ICU Ventilator: Our a wide range of ICU Ventilator Machines with models Hamilton C1, Philips Trilogy EV300, AirSync ATS1200, Mindray SV300, Max Neo ICU Ventilator and more.

We have ICU ventilator machine from top Manufacturer such as Hamimlton, Philips healthcare, Drager, Max and more at wholesale price. Furthermore, we provide a 100% genuine ICU respirator machine that comes in original manufacturer packing. We at Hospital store offers a big product range of ICU ventilators, and we are one of top preferred choice in a variety of care industries including home care and Medical industry including hospitals, clinics, Doctor's offices, Pharma Companies and clinical research organizations to buy ICU ventilator machine. Here below are products.

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Lowest ICU Ventilator Price at Hospital Store:

At Hospital Store, we take pride in offering the lowest ICU Ventilator prices, catering to the needs of doctors, hospitals, and more. We are committed to providing high-quality ICU Ventilator Machine from top brands, including Philips, Hamilton, Drager, Air Liquide, and many more. In addition, we back our offerings with a Price Match Guarantee for these trusted brands.

Ventilator Price Range:

The price of ICU ventilator machine can vary significantly, depending on the type and brand. ICU Ventilator Machine Price Ranges between In INR 3 lakh to INR 22 lakh. 

Detailed ICU Ventilator Price List:

For your convenience, we have categorized our ICU Ventilator machine prices based on brands. Below, you will find a detailed price list:

Best Brand ICU Ventilator PricePrice Range
Philips Respironics ICU VentilatorINR 3 lakh – INR 18 lakh
Hamilton ICU Ventilator PriceINR 3 lakh – INR 15 lakh
Drager ICU Ventilator PriceINR 3.5 lakh – INR 14 lakh
BPL ICU Ventilator PriceINR 3 lakh – INR 12 lakh
Mindray ICU VentilatorINR 3.5 lakh – INR 14 lakh
Noccarc ICU Ventilator PriceINR 2.5 lakh – INR 8 lakh
Medisys ICU Ventilator PriceINR 3 lakh – INR 10 lakh

What is an ICU Ventilator?

ICU Ventilator (Intensive Care Ventilator) is a critical care equipment used in hospitals to help patients who are unable to breathe comfortably without any help. It helps patients breathe by pumping air into their lungs to inhale and exhale. ICU ventilator machine make sure controller delivery of breathing gases (Air and Oxygen) to the patient to maintain their body functions. These machines are used to treat patients suffering from conditions including pneumonia, breathing ill, brain injury and stroke. ICU respirators typically have microprocessor control, support a variety of ventilation modes, and can initiate ventilation in response to a variety of triggers, including pressure electrical signals from the patient's body, and others.

Buy ICU Ventilator from Best Brands at Online

  • Philips ICU Ventilator: Philips, a globally recognized name in the healthcare industry, offers a wide range of medical equipments, including Defibrillator machine, Patient monitor, ECG machine, Ventilator, and more. Their ICU ventilator machine product range includes Philips Trilogy EV300, Philips V680 ICU Ventilator, and more for hospitals, Medical colleges, Clinics and more. The price of Philips ICU Machine ranges from INR 3 lakh to INR 18 lakh.
  • Hamilton ICU Ventilator Machine: Hamilton ventilator offers a wide range of ICU ventilator such as Hamilton C1 Ventilator, Hamilton G5 ICU Ventilator, and more with superb features such as high flow oxygen therapy, large view display, Real time waveforms, Continue monitoring, Event log, and more. We offer the lowest Hamilton ICU machine price for hospitals, clinics, and more.
  • Drager ICU Ventilator: Drager medical ICU machines are built to extraordinary high standards. Their ICU ventilators come with the latest respiratory therapies needed for intensive medical care – so patients can receive safe, individualized treatment. Drager offers a wide range of ICU ventilator machine with extraordinary features. Price of Drager ICU ventilator machine is very affordable at our online medical equipment marketplace “Hospital Store”. 
  • BPL ICU Ventilator: BPL Medical, a popular Indian brand, specializes in the manufacturing of various medical equipment, including ICU Ventilator Machine. 
    BPL ICU machine's product range covers BPL Prisma Vent 40BPL Prisma Vent 50-C, etc. ensuring there's an ICU respirator suitable for your requirement. Moreover, BPL is known for delivering high-quality medical equipment at budget-friendly prices. The price range for BPL ICU Ventilator Machine falls between INR 3 lakh to INR 12 lakh.
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