Feeding Bag Description

A feeding bag is used for the patients who are unable to eat food on their own or critical patients. These are specially designed with 1L and 1.2L capacity for feeding purpose. 1L or 1.2L capacity feeding bag can be connected to the patient’s nasogastric tube for easy feeding to them. Gastrostomy bag can also be used for feeding purpose. 

The feeding bag for patients comes with an ice pouch for keeping the food fresh for longer time. The medical feeding bags come with a hanger for easy feeding. Hospitals Store sale good quality feeding bag for patients that are manufactured by using only best quality raw material and latest machinery. 

Feeding is a crucial part of patient care in critical cases to feed. The easiest way to buy feeding tube bags is online. At Hospitals Store, there are several branded feeding bags available in different Sizes like 500ML, 1L, 1.2L  etc.  

Top Picks of Nasogastric Bag

Polymed Feeding Bag:

  • gastrostomy feeding bag made for gastro-intestinal feeding in adult, paediatric and neonatal cases
  • A transfer set is directly connected to the gastrostomy bag for easy feeding
  • On the rear side of the bag an ice pouch is provided to keep the food for longer intervals of time
  • A hanger is provided with nasogastric bag for easy handling
  • Smooth roller clamp facilitates easy , safe control and adjustment of flow rate
  • Bag capacity : 1200 ML

Fresenius Amika feeding Bag: 

The fresenius amika feeding Bag is a one time use feeding bag to be used with Amika feeding pumps. 

  •   Integrated clamping technology clamp 
  •   Built in hanger 
  •   Large top fill opening 
  •   Drip chamber 
  •  T-Piece for syringe access 

Buy nasogastric bag from The Best Brands Online at Hospitals store

romsons feeding bag: romsons feeding bag are lightweight gastrostomy feeding bag sets with a large capacity of 1 L and 1.2 L. The bag is ideal to administer nutrition to patients through tube feeding without an enteral feeding pump. These bags rely on gravity that helps transfer formula from the bag to the patient.

fresenius kabi feeding bag: It is a feeding bag for patient that comes with an ice pouch which is provided with the bag for keeping the food fresh for longer period. A transfer set is directly connected to the gastrostomy feeding bag for easy feeding. A roller controller is with the gastrostomy feeding bag provided to control the flow at which food is going to the patient.

Polymed feeding bag: Their medical feeding bags are made with the best quality raw material, and it is suitable for  adult, paediatric and neonatal cases.


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