Halogen OT Light

Description of Halogen OT light 

A Halogen OT light is a medical device intended to assist medical personnel during a surgical procedure by illuminating a local area or cavity of the patient. A combination of several examination lights is often referred to as "Halogen OT light". A Halogen OT light can be installed at a fixed point on the ceiling of a medical room. 

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Best Brand Of Halogen OT light Price Range
ACME Halogen OT light INR 31,347.00 - INR 50,000.00
Surgix Halogen OT light INR 13,676.00 - INR 25,000.00
Mediplus Halogen OT lightINR 108,999.000 - INR 120,000.00

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Surgix OT Light Mobile 14" Halogen
Save 39%
22,352.96 13,676.32
In stock
ACME 1104 Ceiling Shadow less Operating Light
Save 27%
42,739.20 31,342.08
O.T Light Mobile Halogen Spring Balance 20" - 4 Ref.
Save 30%
61,259.52 42,739.20
O.T Light Ceiling  Halogen 19" - Single Reflector
Save 30%
66,958.08 47,013.12
O.T Light Ceiling  Halogen TWIN (1+1)
Save 30%
142,464.00 99,724.80
In stock
O.T Light Ceiling  Halogen 28" Dome -4 Reflectors
Save 30%
76,930.56 54,136.32
O.T Light Ceiling  Halogen 28" Dome -7 Reflectors
Save 24%
108,272.64 82,629.12
O.T Light Mobile Halogen Spring Balance 19" Single
Save 39%
62,684.16 38,465.28
ACME 1103 Ceiling Shadow less Operating Light
Save 18%
45,000.00 37,000.00
Reflectors Dichroic glass of 6.5" dia
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