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The oxygen cylinder stores and provides oxygen for medical purposes. It is used to deliver compressed oxygen to patients who are not able to breathe normally, the patient needs to use a surgical mask over the nasal cannula that is connected to the cylinder through a pipe.

They are designed to supply oxygen in hospitals, clinics, at home, or even on the go for patients who require supplemental oxygen to breathe comfortably. O2 cylinders come in various sizes and capacities, and each one is designed according to the patient's condition.

Features and Benefits:

Here are the main features and benefits of oxygen cylinder.

  • No Electricity Required: O2 cylinders operate solely on the compressed oxygen stored within them; they do not require electricity. This is one of their most notable features.
  • Silent Operation: They deliver oxygen silently at a predetermined rate, allowing for a peaceful environment.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: These cylinders are the most common and cost-effective solution for personal oxygen therapy.
  • Instant Oxygen Delivery: They provide on the spot oxygen with none heat-up time. This instant delivery may be crucial at some point of emergency situations.
  •  Portability: These oxygen cylinders provide unique portability, allowing patients to keep their mobility and independence. Whether you are traveling or undertaking outside activities, you can carry cylinders quite simply.
  • Reliable Oxygen Flow: They supply a consistent and dependable oxygen flow, in order that patients get the fixed amount of oxygen therapy. 

Difference Between an Oxygen Concentrator and an Oxygen Cylinder:

Oxygen concentrators and oxygen cylinders both are used to provide oxygen to patients. But they work in different ways.

You must have observed that cylinders of oxygen are used more often than oxygen concentrators. An O2 cylinder holds a limited amount of compressed oxygen; once you start using it, it slowly runs out. Then you need to refill or replace it.

On the other hand, oxygen concentrators can produce an unlimited supply of oxygen by continuously filtering and producing medical-grade oxygen, because they include a battery power's mechanism.

They work like air conditioners, taking in air, purifying it, and then delivering it to people who have low levels of oxygen in their blood.

Both devices used for the same purpose, but they have different delivery mechanisms and maintenance requirements. 

Explore Our Range of Oxygen Cylinders:

  • Portable Oxygen Cylinders: They are small, lightweight and easy to transport that are perfect for home use. These cylinders allow freedom and mobility, making them an ideal choice.
  • Oxygen Can: It is also known as an oxygen bottle that is a small, travel-friendly container filled with purified oxygen. It is designed for short-term use and is generally used while traveling because it is handy for outdoor activities and ease to carry.
  • Hospital Jumbo Oxygen Cylinder: It is a large-capacity container used in hospitals or medical centers to provide a continuous and abundant supply of oxygen to multiple patients. It is used in emergency situations, surgeries, or for patients requiring high-flow oxygen therapy. 

Oxygen Cylinder Price In India:

At hospital store, get value for money O2 cylinder by exploring our wide range of products and choose the best one that suits your budget and needs. The cost of oxygen cylinder starts at just ₹ 750 and go up to ₹ 3000, depending on the brand, type, and size.

1.O2 Cylinder Set Gas Capacity - 680 Ltrs
₹ 12,800
2.Oxykit Portable, Capacity 330 Liters₹ 10,300
3.Oxykit Oxygen Capacity 675 Liters, Portable₹ 11,990
4.Oxygize 10 L, 150 Breaths₹ 750
5.Oxygize YATRA Oxygen Gas Cylinder/Can₹ 2,250
6.Oxygize Oxygen Can for Hiking ₹ 800
7.Oxygize Stress Portable Oxygen Cylinder₹ 800
8.Oxygize Citrus Brust | 10 L₹ 800
9.Oxygize Natural Flavor O2 Can Cylinder₹ 950
10.OxyGo Mediva Pro 474ltr Oxygen₹ 11,950

How to Use an Oxygen Cylinder.

  • Check the cylinder and device for any harm or leaks before use.
  • Ensure the valve is closed before attaching any equipment.
  • Attach the flowmeter/regulator securely to the valve of the cylinder.
  • Open the valve slowly and regularly to allow oxygen to flow into the device.
  • Set the prescribed oxygen float charge at the regulator.
  • Check the strain gauge to ensure an ok supply of oxygen.
  • Position the oxygen delivery device (masks, nasal cannula, etc.) on the affected person and adjust as needed.
  • Monitor the patient's response to the oxygen therapy and adjust the flow rate according to patient need.
  • When finished, close the valve tightly to stop the flow of oxygen.

Choose O2 Cylinder According to Oxygen Capacity:

Below, we have categorized cylinders of oxygen according to their capacity and uses:

Oxygen Cylinder for Home Use:

Oxygize Portable Natural Oxygen10 Liters (150 Breaths)
Oxygize Oxygen Can for Hiking10 Liters
Oxygize YATRA for Kedarnath/Leh/Laddakh/Vaishno Devi Yatra10 Liters (pack of 4)
Oxygize Stress Portable Oxygen Cylinder10 Liters
Oxygize Citrus Brust Portable 10 Liters

For Traveling:

Oxy99 MED6L Ultra Portable with Mask6 Liters
OXY99 Pocket Oxygen Pack of 36 Liters

For Hospital and Medical Use:

Oxygen Cylinder Set 4.6KG Wt680 Liters
Oxykit Portable Medical Cylinder330 Liters
Oxykit Portable Medical Cylinder675 Liters
OxyGo Lite Pro Oxygen Cylinder248 Liters 
OxyGo Mediva Pro 474 Liters
OXY99 MED2000 B-TYPE2000 Liters
Oxygen Cylinder Set 4.6KG Wt Gas Capacity (680 Ltrs)
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20,000.00 12,800.00
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Oxygize YATRA Portable Pure Oxygen Gas Cylinder/Can for Kedarnath/Leh/Laddakh/Vaishno Devi Yatra, 40L - Pack of 4 different flavour
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13,160.00 11,990.00
06 OxyGo Optima Pro Portable Oxygen Cylinder
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14,500.00 11,950.00

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