Iris Surgical Scissors

Iris Scissors:

Iris Scissors offer surgeons the utmost precision and accuracy during delicate medical procedures. With their superior-grade stainless steel construction, these scissors are designed to provide a lifetime of reliable service in the operating room. Each pair is crafted with an ergonomic handle for increased comfort, allowing for extended use without strain or fatigue. Additionally, Iris Surgical Scissors feature individually adjustable blades, so you can customize them to fit your individual needs. Iris Surgical Scissors provide surgeons with the ultimate precision and accuracy in every procedure. Our ergonomically designed scissors feature stainless steel blades for a sharp, yet delicate cut that results in minimal damage to surrounding tissue and a smooth finish. With an anti-slip handle design, these scissors help surgeons maintain their grip during operations no matter how long they last. 

Iris Scissors are the perfect tool for precision surgery. They feature razor-sharp blades that provide a clean cut every time, making them ideal for delicate medical procedures. Made from high-grade stainless steel, these scissors are designed to last and remain sharp through repeated use. The ergonomic handle ensures comfortable handling with long periods of use, and the safety latch prevents accidental openings or closures when not in use.

Iris Surgical Scissors Features:
  • Iris Surgical Scissors are a high-quality precision tool, designed to meet the exacting standards of medical professionals. 
  • These scissors feature an ergonomic design for maximum comfort and control when operating, as well as ultra sharp stainless steel blades that can easily cut through a variety of tissue types.
  •  The tapered tip is ideal for making small and precise incisions, while the special handle shape enables improved maneuverability. 
  • With Iris Surgical Scissors, medical professionals can be confident they have access to the best tools available to ensure successful outcomes for their patients.
  • They have an ergonomic handle for easy and comfortable maneuvering, allowing users to make precise incisions with ease. 
  • Additionally, Iris Surgical Scissors come with a lifetime warranty, so customers can be sure of their product quality and dependability. 
  • With surgical scissors, medical professionals can confidently focus on providing the best care possible without worrying about their tools failing them in the middle of an operation.

Different types of iris surgical scissors:

There are many types of iris surgical scissors, and it's important to know which one best suits your needs when shopping for one. Here's a quick reference guide to the various types of  available.

Curved iris scissors : Iris scissors of this type are utilized in medical applications for ophthalmic procedures. In small areas, curved scissors follow the contours of tissue. They are used as a surgical scissor in eye surgery. They're frequently retained in operating rooms for various medical purposes, including for performing precise cuts in confined spaces where larger instruments are uncomfortable.

Straight iris scissors : Iris scissors is used to cut tiny structures. They are short, pointed, and straight. Straight scissors are used to cut across flat surfaces. These scissors are incredibly tiny and have a very sharp point. This straight iris scissors should be kept as sharp as possible, since sharp scissors allow for accurate cutting.

Iris suture scissors : Iris scissor has a unique design that makes it easy to use with your fingers. It has a ring-shaped finger holder as well as a ribbon-shaped finger holder, which helps to reduce tiredness and make working easier. Straight, curved, blunt, or pointed cutting blades are available. Cutting is frequently done with scissors.

Micro iris scissors : Iris Scissors have evolved into a multifunctional tool that can be utilized in a variety of surgical settings. Iris Scissors are now commonly used in emergency departments and during dermatological procedures. This item has a curved shape with smooth, pointed tips. The use of this Micro Iris Scissor is completely safe. Furthermore, for quality assurance, this Micro Iris Scissor is tested at multiple levels in accordance with world-class standards.

Barraquer iris scissors : Iris scissors have a unique design that makes them a specialized tool for ophthalmologic Iris procedures. When entering the anterior chamber to access the iris, the unique angled handle reduces surgical blockage. The scissors have tiny blades that are designed to work with iris tissue. The scissors come with two blade sizes to choose from, depending on your surgical needs.

Difference between curved and straight iris scissors:

Curved Iris Scissors

Straight Iris Scissors

Curved scissors are typically cutting tools with bent blades to accommodate specific cutting tasks.

Straight iris scissors, with a straight blade, created or planned for cutting bodily tissues near the surface of a wound.

Curved iris scissors are built for detail and precision work, their blades are typically very narrow.

Iris straight scissors blades are sometimes known as suture Mayo Scissors, since they are used for cutting sutures.

The circular ligament is sacrificed with curved iris scissors.

Suture should be cut with straight scissors, while heavy tissue should be cut with curved iris scissors.

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