Nurse Call System

Nurse Call System:-

A nurse call system is a piece of equipment that allows a patient to contact or alert a caregiver. A Nurse Call Button is a button or cord found in hospitals and nursing homes, at places where patients are at their most vulnerable, such as beside their bed and in the bathroom. It allows patients in health care settings to alert a nurse or other health care staff member remotely of their need for help. 

Types of nurse call system:-

There are different types of nurse call system . Here's a quick reference guide to the various types of nurse call system.

Nurse call bell system- The nurse call bell system connects the patient to the nurse as well as the nursing station." Since our present system was implemented over 20 years ago, technology and functionality have changed considerably.

Wireless nurse call system- The speed with which patients are seen and emergency calls are answered is critical to a hospital's performance. The wireless nurse call system was created to revolutionise the way hospitals engage with their patients.

Wired nurse call system- Nurse call technology has progressed into a world of digital and networked IP-based systems that have aided in the improvement of patient care. wired Nurse call systems are becoming more user-friendly and straightforward, with specialised options for dealing with patient needs. 

Emergency nurse call system- Patient calling stations, emergency calling stations, a central nursing station, dome lights with possible central corridor horns, and duty stations are all part of a basic system. The flashing suite dome light and central annunciator suite LED clearly identify designated EC-103/115 Pull/Push Cord stations, which are used to make emergency calls. A quick pulsating alarm tone will be heard from the Central Nurse's station.

Portable nurse call system- There are four buttons on the portable activator. A nurse call system is activated by pressing any of the buttons. If an individual has difficulties pressing the normal nurse call button, he or she can squeeze the nurse call activator or place it on a table and activate the nurse call system by pressing one of the buttons with his or her elbow.

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