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Hospitals store offers a big product range of stretcher at wholesale price. This category's product range includes "Scoop stretcher, ambulance stretcher, basket stretcher, medical stretcher, folding stretcher, portable stretcher, emergency stretcher, rescue stretcher, wheeled stretcher, etc". At Hospital Store, we know that your reasons for choosing a medical stretcher are unique to you. That's why, with the widest range, convenient shopping options, affordable price, we make sure that you always find what’s perfect for you. Buy a human stretcher online with us, and we will dispatch it the same day or the next day, and before they are dispatched for delivery, all products sourced by us are quality tested. To ensure the safe and timely delivery of dispatched stretchers or any medical product, we have partnered with reputable courier companies because for us your overall experience of online shopping is as important as the quality of the products. Shop online with all over India free shipping* option. Multiple payment options.

Looking for a new Stretcher in Hyderabad ? Hospitals Store is a good place to consider one. There are a wide variety of options available for Stretcher, and you can find great offer and deals in Hyderabad.

Stretchers are one of the most important equipment used in hospitals, clinics and doctors and some application by patients.  We have more than 161 products available online for Stretcher which are deliverable at Hyderabad. They are brand new and comes packed in original packing.

When shopping for a Stretcher, be sure to consider your needs, model and budget. You'll also must consider to check about brands, features, delivery time and payment terms.

But which one is the best place to buy a Stretcher?

Here are some things to keep in mind when you're shopping for a Stretcher in Hyderabad location.

You can explore Stretcher category to learn more about different models and brands which are available in stock. We have more than 161 nos. Stretcher models available for delivery in Hyderabad.

In Hyderabad, there are many places to buy a Stretcher. You can find them in medical stores, local dealers, and distributors. But you will get lower price at Hospitals Store as compare to above places.

Because, at Hospitals Store there are plenty of options to choose from wide range of Stretcher, and we have many partners who deliver at Hyderabad.  and you can find some great deals for Stretcher in Hyderabad location.

Keep reading or call to our executive to learn more about buying for a Stretcher in Hyderabad location.

If you're looking for a Stretcher in Hyderabad, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, you'll need to decide which type of Stretcher you want. Once you've decided which type of Stretcher is best for you.

Secondly, you need to choose a brand and model that meet your requirements. 

While some models may cost more, as they are branded and they often last longer and have more features and more after sales service centre than other brands. They also tend to be more reliable.

And now third, it's time to finalize your price budget range according to above selected model that meets your requirement.

We have more than 161 products available for Hyderabad location. Stretcher price range is ₹379.00 to ₹94,026.00.

161 Nos. Stretcher are available for delivery in Hyderabad location.

MaterialStainless Steel ColorMulticolor Loading Capacity120 kg Product Dimension (mm)1900x560x900
Save 51%
9,800.00 4,800.00
In stock
Product Weight7.5 Kg
Save 28%
7,500.00 5,400.00
In stock
Save 32%
18,500.00 12,500.00
PolesAluminum Loading Capacity140 kg Product Weight10 Kg
Save 31%
18,000.00 12,400.00
Save 24%
55,000.00 41,600.00
Save 38%
9,500.00 5,900.00
In stock
Hospital Furniture Size6 Feet Pole MaterialCanvas
Wellton Healthcare Scoop Stretcher, Aluminium
Save 31%
18,500.00 12,800.00
MaterialAluminium ColorSilver Loading Capacity159 kg Product Dimension (mm)168x43x7 cm Product Weight9 Kg
31,000.00 28,190.00
Product Weight7 Kg
Elite Plus Folding Stretcher Four Fold 6 Feet
Save 39%
10,500.00 6,450.00
MaterialAluminium Pole MaterialAluminium ColorOrange Loading Capacity159 kg Product Dimension (mm)215 x 55 x 14cm
Navkar Ambulance Emergency Stretcher - Autoloader
Save 15%
49,000.00 41,500.00
Save 41%
9,500.00 5,600.00
In stock
Product Dimension (mm)2100mm X 600mm X 110mm Product Weight7 Kg
ACME 2004 Stretcher Trolley General Design
Save 50%
28,065.00 14,132.00
Product Weight13 Kg
Save 60%
15,400.00 6,150.00
In stock
In stock
MaterialAluminium Pole MaterialAluminum PolesAluminum Product Weight46 Kg AC input voltage100 - 240 V
22,000.00 16,800.00
ColorOrange Loading Capacity150 kg
31,000.00 28,190.00
Pole MaterialPlastic ColorYellow Loading Capacity159 kg Product Dimension (mm)120x44x9cm Product Weight8.5 Kg
45,000.00 41,700.00
Product Dimension (mm)190x54x90cm
Sigma SS Patient Stretcher Trolley Super Royal
Save 40%
77,073.00 46,301.00
Product Dimension (mm)2130mm x 610mm x 812mm. Product Weight18 Kg
Surgihub Spine Board, Plastic
Save 48%
12,800.00 6,600.00
In stock
KI-238 Spine Board Stretcher
Save 37%
12,500.00 7,890.00
Save 16%
47,000.00 39,650.00
In stock
Product Weight30.00 Kg
Free shipping
Save 12%
39,000.00 34,450.00
In stock
Fold Stretcher TypeSingle MaterialAluminium Alloy Loading Capacity159 kg Material Aluminum
Child Short Spine Board
Save 38%
10,900.00 6,800.00
In stock
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How to use Scoop Stretcher

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