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At Hospital Store, we take pride in offering the lowest Instrument sterilizers prices, catering to the needs of doctors, hospitals, and more. We are committed to providing high-quality Instrument sterilizers from top brands, including Denext, Aar Kay, and many more. In addition, we back our offerings with a Price Match Guarantee for these trusted brands.

Instrument sterilizers Price Range:

The cost of an Instrument sterilizers can vary significantly, depending on the brand, models and applications. Instrument sterilizers Price Ranges between In INR 1500 to INR 4,000. 

Detailed Instrument sterilizers Price List:

For your convenience, we have categorized our Instrument sterilizers prices based on brands and types. Below, you will find a detailed price list:

Instrument Sterilizer ModelsInstrument Sterilizer Price List
Electric Instrument Sterilizer, SS, Size-10 inchINR 1000 to INR 2000
Electric Instrument Sterilizer, SS, Size-12 inchINR 1000 to INR 2000
Denext Dental BoilerINR 1200 to INR 2000
Electric Instrument Sterilizer, SS, Size-18 inchINR 2900 to INR 3100
Sterilizer Electric SS SEAMLESSINR 2800 to INR 3000

*Please note that prices are subject to change and may vary based on additional features and specifications.

What is an Instrument Sterilizer?

Instrument sterilizers are essential devices used in situations where an autoclave is not readily available. These sterilizers play a crucial role in cleaning and sterilizing various medical instruments, including dressings drum, medical equipment and devices. They are typically constructed using seamless stainless steel and come equipped with hinged lids, immersion rods, and water outlet taps for efficient operation.

The primary purpose of the sterilization process is to eliminate or inactive all microbial organisms, ensuring that the sterilized instruments are safe for use in medical procedures. Depending on the specific requirements, various sterilization methods such as steam heat sterilization, ethylene oxide gas sterilization (ETO sterilization), or chemical sterilization may be employed.

Instrument sterilizers are indispensable for maintaining the sterility of objects used in surgical and medical applications, encompassing instruments, catheters, flow probes, electrodes, and even fluids required for flushing or injection. These sterilizers are designed to be user-friendly, boasting quick cycle times and minimal downtime, making the reprocessing of instruments a seamless process.

What sets surgical instrument sterilizers apart is their high efficiency and utilization of advanced technologies to guarantee the safe and effective disinfection of a wide range of medical equipment. When employing a medical instrument sterilizer, you can have peace of mind knowing that your surgical tools receive the utmost care and attention, ensuring the safety of both patients and healthcare providers.

Key features of Instrument Sterilizer:
  • Instrument sterilizers are an essential part of the medical field, providing a safe and reliable way to keep instruments sterile. 
  • These medical instrument sterilizers provide convenience, reliability and safety for healthcare professionals. 
  • They come in a variety of sizes and styles, from tabletop to electric-powered, with features such as adjustable temperature controls, built-in timers, and automatic shutoff for safety. 
  • The benefits include reducing risk of cross contamination and eliminating the need to manually clean or autoclave instruments. 
  • By providing a sterile environment for instruments, instrument sterilizers help protect patient health while ensuring medical staff can safely use their tools in the most efficient manner possible. 
  • With these features combined, they make sure that clinical procedures are carried out with the highest standards of hygiene every time.
Different types of Instrument Sterilizer:

1. The UV Instrument Sterilizer:

  • It is an innovative and dependable product designed to provide effective sanitization for surfaces and instruments.
  • It harnesses the power of ultraviolet-C (UV-C) light to instantly eliminate germs, bacteria, viruses, and fungi upon contact.
  • This sterilizer is user-friendly, featuring an adjustable timer that allows for customized sterilization cycles.
  • It also boasts an easy-to-read LCD screen, providing clear information on the remaining cycle duration.
  • Its lightweight and portable design make it suitable for various settings, including on-the-go usage.
  • Beyond ensuring instrument hygiene, it plays a crucial role in preventing cross-contamination across different surfaces.
  • The UV Instrument Sterilizer offers a fast and efficient solution, providing peace of mind by consistently delivering thorough and reliable instrument sterilization.

2. Electric Instrument sterilizer:

  • The Electric Instrument Sterilizer is a versatile and user-friendly product with a multitude of benefits.
  • Its high-temperature steam function allows for rapid and effective sterilization of a wide range of instruments, effectively safeguarding against harmful bacteria.
  • It is commonly equipped with a built-in timer and indicator light, users can easily set sterilization durations, ensuring that tools are consistently clean and ready for use.
  • The sterilizer's lightweight construction enhances its convenience, making it suitable for both professional and personal use.
  • It prioritizes user safety by delivering sterile instruments without the need for chemical cleaning solutions. Additionally, its affordability ensures accessibility for various budgets, making it an excellent choice for maintaining germ-free tools in a cost-effective manner.

3. Korsolex Instrument Sterilizer:

  • The Korsolex Rapid Instrument Sterilizer is an excellent solution designed to streamline and expedite instrument sterilization processes.
  • It utilizes a dry-heat system to achieve swift and efficient sterilization within minutes, catering to the demands of busy medical facilities.
  • The sterilizer's ergonomic design enhances usability and storage efficiency while conserving valuable space in operating rooms.
  • Notably, it operates without the use of water or chemicals, eliminating additional costs associated with maintenance.
  • This sterilizer significantly enhances productivity, reduces equipment maintenance expenses, and streamlines workflow in medical settings.
  • The Korsolex Rapid Instrument Sterilizer is an invaluable asset for facilities seeking both efficiency and instrument safety, ensuring that instruments are ready for use promptly and reliably.
Purchase Instrument Sterilizer from top brands at Hospital Store:
  • Aar Kay instrument sterilizer: Moglix Aar Kay is a well-known manufacturer for qualitative range of Sterilization Equipments, including instrument sterilization. Aar Kay Instrument Sterilizer are manufactured by using quality assured material and advanced techniques, which make them up to the standard in this highly challenging field. It offers Reliable, Easy to use instrument sterilizer machine which Provides Safe Sterilization for Applications that Demand High Heat. Selecting Aar Kay SS Electric Instrument Sterilizer Machine could be an excellent choice accommodating the requirements.
  • Generic instrument sterilizers: Generic is a popular brand that produces a wide range of medical products, including instrument sterilizers. Opting Electric Instrument Sterilizer may prove highly suitable for addressing your sterilization related requirements. This Electric Instrument Sterilizer is the perfect solution for eliminating bacteria and viruses from your surgical instruments. Constructed with the highest quality stainless steel, this sterilizer is incredibly durable and easy to use. Its advanced design ensures maximum efficiency, making it one of the most dependable tools in your clinic, hospital, nursing home. With its ability to quickly reduce germs and microorganisms, you can rest assured that your medical supplies are germ-free when using this Instrument Sterilizer.
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1,500.00 1,200.00
AC input voltage220 V Choose Size10" x 5" x 3"
In stock
AC input voltage220 V Choose Size12" x 6'' x 4''
Sterilizer Electric S.S Seamless  Code -ASI-249, Surgical Instrument Size : 10" x 5" x 4"
Save 25%
3,200.00 2,400.00
Sterilizer Electric SS, Sterilization equipment Size : 10" x 5" x 3"
Save 38%
2,400.00 1,500.00
In stock
Sterilization equipment Size 10" x 5" x 3"
In stock
In stock
AC input voltage220 V Choose Size16" x 6'' x 6''
Sterilizer Electric SS SEAMLESS, Sterilization equipment Size : 10" x 5" x 4"
Save 20%
3,500.00 2,800.00
In stock
Sterilization equipment Size 10" x 5" x 4"
In stock
AC input voltage220 V Choose Size18" x 8'' x 6''
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Save 43%
2,000.00 1,150.00
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