What is Hernia Mesh ?

Hernia mesh or surgery mesh is a medical device used to support damaged tissue around hernias as it heals. In hernia mesh surgery, the surgeon place the mesh used in hernia around the hernia, with the help of stitches, staples or adhesive. Pores in hernia mesh allow tissue to grow into the devices. This process is also known as hernia repair with mesh. The most common product used to make hernia mesh is polypropylene hernia mesh. 

Hernia mesh is typically created using flexible materials, such as plastic or metal, and it is available in various shapes and sizes. Certain mesh varieties are absorbable, meaning that your body gradually breaks them down and absorbs them. On the other hand, some surgical hernia meshes are non-absorbable and remain in your body permanently.

Hernia mesh product includes:

  • Hernia Patch - These are designed to go over or under the weakened or damaged tissue.
  • Hernia Plug- These Fit inside the hole in the tissue.
  • Hernia sheet- Can be custom cut and fitted for the patient’s specific hernia.

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ProductPrice Range
Covidien Parietex Optimised Skin Hernia Mesh40,488.00
Ethicon Ultrapro Partially Absorbable Lightweight Hernia Mesh17,388.00
Sutures India Trulene Lapromesh Polypropelene Surgical Mesh6,070.00
Covidien Parietex Progrip Self Fixating Hernia Mesh4,378.00

You can buy the best hernia mesh price for your hospital, laboratory, nursing homes, and clinic at the affordable prices, only on Hospitals Store. So we've put together a buyer's guide and FAQs below to help you choose the right top-rated surgical hernia mesh according to your need, as well as hernia mesh cost in your budget.

Types of Mesh for Hernia Repair:

  • Absorbable mesh-Their Hernia Mesh degrades and loses strength over time. It is not used to provide long-term reinforcement to the repaired hernia. “As the material degrades, new tissue growth is intended to provide strength to the repair.
  • Non-Absorbable Mesh-Their Hernia Mesh is a permanent implant. It remains in the body indefinitely. Non-absorbable mesh is supposed to provide lasting reinforcement to the repair site.
  • Synthetic Hernia Mesh-Hernia mesh made of synthetic materials come in woven or non-woven sheets. The synthetic materials can be absorbable, non-absorbable, or a combination of both. The most popular types of surgical mesh are made from polypropylene – a synthetic plastic.
  • Composite Mesh-At the least one hernia repair technique can leave mesh in contact with the intestines. This can cause the intestines to adhere to the mesh, which can result in severe complications. 
  • Animal–Derived Mesh-Their Hernia Mesh is made of animal tissue, such as intestine or skin, that has been processed and disinfected to be suitable for use as an implanted device. These animal-derived mesh are absorbable. 

Buy Hernia Mesh From Best Brand 

Here is a brief overview of each brand's hernia mesh product:

  1. Ethicon Hernia Mesh: Ethicon is a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson and is one of the most popular brands in hernia mesh products. They offer a range of meshes suitable for different types of hernias, including inguinal and ventral hernias. Ethicon's mesh products are designed to provide long-term durability and minimize the risk of complications.
  2. G Surgiwear Hernia Mesh: G Surgiwear is an Indian company that specializes in surgical products. Their hernia net products are made of high-quality materials that are designed to provide optimal strength and support. G Surgiwear's meshes are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate different types of hernias.
  3. Medtronic Hernia Mesh: Medtronic is a global healthcare company that offers a range of medical devices and products, including hernia mesh. Their hernia mesh products are designed to provide optimal strength and support while minimizing the risk of complications. Medtronic's meshes are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate different types of hernias.
  4. Sutures India Hernia Mesh: Sutures India is an Indian company that offers a range of medical devices and products, including hernia mesh. Their hernia mesh products are made of high-quality materials that are designed to provide optimal strength and support. Sutures India's meshes are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate different types of hernias.

Branded Hernia Mesh Price List:

Best Hernia Mesh Brand PricePrice Range
Ethicon Hernia Mesh₹9,000.00 – ₹25,000.00
G Surgiwear Hernia Mesh₹2,500.00 – ₹18,000.00
Medtronic Hernia Mesh₹4,000.00 – ₹30,000.00
Sutures India Hernia Mesh₹4,000.00 – ₹16,000.00

Choose Top-Selling Hernia Mesh Online From Best Brands Available:

  • Covidien Parietex Skin Hernia Mesh: This hernia mesh is one of the top-selling hernia net with better visibility and increased strength, promotes rapid abdominal wall integration, proven performance of original PCO, PCOx is the next generation of parietex composite mesh. Its price ranges between INR 23K- INR 1.25 lakh, vary on the size.
  • Ethicon Prolene Polypropylene Hernia Mesh: With the best reviews for high-quality, perfect for surgery, this hernia mesh is the best mesh for hernia surgery that come with knitted polypropylene monofilament, made of Polypropylene material and is non-absorbable. Its price ranges between INR 3.5K – 9.5k depend on the size.
  • Sutures India Trulene Macropore Surgical Mesh: This hernia mesh comes with the integrated and flexible scar plate, mimics physiology of the abdominal wall, improves quality of life, enhanced tissue proliferation.

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Buyer's guide and FAQs about Hernia mesh.

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44,000.00 40,488.00
Size20 x 15 cm
Ethicon Prolene Polypropylene Hernia Mesh, Size: 7.6 x 15 cm - Box of 6
Save 32%
13,800.00 9,339.00
Size7.6 x 15 cm - Box of 6
25,000.00 23,100.00
In stock
Size12 cm
8,500.00 7,764.00
Size15 x 10 cm
30,900.00 28,310.00
Size15 x 10 cm
Covidien ProTack Fixation Device
Save 28%
26,500.00 19,096.00
In stock
Covidien Surgipro Flat Mesh - 7.5 X 12.5 cm
Save 11%
5,480.00 4,904.00
In stock
Size7.5 x 12.5 cm
4,690.00 4,378.00
Size12 x 8 cm
Sutures India Hernia Suture Kit
Save 41%
7,500.00 4,434.00
In stock
18,500.00 17,388.00
Sutures India Trulene Lapromesh Polypropelene Surgical Mesh
Save 30%
8,650.00 6,070.00
Sutures India Trulene Macropore Surgical Mesh
Save 25%
9,180.00 6,889.00
2,780.00 2,515.00
In stock
Contact us for a price
In stock
Covidien Parietex Progrip Self Gripping Mesh - 15 X 15 cm
Save 14%
6,500.00 5,585.00
Choose Size15 cm X 15 cm
Ethicon Ultrapro Hernia System
Save 32%
19,400.00 13,143.00

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