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Lowest Otoscope Price at Hospital Store:

We offer the otoscope for hospitals, clinics, nursing, medical stores and more.  At our online medical shop "Hospitals Store" we offer the best otoscope. Otoscope at Hospitals Store is the lowest price compared to other sellers. There are different types of otoscope in different price range that can be purchased online. 

Otoscope Price Range:

The price of otoscope can vary significantly, depending on the type and brand. Otoscope Price Ranges between In INR 10k to INR 1.5 lakh. 

Detailed Otoscope Price List:

For your convenience, we have categorized our otoscope prices based on brands and types. Below, you will find a detailed price list:

Best Otoscope BrandsOtoscope Price Range
Henie Otoscope20k-1 Lakh
Welch Allyn Otoscope10k-1.6 Lakh 
Olympus Otoscope15k-1.4 Lakh

What Is An Otoscope:

An otoscope or auriscope is a medical device that is used to look into the ears. An otoscope Instrument potentially gives a view of the ear canal and tympanic membrane or eardrum. The otoscope Machine is used to examine the external auditory canal (EAC), the tympanic membrane, and the middle ear. Otoscope consists of a head and a handle. A light source and a low-power magnifying lens are both included in the head. The examination of the ear using an otoscope is called otoscopy. An otoscope is used in ENT to identify a number of ear infections and associated ailments. The otoscope is also known as an instrument for checking ears. 

Different Type of Otoscope:

  • Pocket Otoscope: This otoscope is easy to store and carry in a pocket, ready for instant use. The cool LED light in this otoscope minimizes reflections for a clear view of the ear. With the fiber-optic light transmission in otoscopes, you can examine patient eardrums and canals efficiently.
  • Full-Sized Otoscope: More substantial in size and weight than pocket otoscopes. These otoscopes are comprised of more sophisticated heads and handles that may be purchased individually, since those components tend to be interchangeable even amongst different brands. 
  • Video Otoscope: These otoscopes specifically designed to interface with a computer or monitor to project, capture, store, and email high-quality images and/or video.

Buy Otoscope From The Best Brands Online:

  • Heine Otoscope: Their Otoscope is the best otoscope for physician with features like All-metal housing, Fiber Optic (F.O.) illumination, etc Heine otoscope price is lowest on the hospital store as compared to other sellers.
  • Welch Allyn Otoscope: They manufacture some of the best professional otoscope with features like the Halogen HPX lamp, non-slip grip on the handle, and more. Welch Allyn otoscope price is lowest on the Hospital store as compared to other sellers.
  • Olympus Otoscope: Their otoscpe features superior optical quality and combines this with high durability and ergonomic design for easy handling in every otoscopic application. The Olympus otoscope is fully autoclavable and compatible with the EndoLED system, providing fast and easy to set up diagnosis and treatment.

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Product Weight11 Kg
Welch Allyn 3.5V HPX Halogen Otoscope 25282 C - with Rechargeable Nickel-Cadmium Handle
Free shipping
Save 21%
30,000.00 23,800.00
Save 37%
74,081.28 47,013.12
Mini 3000 LED FiberOptic Otoscope,10 Disposable Tips (HEINE)
Save 42%
25,073.44 14,499.00
HEINE BETA 200 Ophthalmoscope and BETA 200 F.O Otoscope both with XHL 2.5V with usable tips Dignostic set
Save 41%
84,053.76 50,008.00
Product Weight0.5 Kg
Mini 3000 LED FiberOptic Otoscope,10 Disposable Tips (HEINE)
Save 73%
25,073.44 6,720.00
ColorBLACK Product Weight.250 Kg
HEINE BETA 200 Fiber Optic Otoscope 3.5 V with BETA4 USB rechargeable handle
Save 43%
54,848.64 31,220.00
Save 45%
64,424.00 35,749.00
HEINE BETA 200 Otoscope 2.5 V with Beta Battery handle
Save 39%
32,766.72 19,999.00
HEINE BETA 400 F.O. Otoscope 2.5 V with Beta battery handle
Save 41%
37,040.64 21,799.68
70,000.00 66,460.00
Product Weight1.3 Kg
Welch Allyn 3.5V Halogen Fiber-Optic Otoscope
Free shipping
Save 46%
19,944.96 10,800.00
Welch Allyn 2.5V Fiber-Optic Pocket LED Black Otoscope Set - 22870-BLK
Free shipping
Save 59%
25,000.00 10,290.00
Welch Allyn 2.5V Fiber-Optic Pocket LED Otoscope Set - Blueberry
Save 18%
15,671.04 12,840.00
Welch Allyn PocketScope Otoscope - 22860
Save 14%
12,999.00 11,200.00
113,000.00 112,900.00
Product Dimension (mm)276 ×211× 65
15,000.00 14,780.00
Product Dimension (mm)1349 x 77 x 50 Product Weight1.13 Kg
HEINE Mini 2000 Otoscope Bulbs
Save 35%
3,277.12 2,136.96
In stock
Welch allyn 3.5V Digital Macroview Plus Otoscope Set  for iexaminer - Part Number: 238-3  | Macroview Plus Otoscope Head with Rechargeable Nickel-Cadmium Handle
Save 11%
50,000.00 44,400.00
Product Dimension (mm)70 h x 45 w x 55 d (mm) Product Weight0.115 Kg
29,000.00 27,735.00
Welch Allyn 2.5V Fiber-Optic Pocket LED Otoscope Set - Black
Save 29%
18,000.00 12,800.00
ColorBlack Product Dimension (mm)170 x 50 x 50 Product Weight.2 Kg
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