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An ITC hearing aids are comfortable and simple to use since they sit in the lower region of the outer ear canal. They have a somewhat longer battery life and can accommodate a wider range of hearing deficits because they are slightly larger than IIC and CIC models. The ITC hearing aid machine can also accommodate extra features like as directional microphones for greater understanding in noisy surroundings and manual controls.

There are some important characteristics of ITC hearing aid:

  • Accessibility: ITC hearing aids are meant to lie within the ear canal, making them extremely unobtrusive. Many people are hesitant to wear hearing aids because they do not want others to notice. If this scenario seems familiar, an ITC hearing aid may be a viable alternative.
  • Simple to use with a phone: Many of us enjoy chatting on the phone or having phone chats at work. Because of their location and size, ITC hearing aids are simple to use with cellphones, and many current devices are compatible with smartphones.
  • Sizes: ITC hearing aids are among the smallest types available. Anyone with dexterity impairments may have difficulty handling these.


ITC Hearing Aid Machine ModelsPrice
Signia Run Click ITC hearing aid machine
INR 16,340
Oticon Get T ITC hearing ear machine
INR 18,350
Phonak Tao Q15-312 ITC hearing ear machine
INR 21,929
Oticon Ino Power D ITC hearing ear machine
INR 23,459
Audio Service Vega Hype 16 G4 ITC hearing machine
INR 250,459
Signia Insio 7px ITC hearing aid machine
INR 248,990
Widex Dream 330 D3-XP ITC hearing aid machine
INR 164,500

*Price may be subject to change.


1. ITC hearing aid with Bluetooth : This ITC hearing aid is custom-made to your ear anatomy and hearing loss, so you can enjoy spending time with those you care about without worrying about your hearing or looks. It provides you the confidence to relish the important things in life thanks to its highly inconspicuous design and superb sound quality. Furthermore, Bluetooth connectivity enables worry-free direct audio streaming of TV, music, and phone calls.

2. Rechargeable in ear canal hearing aids : This makes itc hearing aids more practical, eco-friendly, and safe around children and animals. There are, however, fewer styles and possibilities for rechargeable hearing aids. People who prefer disposable battery models may have additional options.

3. Digital itc hearing aids : Digital itc hearing aids may eliminate background noise. They can also reduce the volume of louder noises to make them more bearable for the wearer. Digital hearing aids, for many people, work better in noisy surroundings and produce clearer sound.


1. Signia itc hearing aids : The Signia ITC hearing aids use wireless Bluetooth connectivity to transmit audio from your TV, phone calls, and music. In loud areas, directional microphones increase speech interpretation.

2. Oticon itc hearing aids : The ear hearing aid has six frequency bands to ensure that you always have good listening quality. The Soft Speech Booster responds to its surroundings in order to clarify and amplify speech. You may also set up three distinct listening profiles to tailor your hearing to your needs while working, playing sports, or socializing.

3. Phonak itc hearing aids : This ITC hearing aids claim to be the world's first to use Biometric Calibration. This technology was created with your ear anatomy and hearing needs in mind. It enables hearing aids to more accurately detect where the sound is originating from and, as a result, provide you with greater hearing performance.

4. ReSound itc hearing aids : This ITC hearing aid offers good sound quality and speech understanding in a durable, discreet, and wireless package. Because they are wireless, you can use 2.4GHz wireless accessories and the ReSound Control app to stream sounds straight to your ITC hearing aids.


Q1: What is the cost of ITC in the canal hearing aid?

Ans: ITC-In The Canal hearing aids and ITE-In The Ear hearing aids starting from Rs. 9,000 to Rs. 250,000.

Q2: What is digital ITC hearing aid?

Ans: The in-the-canal (ITC) hearing aid is made to fit the size and shape of a person's ear canal. A completely-in-canal (CIC) hearing aid is nearly hidden in the ear canal.

16,490.00 16,340.00
Oticon Get PB D P ITC hearing ear machine
Save 25%
24,359.00 18,359.00
21,000.00 20,850.00
Oticon Get T ITC hearing ear machine
Save 28%
25,359.00 18,359.00
In stock
17,000.00 16,850.00
23,990.00 23,840.00
Save 22%
32,499.00 25,489.00
19,000.00 18,850.00
In stock
249,990.00 248,990.00
50,000.00 49,800.00
19,000.00 18,850.00
Oticon Get PB D P ITC With VC hearing ear machine
Save 25%
29,739.00 22,439.00
105,000.00 104,500.00
Save 22%
32,499.00 25,499.00
17,990.00 17,890.00
16,990.00 16,840.00
17,900.00 17,750.00
Oticon Ino Pro Power D ITC hearing ear machine
Save 18%
38,619.00 31,619.00
Phonak Virto V30-312 ITC hearing ear machine
Save 19%
36,069.00 29,069.00
Phonak Tao Q10-312 ITC hearing ear machine
Save 29%
23,829.00 16,829.00
30,000.00 29,850.00
154,990.00 154,000.00
49,995.00 49,845.00
24,995.00 24,845.00
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