IV Stand Description :

Intravenous (IV) stands or poles are part of hospital furniture and critical medical equipment used to suspend bags that hold intravenous fluids or medications for patient administration. They are employed for maximum sanitation purposes while saving space.

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IV StandPrice in INR
Morbros IV STAND ( TMI-1303 )
Surgix IV Stand S.S with Fibre Base
Surgix IV Stand M.S. with Fiber Base
Surgix IV Stand All S.S.

What is the use of an IV Stand?

Intravenous means "within the vein". which instructs the patient to inject medicine or liquid through a needle or syringe into a vein with a tube.

An IV stand can be used in homes, hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes, etc.

IV stands are often used with the laying position of the patient on a bed for medical treatment.

Parts of an IV Stand :

These are the main parts of iv stands for medical:-

  • Pole - The pole of the Intravenous (IV) stand is usually made of mild steel or stainless steel.
  • Hanger - An IV Stand has a two-sided hanger where you can hang the medicines and fluids.
  • Wheels - An hospital IV stand has wheels for easy rotation of the stand.
Surgix IV Stand (Stainless Steel)
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13,818.56 6,410.88
Surgix IV Stand (Stainless Steel with Fibre Base)
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13,961.00 5,270.00
Morbros TMI-1303 IV Stand
Save 49%
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14,246.40 7,239.68
Surgix IV Stand (Mild Steel with Fiber Base)
Save 66%
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12,393.92 4,245.92
Saline Stand
Save 44%
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3,500.00 1,950.00
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