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The Micromotor handpiece is a dental instrument, that primary used for surgery of third molars and to retouch of dental prostheses. The hoses are put with at the other end of the micormotor. Rotation of direction and speed regulate by the micromotor. The main purpose of the dental micromotor handpiece is to make dental surgery easier and more precise, with the help of the micromotor handpiece.

The micromotor handpiece is small, lightweight, and easy to use, which makes it a popular choice for patients who are uncomfortable with traditional surgical methods. The dental lab micromotor handpiece can also be used to remove objects from difficult-to-reach areas or to correct mistakes made during surgery. There are several types of micromotor handpieces are avialable in market such as micromotor contra angle handpiece and straight micromotor handpiece.

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We offer the lowest micromotor handpiece price for doctors, hospitals, dental clinics and more. At our hospital equipment Store "Hospitals Store" we offer the best micromotor handpiece from top brands such as Marathon, API, Waldent and More. The micro motor handpiece price at Hospitals Store are the lowest compared to other sellers. Buy the best micromotor handpiece online here. A standard micromotor handpiece price might cost anywhere between INR 5K and INR 40K.

Micromotor HandpiecePrice Range
API Brushless Lab Micromotor SetINR 19K - INR 23K
Marathon M4 Lab Micro MotorINR 5500 - INR 6500
Waldent (W-146) BrushlessINR 29K - INR 33K

The Dental Micromotor Handpiece you choose for your dental clinic is critical, as you must consider the qualities of each lab micromtor handpiece in order to select the most convenient and appropriate one. You can buy the best micromotor handpiece at the affordable prices, only on Hospitals Store. So we've put together a buyer's guide and FAQs below to help you choose the right dental micromotor handpiece for your need, as well as micromotor handpiece price in your budget.

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  • Marathon M4 Lab Micro Motor: With the best reviews for high-quality product, 4 stage speed control, smooth and quiet operation, continuous variable speed control, one-touch change of driving direction, this Marathon micromotor handpiece is the best dental micromotor handpiece that comes with a compact design, light weight, foot controller and handpiece stand. Its price ranges between INR 5.5K- 6.2K.
  • Waldent (W-146) Brushless: Waldent (W-146) our one of the top-selling micromotor handpiece with low noise & vibration, compact and lightweight, with LED illumination, corrosion resistance, durable-1:5 speed increasing. Its price ranges between INR 29K - INR 35K.

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Which is the Best Micromotor Handpiece?
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In stock
Product Weight2.3 Kg AC input voltage110/220-240, 50/60Hz
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Product Dimension (mm)112(w)*147(D)*77(H) Product Weight1.16 Kg AC input voltage100 - 240V

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