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Description For Hospital Bed Matress

Hospital Matress is also known as Medical Matress which is used on a hospital bed for patients that are not as comfortable as your home bed mattress. Medical Matress is totally different from the beddings we use at home. They are planned to remember the immovability of the edges and the thickness as well as the security worries of the patients. Most hospital matress is composed of one or more of the following: foam, innerspring coils, air, or gel. A regular mattress isn't designed to bed along with an adjustable bed platform. A Medicated Matress is also more hygienic and is designed to be easily cleaned and sanitized. People who need a Medical bed Matress are at risk of developing pressure ulcers. An appropriate mattress distributes weight evenly, preventing and treating pressure ulcers. It is vital to clean patient mattress appropriately. You can expand the existence of your bedding with customary sanitizing and washing. Continuously recall that you are utilizing the best synthetic substances to clean your emergency clinic bedding. Try not to utilize profoundly thought arrangements since it might harm the texture.

Things to Consider Before Buying Hospital Bed Matress are:

  • Size – The Standard hospital bed mattress size is 36″ Wide and 80″ Length but some mattresses are also can be extended to 84 inches. You have to remember that size of the hospital mattress should be longer than the patient’s height and easily fits on the bed.
  • Flexibility – It should be flexible and not be broken after bed adjustment because many hospital beds come with the adjustable position so, for such beds, adjustable mattresses are highly considered.
  • User mobility – If a patient spends more hours in bed then a foam mattress is a good option.

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Types Of Hospital Bed Mattress:

There are many types of Patient Mattress available in the market but you have to choose according to your needs.

  • Foam Mattress: A foam mattress used in hospitals is of higher density such as 32, 40 density. They are treated with antimicrobial technology. The material covering the mattress is generally rexine or plastic to ensure waterproofing. The cover material is FR fabric that is Fire Retardant. Hospital foam mattresses can be plain or come with 2 or 4 sections providing foldability.
  • Alternate Pressure Pads and Pump: Hospital Matresses are based on alternating pressure pads and a pumping system. The air output is 6-8L/min and pressure ranges from 30mmHg and 100 mmHg. The cover material is either Nylon or PU covered.
  • Air Jet Mattress: These Patient Bed mattress have small holes on the surface to reduce humidity level, foul air, and microbial growth. The air output in an air-jet mattress is 3.5-4L/min and pressure ranges from 50mmHg and 90mmHg. The cover material used is PVC.

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