Lowest Obturation Systems Price at Hospital Store:

At Hospital Store, we take pride in offering the lowest obturation system prices, catering to the needs of doctors, hospitals, and more. We are committed to providing high-quality hospital bed from top brands, including Eighteeth, Denjoy, Dentsply, NSK, Waldent, Denext and many more. In addition, we back our offerings with a Price Match Guarantee for these trusted brands.

Obturation System Price Range:

The cost of an Obturation System can vary significantly, depending on the type, brand. Obturation System Price Ranges between In INR 10k to INR 2 Lakh. 

Detailed Obturation System Price List:

For your convenience, we have categorized our Obturation System prices based on brands and types. Below, you will find a detailed price list:

Obturation System Brand NameObturation System Price Range
Eighteeth Obturation SystemINR 20K- INR 80K
Denjoy Obturation SystemINR 15K- INR 2 Lakh
Dentsply Obturation SystemINR 18K - 1.5 Lakh
Woodpecker Obturation SystemINR 25K -INR 90K 
Diadent Obturation SystemINR 30K - INR 1Lakh
Denext Obturation SystemINR 20K - INR 1.5Lakh

What Is an Obturation system:

Obturation systems are an essential part of dental care, providing a secure seal between the tooth and filling material. There are a variety of obturation techniques, but the most common are lateral condensation and vertical compaction using gutta percha. These systems provide a tight seal that protects against leakage and decay. Obturation systems offer a fast, efficient way to fill gaps and seal off the root canal system. This helps protect against infection and allows the dentist to complete treatment quickly. Obturation systems are an essential part of root canal therapy. They provide a seal that protects the tooth from bacteria and other debris. There are many types of obturation systems available, each with its own unique benefits.

What are the different types of Obturation System techniques:

The Obturation system types are an essential part of the Endodontic treatment. They help in effectively sealing the root canal, which is a key factor in the successful outcome of the treatment. 

  • Gutta percha obturation system: The Gutta-Percha Obturation System provides a fast, easy and reliable way to heat, cut and condense Gutta-Percha in the root canal during endodontic treatments. It offers an intuitive user interface for quick and easy operation, and its small size makes it ideal for use in tight spaces. The system is also backed by a comprehensive warranty for added peace of mind. This system is simple to use and helps make the treatment process more accurate and efficient.
  • Calamus obturation system: This obturation system is a unique and innovative approach to downpack and backfill obturation. It offers the best of both worlds, providing the convenience and speed of downpack with the efficacy and predictability of backfill. The system is simple to use, reliable, and produces excellent results. The system's unique design utilizes a backfill technique that results in fast and consistent obturation every time.
  • Cordless obturation system: This obturation is easier than ever with this compact, user-friendly system. The cordless design means you can move about freely and easily, without being restricted by cords. Plus, the intuitive controls make it easy to use. The Cordless Obturation System is a unique, new system that brings cordless obturation to a whole new level. With its ease of use and compact shape, it's perfect for any dental practice.
  • Endo obturation system: The Endo obturation system is the latest and most advanced system for root canal treatment. It is simple to use and ensures that the root canal is completely filled and sealed, providing a secure seal that protects against reinfection. The obturation system is fast, accurate, and reliable, making it the perfect choice for any practice. The obturation system offers a fast, efficient and reliable solution to obturate root canals. The system is simple to use and ensures accurate placement of the sealer in the canal. The result is a secure, watertight seal that protects against reinfection.

Choose the best Obturation System Brands Online:

If Obturation system online shopping is on your mind, then look no further than Hospitals Store to browse through the best brands like these:

  • Woodpecker obturation system: The woodpecker obturation system is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a comfortable holding feeling. With its soft grip, it's easy to hold and use, making it a great choice for both beginners and experienced professionals. The woodpecker obturation system is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a comfortable holding feeling. With its soft grip, it's easy to hold and use, making it a great choice for both beginners and experienced professionals.
  • Eighteeth obturation system: Their obturation system is the perfect choice for anyone looking for an easy and efficient way to obturate their root canals. This system is simple to use, and it helps to ensure that all the canal is properly sealed off. The eighteeth obturation system is the next generation in obturation technology. It offers superior performance and reliability, while reducing procedure time.
  • Denjoy obturation system: Their obturation system is the newest and most advanced root canal filling system on the market. It is faster, easier, and more comfortable than any other system available. The obturation system converts electrical energy to heat energy, which quickly and effectively fills the root canal. This system is safe and reliable, and it produces consistent results every time.
  • Dentsply obturation system: The Dentsply Obturation System is the perfect solution for warm vertical obturation. Featuring low-temperature flow characteristics and radiopacity, this system provides a total obturation solution. The system's unique design ensures accurate placement of sealer and gutta-percha, while its low-temperature flow properties minimize heat-related distortion.
  • Diadent obturation system: Their Obturation System is a new and innovative way to obturate teeth. The system includes the Duo-Pen, a warm vertical compaction device that quickly and easily obtures teeth using heated thermoplastic material. The system is cordless, so it is easy to use and portable, making it perfect for use in any dental office.

Features Of Obturation System:

Here are the features of an obturation system:

  • Filling Material Precision: Obturation System places the filling material exactly where it's needed in your tooth.
  • Customizable Heat Control: You can adjust the temperature to make you feel more comfortable during the procedure.
  • Easy to Use: Obturation System's a small and simple tool that dentists can handle easily.
  • Seals Well: It ensures the filling seals your tooth effectively to prevent future problems.
  • Safety Measures: Obturation System has safety features to make sure it's safe for both you and the dentist.
  • Clear Display: It shows information in a way that's easy to understand.
  • Fast Heating: It quickly warms up the filling material, so your treatment isn't delayed.
  • No Tangled Wires: Obturation System doesn't have wires that can get in the way.
  • Long Battery Life: It can be used for many treatments without needing a recharge.
  • Comfortable for Dentists: Dentists find it easy and comfortable to use.
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