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Description for Microscope

A Microscope is a laboratory instrument used to examine of the very small object, that can be not properly visible by naked eye. Medical microscopes come in a wide variety of designs, each with a particular function. The optical microscope, which employs lenses and light to magnify an object, is the most popular form of microscope used in laboratories. When an object is viewed under a medical laboratory microscope, its light is focused to create an image. On a glass plate or slide, the specimen is put. The rays are amplified by the lens after passing through this plate. After that, to enlarge and improve visibility, the image is looked at via an eyepiece. Numerous disciplines, including biology and medicine, employ this generic laboratory equipment. Laboratory microscopes can have different types of lenses, depending on what they will be used for, and can be either compound or stereo. Modern microscopes are very intricate pieces of technology. They may have numerous types of lenses and eyepieces, as well as other accessories, depending on the model. 

Types of Microscope

There are many different types of microscopes, each with its own unique capabilities and features. The following is a list of the most widely used types of microscopes.

  • Compound Microscope

A compound microscope is a type of microscope that uses two or more lenses to magnify an object. The first lens, called the objective lens, is placed close to the object being viewed. The second lens, called the eyepiece, is placed near the eye of the observer. This laboratory microscope is used to view objects that are too small to not be seen with the naked eye, such as bacteria and viruses. Today, these microbiology microscopes are commonly used in laboratories to study cells, tissues, and other small objects. Using this microscope is similar to using a pair of binoculars. You must first adjust the position of the eyepiece so that it is not in front of your eyes. When using a professional microscope, it is important to use the correct lighting as well. It is also important that you wear protective lab goggles to prevent dust and debris from entering your eyes when using this device.

  • Electron Microscope

This microscope is a type of laboratory microscope that uses a beam of electrons to create an image of a sample. The microscopes are used in a variety of fields, including medicine, biology, and materials science. They are often used to examine very small samples, such as cells or proteins. The electrons pass through the sample being viewed, and are reflected back to a detector. How the electrons reflect depends on the chemical elements in the sample. Electron microscopes have several advantages over other types of microscopes. They can magnify objects much more than light in microscopes, and they can produce images with higher resolution.

  • Stereo Microscope

A stereo microscope is a compound microscope that has two separate optical channels and two eyepieces. This type of medical lab microscope is also known as a binocular microscope. Unlike a monocular microscope, which only has one eyepiece, a stereo microscope has two eyepieces that are positioned side by side. The advantage of a stereo microscope is that it creates a three-dimensional image, which is why this type of microscope in a medical lab is often used for observing objects that are difficult to view with a regular compound microscope. One of the most common types of stereo microscope is called a dissecting microscope. Dissecting microscopes are often used in research or medical fields to observe living cells and tissues.

  • Scanning Probe Microscope

A scanning probe microscope (SPM) is a type of microscope that uses a physical probe to scan the surface of a sample. The probe can be either a sharp tip or a flat surface. This professional microscope is used to image, measure, and manipulate surfaces at the nanometer scale. The microscope can be used to image surfaces in various ways, including topography, force, electrostatic potential, magnetism, and optical properties.

Functions of the Microscope

Microscopes can be used for a variety of purposes, such as viewing cells, observing bacteria, and studying minerals. Following are the functions of laboratory microscopes: They are being mention below according to their types.

Compound Microscope

  • It makes the research of bacteria and viruses simpler.
  • They are utilized in pathology labs to quickly diagnose illnesses.
  • This microscope is also used in forensic lab to identify human fingerprints.

Electron Microscope

  • They are used in the micro-characterization of samples.
  • Analysis of mineral liberation.
  • Helps in tissue imaging.
  • Device testing.

Stereo Microscope

  • Assisting in the topographic study of solid sample.
  • For microsurgical treatments and dissections.
  • In forensic engineering, it is also used.

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Benefits of Microscope

  • Increased Precision

Microscope allow lab technician and researchers to observe and study objects in much greater detail than they would be able to with the naked eye. This increased precision is essential for a wide range of scientific research, including biology, chemistry, and physics.

  • Improved Accuracy

Researchers & lab technician can precisely measure the size and shape of items using medical microscopes, and they can also track changes in behavior over time. A vast variety of scientific studies, including microbiology and medical research, depends on this improved accuracy.

  • Greater Efficiency

The ability to examine several specimens at once using a microscope can significantly increase production and efficiency. This is especially crucial in sciences like microbiology, where a significant number of specimens must be examined in order to spot patterns and trends.

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  • Olympus Microscope

Olympus laboratory microscope is the top-selling medical microscope in INDIA. Here are two main reasons for popularity of their microscope, one is their trustworthy high-quality product and second one is all over India service center availability. Olympus is a leading manufacturer of microscopes and the Olympus microscopes are used in a variety of fields including biology, pathology, and more. Their microscopes are manufactured by using the most advanced technologies and loaded with extraordinary features for optimum performance. Olympus microscope price is depending on the models and features of their microscope.

  • Omano Medical Microscope

Omano is a well-known brand in microscope industry. Their pathology microscopes, top-selling medical microscope in India. Their products are manufactured by using the most advanced technologies and loaded with extraordinary features for optimum performance. With superb quality product, high quality optical lenses, and more features they become one of the top choice of Doctor's, hospitals, and other medical organization. Their microscope price is pocket friendly.

  • Labomed Microscope

Labomed medical microscopes are a great low-cost option for hospitals and laboratories searching for a microscope in the medical field. Their lab microscopes are manufactured by using the most advanced technologies and loaded with extraordinary features for optimum performance. Labomed microscope is one of the top-selling medical microscope, the reason is its high quality products at budget friendly cost. Labomed laboratory microscope become more popular between hospitals, clinics and laboratories. We offer the best microscope price to our customer compare to other seller.

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Micron Optik Bino CXL Clinical Binocular Microscope
Save 27%
42,000.00 30,590.00
Product Dimension (mm)36 x 46 x 28 cm Product Weight8 Kg
Droplet LAB 500t Digital Lab Trinocular Microscope | Microscope for Doctor, Laboratory, Geology, and Biology
Save 16%
25,000.00 21,000.00
Micron Optik Bino Mini Pathological Binocular Microscope
Save 11%
27,000.00 24,089.00
Product Weight1.6 Kg
Micron-Optik KG-5 Pathological Microscope
Save 35%
21,000.00 13,599.00
Product Weight0.2500 Kg AC input voltage220 V
Micron Optik KG-2 Student Microscope
Save 42%
12,000.00 6,939.00
In stock
Micron Optik DM-1 Dissecting Microscope
Save 19%
3,200.00 2,599.00
AC input voltage220 V
Micron Optik Prime Zoom Stereo Microscope
Save 11%
83,000.00 73,599.00
Product Weight3.5 Kg AC input voltage220 V
Micron Optik Cresta ZS-50 Research Binocular Microscope
Save 18%
59,000.00 48,149.00
Product Weight5 Kg AC input voltage220 V
Micron Optik KG-3 Junior Microscope
Save 41%
14,000.00 8,212.00
In stock
231,000.00 220,599.00
Product Weight15 Kg AC input voltage220 V
Micron Optik Cresta XS-50 Research Binocular Microscope
Save 21%
46,500.00 36,799.00
Product Weight5 Kg
Micron Optik Cresta ZS-50 (i) Research Binocular Microscope
Save 13%
75,000.00 65,099.00
Product Weight5 Kg AC input voltage220 V
Micron Optik KG-1 XLB Coaxial Monocular Microscope
Save 37%
23,000.00 14,590.00
351,000.00 334,499.00
Product Weight15 Kg AC input voltage220 V
Micron Optik STB-III Stereo Microscope
Save 26%
42,000.00 31,149.00
Micron Optik Cresta XS-50 Plus Research Binocular Microscope
Save 25%
57,000.00 42,480.00
Product Weight5 Kg
Micron Optik Mono CXL Clinical Monocular Microscope
Save 28%
39,000.00 27,999.00
Product Weight8 Kg
Micron Optik Mono Mini Pathological Monocular Microscope
Save 18%
27,000.00 22,089.00
Micron Optik Cresta ZS-50 Plus Research Binocular Microscope
Save 15%
63,000.00 53,799.00
Product Weight5 Kg AC input voltage220 V
Micron Optik Trino CXL Clinical Trinocular Microscope
Save 21%
46,000.00 36,459.00
Product Weight8 Kg AC input voltage220 V
Micron Optik Trino Mini Pathological Trinocular Microscope
Save 27%
41,000.00 29,999.00
Product Weight6 Kg AC input voltage220 V
442,000.00 408,799.00
Product Weight10 Kg
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