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Medical beds come with various features and budgets to suit your professional needs, such as fowler, non-fowler, electric, or non-electric, utilized in different departments like General ward, ICU, or ambulance. Accordingly, the price of a hospital bed also varies.

At the Hospital Store, there is a wide selection of beds designed to meet the specific needs of doctors, hospitals, and clinics. Our selection includes general, fowler, electric, and non-electric hospital beds.

About Hospital Beds:

These beds are specially designed to provide necessary support, safety, and comfort to patients while facilitating effective care by healthcare providers. From their early static designs to the highly advanced smart beds of today, hospital beds have continuously evolved to meet the changing needs of patients and caregivers. You can adjust the hospital bed, including the head and foot sections separately, for various positions that can aid in patient treatment, recovery, and daily comfort.

A hospital bed comes with head, foot, and side railings/panels, which make it safer compared to any home bed.

Different Types of Hospital Beds:

There are several types of hospital beds, categorized based on their function, like semi-fowler or fully fowler. After that, you can categorize them based on battery backup, like manual or electric. After that, you can categorize them based on specialty, like ICU bed, General or Simple bed, pediatric bed. Basically, there are three types of beds, and by adding more features, you can categorize them into more types. For example, a fowler bed without power is a manual or non-electric bed, while with hydraulic power, it is an electric medical bed.

General Hospital Bed:

As the name suggests, these are basic beds designed to provide comfort, safety, and basic functionality for patients in general hospital wards.

Fowler Hospital Bed

Dr. George Ryerson Fowler gave the concept of semi-seating in hospital beds before this, only flat beds were used. These beds, a basic of modern medical beds, come with adjustable positions. They come with adjustable head and foot sections, and some advanced models with height adjustability. They can be manual or electric. In manual, you have to use cranks associated with the bed to adjust positions of the bed, while in Electric, you can operate it with a remote control.

Specialty Hospital Bed:

These beds are one kind of Fowler bed but designed with specific features like electric adjustments, more bed movements, and more. For example, ICU Bed, pediatric bed, hospital bed for home use, and more.

Parts of a Hospital Bed:

A basic or simple bed consists of a base frame, foot, and head frame. While a fully advanced hospital bed can have multiple parts:

A hospital bed is a complex piece of medical equipment designed to provide comfort, support, and necessary medical functions for patients. Here are the main parts of a hospital bed and their functions:

1. Hospital Bed Frame:

Base Frame:

The main structure that supports the mattress and all other components. It is usually made of SS or MS metal, which provides it durability and stability. The frame can be in a static design or in multiple adjustable sections like head, foot, knee, back sections. These sections can be adjusted to elevate the patient’s head, foot, knee, and back positions to provide comfort to the patient.

Headboard and Footboard:

These are located at the ends of the medical bed, providing support and often containing control panels for adjusting the bed’s position.

2. Mattress:

Hospital bed mattresses are typically made of foam or a combination of materials designed to provide support and comfort while reducing the risk of pressure ulcers. They are available in different sizes like 2mm, 3mm, and more.

3. Side Railings and ABS Panels:

Side railings or Side ABS panels add safety features for patients, which helps to prevent patients from falling out of bed.

4. Wheels:

Casters or wheels in a medical bed add mobility which allows the bed to be easily moved for cleaning, repositioning, or transport within the hospital.

5. Bed Height Adjuster:

With the help of this, you can raise and lower the whole bed. It allows patients to get in and out of bed. It also helps healthcare providers to perform medical procedures easily.

6. Cranks and Remotes for Controlling the bed:

Cranks are used to adjust the position of the bed manually. While with a remote, which consists of buttons or touchpads, you can adjust the position of the hospital bed with just pressing one button. The remote system is found in only electric hospital beds.

7. Extra Accessories Add-ons:

Hospital Beds can be customized with add-ons like IV Poles, Over bed Hospital tables, buckets, and more.

Understanding the Movement of a Hospital Bed:

Hospital beds come with multiple movements like:


With this movement, the whole hospital bed can be raised up and down.

Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg:

A tilt position. With Trendelenburg movement, the head tilts lower than the feet. And In reverse Trendelenburg, the bed tilts to the feet side. Means the head’s position goes upper side and feet’s lower side.

Back Rest:

In this position, the head part of the bed will move up to down.

Knee Rest:

Elevates or lowers the knee area of the bed.

Understanding the pricing of a Hospital Bed:

The cost of a hospital bed varies between ₹ 8000 to ₹ 3 lakh depending upon multiple factors like types, features like material, side support, the function of the bed.

A simple bed varies between ₹ 8000 to ₹ 13000.

A Semi Fowler bed price ranges between ₹ 13000 to ₹ 15000. 

A Fully Fowler bed price ranges between ₹ 16000 to ₹ 56000.

Electric Hospital bed price ranges between ₹ 45k to ₹ 3 lakh.

Hospital Bed ModelsPrice
Surgix Five Functions Electric I.C.U Bed
INR 242,188
Sigma fully Electric Hi- Low ICU Patient Bed Royal
INR 172,381
Dr Diaz ICU BED White And Blue
INR 85,668
Sigma Hi- Low ICU Patient Bed Manual Super RoyalINR 81,917
Mediplus MPI-1036 LDR Motorised Operation TableINR 74,999
Fowler Bed Motorized ABS Panels & Slide RailingINR 62,684
Hi-Low ICCU Bed manual Super DeluxeINR 54,849
Mediguard Hospital Fowler Bed (ABS Panels)INR 36,999
ACME 1010 Fowler Bed GeneralINR 16,560
ACME 1013 Simple Hospital Attendant BedINR 6,210

Price According to types:

Hospital Bed TypesPrice Range
Electric hospital bed 
₹ 40K- ₹ 2 Lakh
Simple hospital bed ₹ 8K - ₹ 25K
Orthopedic bed₹ 20K- ₹ 80K
Manual hospital bed 
₹ 40K- ₹ 2 Lakh
Fowler bed₹ 40K - ₹ 2.5 Lakh


Q1: What is a hospital bed called?

Ans: A hospital bed or hospital cot is a bed specially designed for hospitalized patients.

Q2: What is a general bed in hospital?

Ans: The General bed is a basic bed in the hospitals which comes with standard height and width.

Q3: What size is a medical hospital bed?

Ans: The standard size of a medical bed is, 2030 × 900 × 500 mm.

Q4: Are hospital beds adjustable?

Ans: Yes, There are many hospital beds still offer adjustable reclining positions.

Q5: Are hospital beds comfortable?

Ans: Yes, The hospital bed mattress is made from therapeutic foam that's both comfortable and strong.

Q6: What are the different features of a hospital bed?

Ans: These beds come equipped with features, such as side rails and Anti-decubitus technologies.

Q7: What is the price of a hospital bed?

Ans: Hospital Bed Price starts from INR 5k to INR 3 Lakh depending on types, brands. 

ACME folding simple hospital bed for patients cum chair, Material: M.S.
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25,400.00 12,300.00
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ACME 1007 Hospital Fowler Bed (ABS Panels) - Backrest, knee Rest
Save 22%
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24,925.00 19,320.00
ACME 1001 ICU Electric Bed ABS Panel & ABS Side Railings
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154,900.00 113,000.00
General Semi Fowler Hospital Bed
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20,590.00 12,785.00
ACME 1013 Simple Hospital Attendant Bed
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ACME 1002 Electric Fowler Bed, ABS Panel & ABS Side Railing
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Mediguard Regular Semi Fowler Hospital Bed
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20,590.00 11,999.00
ACME 1006 Hospital Semi Fowler Bed
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35,990.00 27,600.00
Sigma full fowler bed, with Trendelenburg & knee-back rest
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112,547.00 78,071.00
Mediguard Hospital Fowler Bed (ABS Panels) - Backrest, knee Rest | Fowler Bed With Collapsible side Railing
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ACME 1012 Plain Hospital Bed
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ACME1005 Semi Fowler Bed with Side Rails(Collapsible)
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50,426.00 40,020.00
Sigma Full Fowler Hospital Bed
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92,602.00 45,161.00
Allisco Fowler Manual Bed with ABS Panels and ABS Railings Hospital
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35,990.00 24,150.00
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Allisco Plain Bed General Hospital
Save 35%
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8,500.00 5,520.00
ACME 1004 Mechanical ICU Patient Bed  ABS Panels & ABS Side Railing
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67,124.00 52,440.00
Sigma fully Electric Hi- Low ICU Patient Bed Royal
Save 23%
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222,956.16 172,381.44
ACME 1014 Pediatric Hospital Bed
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17,599.00 11,730.00
Baby Cradle on Stand
Save 28%
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7,123.00 5,128.00
Allisco Full Fowler Manual Bed General
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19,580.00 11,730.00
ACME 1003 Electric Semi Fowler Bed
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56,949.00 38,640.00
Surgix Semi fowler bed with mattress, High-low, TB/RTB Positions
Save 27%
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112,547.00 82,629.00
ACME 1008 Fowler Bed (S.S Bows) - Backrest, Knee rest Positions
Save 19%
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22,246.00 17,940.00
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