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Lowest Nerve Stimulator Price at Hospital Store: 

At Hospital Store, we take pride in offering the lowest nerve stimulator prices, catering to the needs of doctors, hospitals, and more. We are committed to providing high-quality nerve stimulator machines from top brands, including B Braun, Omron, Medtronic, Axonics, Nemecheck, and many more. In addition, we back our offerings with a Price Match Guarantee for these trusted brands. 

Nerve Stimulator Price Range:   

The cost of a nerve stimulator machine can vary significantly, depending on the type, brand and applications. Nerve stimulator Price Ranges between in INR 2,500 to INR 1.5 Lakh.    

Nerve Stimulator Price List:   

For your convenience, we have categorized our nerve stimulator prices based on brands. Below, you will find a detailed price list:

Price List of Best Nerve stimulator BrandsPrice Range 
Omron Nerve Stimulator₹2,500 to ₹3,500
B Braun Nerve Stimulator₹1,25,000 to ₹1,35,000
RNB Nerve Stimulator₹20,000 to ₹25,000
Medilogix Nerve Stimulator₹30,000 to ₹60,000

*Please note that prices are subject to change and may vary based on additional features and specifications.

What is a nerve stimulator?

A nerve stimulator is a therapeutic device that is used to stimulate nerves in the human body for various diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. It operates by sending electrical impulses to specific nerves, either to test how well those nerves are functioning or for therapeutic purposes including pain relief and neuromuscular rehabilitation. This nerve stimulator machine uses gentle electrical impulses to stimulate nerve cells and promote healing in your body. It helps relieve muscle tension, decrease inflammation, and restore range of motion. 

The Nerve Stimulator is revolutionizing the way we manage pain. This innovative product provides relief from chronic pain using cutting edge nerve stimulation technology. By targeting specific nerve fibers, this nerve stimulator can reduce inflammation, helping to alleviate discomfort and improve overall wellbeing. The Nerve Stimulator is adjustable, allowing you to customize your treatment and experience maximum relief from muscular or joint-related pain conditions such as sciatica, arthritis and tendonitis.

What does nerve stimulator do?

A nerve stimulator is employed to deliver electrical impulses to a specific nerve. The reaction is then assessed in terms of the electrical signals produced by the nerve and the muscle it innervates. These devices come in both external and implanted forms. They function by sending electrical pulses to particular nerves, the brain, or the spinal cord, which can block or modify pain signals. This aids in the identification of illnesses like carpal tunnel syndrome or neuropathy by allowing medical experts to determine the conduction velocity and integrity of the nerve.

What are the types of nerve stimulators?

Nerve stimulators can be divided into a number of different categories based on their types whether they are used externally or implanted and its applications. Here’s the overview of types of nerve stimulator:

1. External nerve stimulator:

  • Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator machine: A transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator, or TENS device, is a portable machine used for pain relief. It works by sending low-voltage electrical impulses through electrodes placed on the skin. This nerve stimulator has various features such as adjustable intensity levels, timed sessions, and different modes of stimulation. These features allow the user to customize their treatment and find the optimal settings for their individual needs. It can provide non-invasive pain relief without the use of medication, making it an ideal option for those who prefer natural remedies or have concerns about drug interactions. 
  • Peripheral nerve stimulator: These devices are used externally in various diagnostic and therapeutic procedures to stimulate particular peripheral nerves. A peripheral nerve stimulator is a compact, portable device that stimulates particular body nerves using electrical current. It is frequently used for rehabilitation and pain control. They are frequently employed in nerve blocks and examinations of nerve conduction.

2. Implantable nerve stimulator:

  • Vagus nerve stimulator (VNS): It is commonly known as vagal nerve stimulator or VNS. This device is implanted in the chest through a lead connected to the vagus nerve in the neck. They act by frequently passing electrical signals to vagus nerve to treat disorders like epilepsy, depression.
  • Sacral nerve stimulator: It is a compact transmitter placed in upper buttock region under the skin. It administers moderate electric current to the sacral nerve through thin wire. It is used to treat fecal incontinence, overactive bladder, or urinary retention.
  • Spinal nerve stimulator (SNS): In general, it is known as spinal neurostimulator or SNS. Spinal cord neurostimulator are implanted surgically at the back which sends electrical currents directly to the spinal cord. It manages chronic pain, specifically in cases of neuropathic pain, and complex regional pain syndrome.
  • Deep Brain Stimulator (DBS): These neurostimulator are also known as chest stimulators as they are placed under the collarbone or in upper chest or abdomen region. Mild currents are sent to the brain in order to treat conditions like tremors, Parkinson’s disease or dystonia.  

3. Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) Device:

  • FES Foot and Leg Drop System: These devices can be external or implanted which stimulates the nerves and muscles in the legs and feet. It is helpful in treating individuals with paralysis or muscle weakness and regain the ability to walk.

What is a nerve stimulator used for?

Here are some common applications of nerve stimulator:

  • Pain management: Nerve stimulators are sometimes known as neuromodulation device, used as pain therapy machine. It can be worn externally or surgically implanted under the skin and transmits mild electric currents to a specific nerves to treat neuropathic pain, back pain, epilepsy and seizures.  
  • Neurorehabilitation: To improve muscle strength and coordination, nerve stimulators can be utilized in physical therapy and neurorehabilitation. They can be used to restore muscular function following operations or injuries.
  • Nerve Block: In the treatment of pain, nerve stimulators may be used for nerve blocks. These devices help in identifying the exact nerves that cause pain, allowing medical professionals to provide specialized pain-relieving procedures like nerve blocks or injections.

Buy Top-selling nerve stimulator from the Best Brands:

Brands Top-Selling Nerve StimulatorPrice
B BraunB Braun HNS 12 Peripheral Nerve Stimulator with MapperUp to ₹1,40,000
B Braun Stimuplex HNS 12 Nerve StimulatorUp to ₹1,30,000
RNB RNB Medical Innovations NLM-B Peripheral Nerve StimulatorUp to ₹30,000
Medilogix Medilogix Senstim MNS 01 Peripheral Nerve StimulatorUp to ₹40,000
Medilogix Handheld Senstim MapUp to ₹60,000
Omron Omron HV F013 TENS Machine Electronic Nerve StimulatorUp to ₹3,500
Vygon Vygon Plexygon Peripheral Nerve StimulatorUp to ₹1,10,000
Inmed Inmed NM20 Nerve MapperUp to ₹60,000

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145,000.00 134,765.00
45,000.00 32,500.00
28,000.00 23,520.00
ColorBlue Product Dimension (mm)135*70*24 Product Weight0.3 Kg
3,449.00 2,569.00
Product Weight.5 Kg
Save 33%
155,000.00 104,500.00
Save 17%
65,000.00 53,800.00
Save 29%
75,000.00 53,000.00
Deep Surgical Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator,  4 Channel
Save 25%
6,500.00 4,900.00
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28,000.00 23,520.00
In stock
ColorBlue Product Dimension (mm)135*70*24 Product Weight0.3 Kg
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In stock
AC input voltage100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
B Braun Stimuplex HNS 12 Nerve Stimulator For Peripheral Nerve Blocks
Save 14%
145,000.00 125,000.00
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