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Needle Cutter/Destroyer : Our Needle Cutter product range includes manual and electric hub cutters at lowest price from top brands. 

We have needle cutters from top manufacturer at wholesale price. We provide a 100% genuine hub cutter that comes in original manufacturer packing. Furthermore, we at Hospitals store offers a big product range of needle cutter, and we are one of top preferred choice in a variety of care industries including home care and Medical industry including hospitals, clinics, Doctor's offices, Pharma Companies and clinical research organizations to buy hub cutter. Here below are products.

Needle Cutter/Destroyer Description:

Needle cutter/Needle destroyer is used to safely dispose of a needle, needle hub, or syringe in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, etc. Needle-destroyers reduce the risk of unintentional needle sticking by allowing the needles to be removed and contained immediately, especially if the device is close to the area of use.  The syringe cutter and syringe destroyer are also known as syringe needle destroyers. 

Top Picks of Needle Cutters or Needle Destroyer:

Overall the best bubble needle cutters:

  1. BD Needle Cutter:  With the best reviews for high-quality needle destroyers, long life, and easy to use, the BD syringe needle destroyer is the best hub cutter. BD syringe destroyer price range between INR 200 to 19k.
  2. Electric Needle Cutter:  Electric needle destroyers are in demand because of the easy use of needle cutters in hospitals and clinics. An electric needle cutter for syringes comes with a needle burner and syringe destroyer.
  3. Manual Needle Cutter: The needle cutter manual is in our top pick needle and syringe destroyer list due to its reviews for high-quality performance, low price of needle and hub cutter, long life, and easy needle hub cutter working principle. the needle destroyer price is around and between 500 to 3k.

What is the use of needle cutters in hospitals or clinics?

In hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and other settings, a needle cutter/needle destroyer is used to securely dispose of a needle, needle hub, or syringe. Needle-destroyers lessen the danger of unintended needle sticking by allowing needles to be quickly removed and confined, especially if the device is located near the area of usage. Syringe needle destroyers are also known as syringe cutters and syringe destroyers.

Buy Needle Cutter/Needle Destroyer at wholesale price from Hospitals Store:

We offer the best needle destroyer price for doctors, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and more. At our online hospital ot equipment store "Hospitals Store" we offer the best quality needle destroyer machine for hospitals. Syringe cutter machine prices at hospitals store are the lowest prices compared to other sellers. There are many options for needle cutter machines with prices that can be purchased online. Shop with us to find the best syringe cutter prices in India, as well as explore the broad ranges of needle cutters and destroyers.

These needle burners & syringe destroyers are premium quality needle cutting machines from reputed brands. These electric and manual needle syringe destroyers are manufactured by using quality assured material and advanced techniques, which make them up to the standard in this highly challenging field.

You can buy a syringe hub cutter for hospitals, clinics, etc. at wholesale price online at Hospitals Store. We've put together a buyer's guide and FAQs below to help you choose the right needle burner and syringe destroyer for your need as well as an affordable price according to your budget.

Buyer's guide and FAQs about Needle cutter/destroyer .

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What are the top selling Needle Cutter/Destroyer in INDIA in October, 2023?
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Which is the Best Needle Cutter/Destroyer ?
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What is a needle cutter/destroyer?
How to use a needle cutter?
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How To Use Needle Syringe Cutter?
Electric Needle Burner And Syringe Destroyer | Three in One Syringe Needle Destroyer - Burning, Electric a manual Cutting of Needles |
Save 35%
2,000.00 1,300.00
Syringe Cutter & Needle Destroyer | Manual and Electric Needle and Syringe destroyer |
Save 42%
2,500.00 1,449.00
Medtech Needle Burner & Syringe Destroyer
Save 21%
3,150.00 2,500.00
Electric Syringe And Needle Destroyer
Save 16%
2,800.00 2,349.00
In stock
Syringe Destroyer & Needle Cutter
Save 50%
2,500.00 1,249.00
In stock
Product Weight2 Kg
50 Db Copper Needle And Syringe Destroyer
Save 40%
1,700.00 1,020.00
Medovation SAL Terminator Hub Cutter (Box Of 10), Capacity: 500 ml
Save 44%
2,990.00 1,687.00
Capacity500 ml Material S.S
Medovation SAL Secure and Bio Hub Cutter (Box Of 5)
Save 16%
7,990.00 6,750.00
Medovation SAL Terminator Hub Cutter (Box Of 10), Capacity: 1 litre
Save 15%
2,990.00 2,531.00
Capacity1 litre Material S.S
Becton Dickinson (BD) Phlebotomy Sharps Collector, Capacity: 1 litre
Save 38%
349.00 217.00
Capacity1 litre
Medovation SAL Terminator Hub Cutter (Box Of 10), Capacity: 750 ml
Save 29%
2,990.00 2,108.00
Capacity750 ml Material S.S
Contact us for a price
Contact us for a price
Capacity1.5 litre
Becton Dickinson (BD) Patient Room Sharps Collector
Save 30%
2,490.00 1,750.00
Capacity5 litre
Capacity5 litre
Medovation SAL Kavach Needle Remove(Box Of 5), Capacity: 5 litre
Save 20%
790.00 633.00
Capacity5 litre
Contact us for a price
Capacity10 litre
Becton Dickinson (BD) Phlebotomy Sharps Collector, Capacity: Bracket For 1 Lts. / 1.5 Lts.
Save 18%
990.00 812.00
CapacityBracket For 1 Lts. / 1.5 Lts.
Becton Dickinson (BD) Phlebotomy Sharps Collector, Capacity: 1.5 litre
Save 35%
390.00 253.00
Capacity1.5 litre
Medovation SAL Kavach Needle Remove(Box Of 5), Capacity: 15 litre
Save 15%
1,790.00 1,520.00
Capacity15 litre
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