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Lowest OT Table Price at Hospital Store:

At Hospital Store, we take pride in offering the lowest OT table prices, catering to the needs of doctors, hospitals, and more. We are committed to providing high-quality operating table from top brands, including Asco, Maquet, Staan, Meditech, Sigma, Technomed, Congnate and many more. In addition, we back our offerings with a Price Match Guarantee for these trusted brands.

OT Table Price Range:

The cost of a OT Table can vary significantly, depending on the type, brand. OT Table Price Ranges between In INR 40k to INR 4 Lakh. 

Detailed OT Table Price List:

For your convenience, we have categorized our OT Table prices based on brands and types. Below, you will find a detailed price list:

OT Table Brand NameOT Table Price Range
Asco OT Table35k-2 lakh
Maquet OT Table38k-3.5 lakh
Staan OT Table41k-4 lakh
Meditech OT Table35k-2.5 lakh
Technomed OT Table85k-3.8 lakh
Congnate OT Table66k-3.5 lakh
Steris OT Table75k-3 lakh

What Is An OT(Operation Theater) Table?

An OT Table is also called an operating table, sometimes called the operating room table. A Surgical table is a table on which the patient lies during a surgical operation. This surgical equipment is usually found inside the surgery room of a hospital. An OT table or a operating table system is basically made up of three components: an OT table hydraulic column, the surgical table top and the transporter. Modern operation theater table systems are available as both stationary and mobile units. 

An operating table, or OT table, is a special bed used in the operating room when a doctor or surgeon needs to perform surgery on a patient. These tables are designed to keep patients safe and comfortable during surgery. They can be adjusted to different positions so that the patient is in the best position for the surgery, and they have special cushions to support the body and ensure that the patient is stable. OT tables also have features that make it easy for doctors and nurses to access the patient during the surgery. Overall, they are like super-comfy and adjustable beds that help doctors do their work while taking good care of the patient.

Different types of OT (Operation Theater) Table:

  • Hydraulic OT Table: This OT table can tilt and be adjusted at different angles. This helps doctors position the patient in the best way for the surgery. Hydraulic tables are safe to use, and they are made to be reliable, so they work well during surgeries. it's like a super-adjustable bed used by doctors for surgeries. They can make it taller or shorter, tilt it, and angle it as needed to do their work properly. It's designed to be safe, easy to clean, and dependable for medical procedures.
  • Electric OT Table: An electric operating table, often called an electric OT table, is like a special bed used in hospitals for surgeries. What makes it different from a regular bed is that it can move and adjust in many ways, controlled by electricity. Doctors use it to position patients just right during surgery so they can work effectively and safely. This table helps patients stay comfortable and in the right position while the doctors do their important work.
  • C-ARM OT Table: This OT table is equipped with a C-shaped arm that can support fluoroscopy equipment, allowing real-time imaging during surgery. It offers a range of features, including motorized adjustments for height, tilt, and lateral movements, enabling precise patient positioning and surgical access. Additionally, the C-arm OT table is often equipped with easy-to-use control panels, ensuring surgical teams can make swift adjustments during procedures.
  • Ophthalmic OT Table: These OT tables are equipped with several essential features to facilitate precision and patient comfort during eye procedures. They typically offer adjustable height and tilt functions, allowing surgeons to position patients optimally for different types of eye surgery. The headrest ensures the patient's head remains stable and comfortable throughout the procedure. The smooth and quiet movement of the table aids in precise surgical maneuvers. Ophthalmic OT tables are designed to be easy to clean and maintain sterility in the operating room.
  • Orthopaedic Table:These OT tables come with a set of crucial features tailored to support orthopedic surgeons. They typically offer adjustable height and various positions, enabling precise patient alignment for different types of surgeries, such as joint replacements or spine procedures. Orthopedic tables often feature radiolucent tabletops, allowing clear imaging during surgeries. The tables are designed to accommodate patients of varying sizes and provide ample legroom for the surgical team.

OT Table from top brands at Hospital Store:

  • Asco OT Table: Their OT table is equipped with precise motorized controls, allowing for effortless adjustments in terms of height, tilt, lateral movement, and reverse positions. This adaptability ensures optimal patient positioning during diverse surgical procedures. This table typically accommodates a range of compatible accessories, including specialized headrests, arm boards, and leg supports, facilitating customization to meet the specific requirements of different surgical specialties.
  • Maquet OT TableThese OT tables are designed to accommodate patients of various sizes and weights, guaranteeing stability and support during surgical procedures. OT tables are typically compatible with a wide range of accessories, such as specialized headrests, arm boards, and leg supports, providing adaptability for different surgical specialties.
  • Staan OT TableTheir OT tables offer comprehensive motorized adjustments for height, lateral tilt, Trendelenburg, and reverse Trendelenburg positions, allowing precise and flexible patient positioning during a wide range of surgeries. OT tables are typically compatible with a wide range of accessories, such as specialized headrests, arm boards, and leg supports, providing adaptability for different surgical specialties.
  • Meditech OT TableTheir OT tables facilitate clear imaging during fluoroscopy and C-arm procedures, making them suitable for orthopedic, vascular, and neurosurgical interventions. These tables are typically compatible with a range of accessories, including specialized headrests, arm boards, and leg supports, allowing for customization to meet the specific requirements of different surgical specialties.

Features Of OT Table:

An Operating Table, or OT Table, is a special table used in operating rooms during surgeries to support patients and allow medical professionals to perform surgical procedures effectively. Here are some of its features:

  • Adjustable Height: The OT table can be made taller or shorter to match the surgeon's and patient's needs.
  • Tilt Function: It can tilt or angle in different ways to ensure the patient is in the right position for the surgery.
  • Easy to Clean: The OT table is easy to clean to maintain a sterile environment in the operating room.
  • Sturdy: It's strong and steady, ensuring the patient's safety during the surgery.
  • Padding: The surface is cushioned to make the patient comfortable during the operation.
  • Movability:  tables can be moved around or rotated to make it easier for surgeons to access different parts of the patient's body.

Buyer's guide and FAQs about Ot tables.

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Technomed General Surgery OT Table Hydraulic, TMI - 1203
Save 13%
60,000.00 52,000.00
Morbros Electric OT Table, C-Arm Compatible TMI1201 Advance
Save 41%
270,000.00 158,000.00
Save 37%
310,000.00 195,500.00
Technomed Electric OT Table, C-Arm Compatible TMI1201
Save 42%
250,000.00 145,000.00
Electromatic sliding top O.T Table Technomed 1204
Save 30%
280,000.00 196,000.00
Surgix ASI-132 Hydraulic Operating Table, (C-Arm Compatible without Ortho Attachment)
Save 61%
306,297.60 120,000.00
Surgix 138 Labour/Delivery Table Telescopic (Fixed Height) All Stainless Steel
Save 34%
95,906.72 63,396.48
Anand Surgix ASI-133 Hydraulic Operating Table
Save 19%
99,724.80 81,204.48
ACME Obstetric Hydraulic Labour Table (Telescopic)
Save 35%
113,686.27 73,938.82
76,930.56 69,237.28
Wellton Healthcare Motorized OT Table Hydraulic, (C-Arm Compatible)
Save 26%
250,000.00 185,000.00
O.T. Table Motorized- C Arm comaptible ( Without Ortho Attachment )
Save 53%
327,667.20 155,000.00
Telescopic Labour Table (Fixed Height) all SS
Save 24%
71,232.00 54,136.32
Operation Table Improved mode (Fixed height) Code : ASI – 135
Save 23%
56,000.00 43,000.00
Colorwhite and black
Obstetric Labour Table Telescopic Hydraulic
Save 24%
78,355.20 59,834.88
Surgix 139 Obstetric Delivery Table Telescopic (Adjustable Height) Hydraulic
Save 42%
111,663.00 64,393.00
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