evox WheelchairPrice Range
1.Evox WC-101 Power Wheelchair44,800-46,000
2.Evox WC-104 Reclining Electric Wheelchair84,800-90,000
3.Evox WC-102ME Power Wheelchair44,800-47,000

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Evox WC-101

Evox WC-101

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