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Guedel Airway Description:

A guedel airway is also known by various names like; oropharyngeal airway, oral airway, guedel pattern airway, airway adjunct, mouth gag airway, oropharyngeal tube, etc. This is a mouth airway tube system that helps to open patients' airways so that they can breathe. A guedel oropharyngeal airway prevents the epiglottis from becoming covered by the tongue, Which can stop a person from breathing.

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Sizes of Guedel Airways:

There are many oropharyngeal airway sizes available in the market. For every size and what to use oropharyngeal airway for, there is a colour coding. Here, we are listing a chart of different-different oral airway sizes:

Oropharyngeal Airway Sizes For Pediatrics:

CodeColourSizeCan Use For
1Black60mmSmall Child

Oropharyngeal Airway Sizes For Adults:

CodeColourSizeCan Use For
3Green80mmSmall Adult
4Yellow90mmMed Adult
5Red100mmLarge Adult
6Orange110mmX-Large Adult

How to use:

Oropharyngeal Airway Indications:

Guedel airway insertion is a careful process. You have to select op airway sizes first as per the patient. After that, you need to insert the oropharyngeal airway adjunct into the patient's mouth upside down. The oropharyngeal airway tube can move on 180 degrees.

For children and infants, you have to be more careful. You can use a tongue depressor to hold the tongue to make oropharyngeal airway insertion easier for children.

Remove the oral airway devices when the patient re-establishes their swallow reflex and is able to defend their own airway.

Buyer's guide and FAQs about Guedel airway.

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