Laparoscopic Instruments

What is a laparoscopic instrument?

A surgical instrument used in laparoscopic surgery is known as laparoscopic instrument or lap instruments. A laparoscopy set includes Maryland forceps, laparoscopic scissors, probes, Maryland dissectors, hooks, and retractors. Laparoscopic and thoracoscopic surgery belong to the broader field of endoscopy.

Features of Laparoscopic Instrument

The features of laparoscopy set can vary depending on the specific instrument but here are some common features:

  • Long and slender design: Laparoscopic instruments are typically long and thin to allow insertion through small incisions. This design enables the surgeon to access the surgical site without the need for large incisions, reducing trauma and scarring.
  • Lightweight materials: Laparoscopic instruments are often made of lightweight materials such as stainless steel or titanium. This makes them easier for the surgeon to handle and manipulate during the procedure.
  • Ergonomic handles: The handles of laparoscopic instruments are designed to provide comfort and ergonomic grip for the surgeon. They may have textured surfaces or finger grips to enhance control and minimize hand fatigue during long procedures.
  • Locking mechanism: Some laparoscopic instruments have a ratcheting or locking mechanism that allows the surgeon to lock the instrument in a certain position. This feature is useful when the surgeon needs to maintain a specific grip or hold tissues in place without continuous manual pressure.
  • Flexible tips: Certain laparoscopic instruments, such as graspers and dissectors, may have articulating or flexible tips. This allows the surgeon to manipulate the instrument and reach different angles or areas within the surgical site with greater precision.
  • Disposable: Laparoscopic instruments can be either disposable or reusable. Disposable instruments are intended for single-use and come pre-sterilized, reducing the risk of infection. Reusable instruments are designed to withstand sterilization processes and can be used multiple times before requiring re-sterilization.

Types of laparoscopic Instrument:

There are different type of laparoscopy set, and it's important to know which one best suits your needs when shopping for one. Here's a quick reference guide to the various laparoscopic instruments set available:

  • Laparoscopic camera –These lap instruments are used in laparoscopic surgery to see inside the incision of abdominal wall.
  • Laparoscopic Trocar-  These laparoscopic instrument are used to  reduce smudging of the endoscope upon reinsertion by wiping, wicking and absorbing fluid that can build up inside the trocar housing.
  • Laparoscopic sealer –These  laparoscopic instrument are used for sealing of vessel as well as lymphatics, while also providing versatility driven by its articulating shaft.
  • Laparoscopic Clip Applicator- These laparoscopic instrument are used to clip surface to help provide on-structure clip security.
  • Laparoscopic bipolar forceps / Laparoscopic forceps - These  Bipolar Forceps are designed to grasp, manipulate and coagulate selected tissue.
  • Laparoscopic needle- These laparoscopic instrument are used in laparoscopic surgery.
  • Laparoscopic scissors/ Laparoscopic hook scissor-  These laparoscopic instrument are used to cut a variety of tissue, including fibrotic or calcified tissue, sutures, and occasionally tissue containing staples.
  • Laparoscopic grasper – These laparoscopic instrument are designed for application in a variety of minimally invasive procedures.
  •  Laparoscopic suction irrigator/suction irrigator – These laparoscopic instrument are designed to provide various flow rates during laparoscopic procedures that require irrigation.
  • Laparoscopic knot pusher -  These laparoscopic instrument are  intended for use in thoracic surgery in advancing throws of extracorporeal knots to a surface or object into the thoracic cavity.

Price list of various types of Laparoscopic Instrument:

Instrument Name Price
TrocarsINR 16K to INR 22K
GraspersINR 6K to INR 16K
Endo TrainerINR 21K to INR 26K
SealerINR 30K to INR 50K

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Price range of best-branded Laparoscopic instrument:

Product NamePrice Range
Covidien Laparoscopic instrumentsINR 30K to INR 50K
Ethicon Laparoscopic instrumentsINR 18K to INR 87K
Addler Laparoscopic instrumentsINR 16K to INR 28K
Krokio Laparoscopic instrumentsINR 24K to INR 30K
Generic Laparoscopic instrumentsINR 2K to INR 25K

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Covidien Ligasure Impact Tissue Fusion Instrument- LF4418 (Updated Version of LF4318)
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Covidien Ligasure Curved Jaw Disposable Electrode Laparoscopic Instrument | Open Sealer Laparoscopic Instrument
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Ligasure Maryland Jaw Tissue Fusion Instrument for Open Procedure
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Ligasure Atlas Hand Switching Tissue Fusion Open Instrument | 20cm | #LS1020, Select by Model: LS1020
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Ethicon 5DCD Endopath Dissector For Endopath/Flexipath Trocars | 5mm Curved Endopath Dissector for invasive procedures |
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Product Weight.5 Kg
Covidien Endo Dissect 5 mm Laparoscopic Hand Instrument
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Ethicon 5DSG Endopath Grasper For Endopath/Flexipath Trocars | 5mm Endopath Grasper |
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Ethicon Endopath Babcock For Endopath/Flexipath Trocars | 360 degree Rotation Knob |
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Ethicon Endopath Needle Holder
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Ethicon 5DCS Endopath Scissors For Endopath/Flexipath Trocars
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Covidien Endo Shears 5 mm Laparoscopic Hand Instrument
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Covidien Endo Clinch II 5 mm Laparoscopic Hand Instrument with on/off ratchet switch
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Product Weight0.500 Kg
ADDLER Oval Shape Laparoscopic Endo Trainer Virtual Training Box Without Laparoscopy Instrument
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Product Dimension (mm)‎1 x 1 x 1 cm
Product Dimension (mm)‎35 x 35 x 20 cm Product Weight5Kg Kg
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